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[Lineup Strategy] Lets talk about 1-2-2(double mid)

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If you remember my post " best laning strategy"
I share you some of the best laning strategy from different mobas that can apply in ML.
Here's the link : ... hread&tid=77911

So today lets talk about the 1-2-2 laning or the double mid. Popularized by dota.

Team composition :
Off-lane : Best role is Fighters and tank.
Mid-lane : Best role is Mage\assasin and support\tank.
Safe-lane : Best role is Marksman\assasin and tank\support.

Laning Phase(early game) to Mid game strat.
Off-lane : protecting lane is the too priority. Your are facing a 2 Heros in this lane. The heroes with a high sustain and at the same time can deal fair damage is the most suitable to occupy this lane(Fighters and tanks). You need to stay in your lane as long as possible. In terms of farming . Minions weave and crab is enough so you can build items. You lasonhave the crab advantage in this lane. There's also the Scaled Lizard nto provide you some HP and Mana regen. Bushes and terrains is also strategically positioned to give you a tower hug advantage. In terms of ganking. You can always ask the mid-laners to help you. If your hero is capable, try to do backdoor to cut your opponent minions weave for faster pushing.

Safe-lane : pushing and jungling is the top priority in this lane. Heroes that has a high damage is the best in this position and a support that can heal and harass or tank that can protect the core(mm\assasin) is also good. Core hero(mm\assasin) must gain a huge gold so farming is the way to achieve it. Clearing the weave and trying to push is one of the best thing to do. You can also try to steal the crab if possible. And begin to farm your jungle. The support\tank may equip roaming item to lessen the gold distribution ro ensure that the core will gain more gold and xp. While the core is clearing the weave the support must harass the enemy off-lane to lessen his gold and xp gain and to force him\her to go back. This will ensure youe core's safety and farming. Support\tank may also help in jungle for faster farming. Make sure your are aware of possible backdoor to avoid it.

Mid-lane : pushing and side lanes ganking is the top priority in this lane. The assasin\mage must clear all weaves before to begin side lanes ganking. While clearing weaves . The support\tank mus harass the opponent and try to steal the Lightowanderer whenever possible so that mage\assasin can focus on clearing weaves. Mage\assasins usually consumes a large amount of mana. So be sure that you take the Blue\purple buff to lessen the mana lost and prove some mana regen and lower CD. Mid-also has the access to side lanes so be sure to gank whenever possible(usually after taking down mid turret or opponent).

As for late-game mid-lane and safe-lane must regroup while the Off-lane must split push in order to win.

I hope this will help you. Have a good day.
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Nicely summarised! I would like to add that 122 in MLBB also depends on the balancing of your ganking on the side lanes, as well as the rhythm of it. One should never over-gank exclusively a side lane else we would create a flaw in our roams. Overganking the top lane (enemy MM) would leave your bot lane (your MM) vulnerable to ganks from enemy's mid laners, while overganking the bot lane (enemy fighter) would create too much room for your enemy MM to grow strong.

Also, it might not be necessary to clear your mid waves before roaming, especially with some heroes as doing this might be bad compared to just roaming to side lanes and gank after you jungle. A strong example of heroes that can roam without clearing waves a lot is Selena, since her early game advantage is one of the strongest, and aside from being slow at wave clearing, she is best used to hunt enemy heroes or jungles since she only needs a few seconds to kill them if the combos and opportunities are utilised correctly. Doing this also works in terms of using psychology against your opponents as they would least expect you to gank, since it is already ingrained in everyone to clear waves before roaming/ganking.
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