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[Request] Full measure Counter for account hackers(For community)

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Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-30 02:35 AM

At the very least, please make this noticed by the dev, so many of us suffering from out of the blue account hacks, please share this thread to your friends and make the devs improve their game security rather than keep making heroes, every person count.... This things have been happen for long anough(years) and just this recently, it gotten worse(almost 2/5 percentage of my friend's account were hacked).... And its sad see one of them used a lot of money for this game.

So here are my suggestion

This will may give a bit of annoyance when playing, but it will keep you safe and that whats count

1st: When buying heroes or skin, you have to enter a certain password to make a successful purchase. This will keep your BP and diamonds safe.(Same with lucky box and gifting) Can be setted on what amount of diamonds or BP that needed password for successful purchase.

2nd:When making a match, you will be given a choice to either enter the correct password to play or not needed, you can set it to every match or once a day.... Although there will be a problem with that, for example, if you don't set your password right away, hackers will take that opportunity to set their own password, so you better make password right away.. This will keep your game safe as even if hackers hack your account, they need to know the password in order to play.

3rd:Make an authentication or verify when using the same account in another device.
This will make sure when hacker hacked your account, they need the owner's email in order to confirm their verification.

4th:Free ideas from the community (Suggest your idea)

Although I'm unsure if the Dev will ever notice this thread at all, but with the help of this community, I think we can make thread big anough for the dev to notice....

Hackers have been free for long anough, its time for us to make the difference, please make this thread even more bigger so the dev could focus more on their security.... Any ideas are welcome...

Mods, please if you can, make this Thread highlighted in the Forum so everyone can see it and contribute to finally wake the devs up from making skins and heroes to finally improve the game security.... Balancing isn't the only problem in this game

I ain't going spent another money in this game until they fix this... Try to imagine, if you used so many money for this game, to later on be stolen, would you not think that we will sue Moonton for not improving their security... What? You say that we use third party alp? Hell no! Some of us isn't as stupid as some edgy teenager to use any of those phone breaking app

The Devs has slacks of for long anough from improving their security, this thing has been happening for months or maybe even a year, and recently, it have gotten much worse. Don't you dare use the pandemic as an excuse for their laziness, sure the dev is doing a good job in improving the old heroes, but what is the point if players just going to quit the game from account hacking?

If the dev won't do something about this quick, Once Other MOBA game is available, they will stand no chance in competing with it and will die out within a year if the security still the worse.... Even myself, I'm interested in switching Ml with other moba game(and I've been playing this game since season 1), but I'm giving this game for another chance, if the security still the worse, then don't blame us when the game suddenly got remove from play/app store

We only have time for only 1 5v5 Game, if this can threatened the dev to finally improve their customer service and security, then I gladly will do it....

If they are working on the security, they should atleast send via in-game mail that they currently working on it, but so far, no sing of it...

Post time 2020-5-23 12:10 AM | Show all posts
Are you giving a suggestion for moonton? Holy crap. Wow, just how ambitious.
Here a little advice for ya....forget it. Moonton will never and ever read any suggestions from its players and they themselves will never improvise this game by themselves.
Post time 2020-5-22 07:42 PM | Show all posts
Just a note, hackers can brute force approx 1k accounts per day. But not all accs are stolen just the valuable ones with skins, emotes and etc. Cheers!
Post time 2020-5-22 08:13 PM | Show all posts
Edited by RohitBK201 at 2020-5-22 08:17 PM

Sorry to say but all the features you asked for is already provided

1. confirmation for purchase - there is a feature google payment service which asks for the confirmation of the payment through biomatric access or password. even when you are gifting there is dialog box asking for confirmation to send gift(in game feature)

2.confirmation for a match - it already given its you choice to enter a match or not but its not for free and if  its for free que time for matches will be messed up

3.There is a feature called 2FA for emails i guess its more than enough, but ok supposedly you need more, than there is an app called authentication which regenerates a one time password every 30 sec for you account  without it you wont be able to access your acc

4. suggestions are always free i would love to see more suggestion but i hate orders so game has a many platforms so game can collect more and more suggestion and forum is one of them. you can suggest directly in game too visit in-game CS there is form provided to player called suggestion where game can receive suggestions from player

its not that the system or the game has not provided the feature some players are too lazy to search them i am sure many people don't even read  term and condition and privacy policy  provided to them they just skip it
Post time 2020-5-22 09:37 PM | Show all posts
the bind account is a joke

because i no bind the Game Central (apple) , then hacker bind his Game Central account to play.
and when i notice it and use apple ipad to open the game, but is show me i cannot unbind the account because that was not my usual used device, consider new device and dont let me unbind it. Fuck, i am andriod user of cause ipad is the new device to play the MBLL as my account.
Post time 2020-5-22 09:52 PM | Show all posts
i suggest it should only one account to login, moonton account, and every time want to play MLBB should key the moonton account id and password.
!! Manual key!! not automatic login the account b4.
Post time 2020-5-28 12:15 AM | Show all posts
And guys, plant a firewall on your device. Most secure practice is to flash your phone anew from download mode (only for the more tech savvy and you will loose lots of data) prior to planting.
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