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[Hero Concept] Lady Shura: Skills, Lore, Concept and In-Game art [UPDATE: 12-28-2020]

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Edited by SnowFallDoodles at 2020-12-28 10:46 AM

Lady Shura: The Beauty and Her Pride
*Disclaimer: all artworks and media are either by me or commissioned. More photos and artist credits at the bottom of this post.

Lady Shura

Lady Shura

semiramis skin.png



Loading Screen

Loading Screen

Snow - Martis and Shura - res - 700.jpg

Update Notes:
- Added video: character interaction voice line with Martis

- Added Mobile Legends Adventure Screenshot

- Added new portrait art

- Added loading screen

- Added Character Concept Link, which is posted on my Instagram.
- Revised Skill Set. Thank you ProperWait1 from Reddit! I have an original copy of her old skill set and may combine it on a later date

Character Skills
Note: I am more focused more on her overall concept than specific values since those are subject for balancing, which is also why I omitted stuff like HP, Def, etc.
  • Main: Tank/Support

  • Regen/Counter Attack

Overall Rules and Concept:
  • When she is with her Pride (the hovering "stand"), she is a Tank. Apart, she acts as a Support while her Pride acts as a Fighter.
  • Lady Shura is a kind and gentle soul who has no attacks. Only her Pride can deal damage (together or apart).

  • Mobile
  • Map Sight if allied with Martis
  • Can save allies and counter attack
  • Great support for aggressive gameplay
  • Can switch roles depending on what the team needs
  • Do more than 1 task at once

  • Shorter HP than most tanks
  • No hard crowd control and initiation skills
  • A harder learning curve compared to other tanks because of the role changes and having to manage 2 characters at once
  • Squishy without her Pride.
  • Prone to assassins and heroes with silence if timed right.
  • Requires allies to be within range

Passive: Breathe of Life

Shura herself does not deal damage, only her Pride does. Her Pride's BA deals magic damage. Shura inherits only defensive passives from items, while her Pride gains only offensive passives.
Her Pride inherits half of Shura's max HP and defense stats and will return to Shura once it's HP is depleted. During this time, the Pride will not attack enemies. The Pride's HP can be slowly restored by being out of combat for five seconds while being united with Shura.
If an enemy or allied unit dies within proximity of Shura or her Pride, she will restore ten percent of the eliminated unit's max HP for herself.

Synergy Passive: Vows
  • Triggered when Lady Shura and Martis are allies

  • Vow of Vengeance (Martis)

    • Triggered if Lady Shura dies anywhere on the map

    • Triggered only if Martis is alive prior to Lady Shura’s death

    • Automatically refreshes Decimate if it’s in cooldown

    • Increases his movement speed to 100% for 5 seconds without using Decimate

  • Vow of Mourning (Lady Shura)

    • Triggered only if Lady Shura is alive prior to Martis’ death
    • All her neutral running voice overs will be changed to a haunting crying sfx until Martis respawns
    • For every 3 seconds of Martis’ revival cooldown, 1 flower will appear at a random location on the forest and river area of the map.
    • Only one flower can grow in the same spot.
    • If an enemy hero steps on it, he/she will be

      • Visible on the map for 1 second.
      • Slowed for 3 seconds.

    • If an Ally hero steps on the flower, he/she will gain +5% of their total HP and movement speed for 3 seconds.
    • The Flower can be removed from the map through the following:

      • Lifespan: A flower lasts for 1 minute upon appearing on the map
      • If an Ally or Enemy hero steps on it.

Skill 1: Duality
  • (No Cooldown) Shura sends her Pride to a target location. If an enemy is at the target location, her Pride will deal magic damage upon arrival and chase the target until they are out of Shura's range. If an ally is at the target location, that ally will gain a small shield and Shura's pride will follow them until they go out of her range. If there are no units around the target location, then the Pride will return to Shura after seven seconds. Shura can recall her Pride early by pressing this skill again.

Skill 2: Sacrificial Lamb
  • When united with her Pride or if her Pride is chasing an enemy, Shura commands her Pride to taunt the closest enemy around, reducing the damage they take by 30% for 3 seconds. If her Pride is following an ally, Shura will blink to her Pride and take damage for her ally instead, applying the same damage reduction to herself.

Ultimate: A Life for a Life
  • Passive - This skill has no cooldown. It instead depends on a rage bar, which fills up when Shura or her Pride take damage. The bar fills up faster if Shura herself takes damage when she is Separated from her Pride. The bar will slowly run out if no damage is dealt to them. Once the bar is full, this skill can be cast.
  • Active (Separated State): Shura recalls her Pride and creates a healing circle, regenerating HP for allied heroes within the circle. The total HP regenerated will be equal to the total damage taken. If her Pride was following an ally upon casting this skill, then that ally will be dragged back to Shura's position.
  • Active (United State): Shura will damage and immobilize all enemies for 2s within a wide area around her after 0.2s of casting. The damage dealt is equal to total damage taken and is shared amongst all enemies within the Area of Effect.


“She will catch the eye of a mighty king and rule a vast, unshakable kingdom by his side.”

That was the prophecy given by the oracle to the Telmundi girl brought to the Temple of Fate for baptism many moons ago. The girl’s parents had long since wanted a child that her mere conception was welcomed with much jubilation. But to have the divinities proclaim such fortune on their newborn left the couple awestruck.

News of this prophecy quickly spread throughout Kenaan, a small village in the lush, evergreen lands of Telmundo. Revered as the future queen, the babe grew up exalted and cherished by everyone. She, in turn, reciprocated this affection with as much devotion.  

The girl blossomed into a beautiful woman, bearing her mother’s brilliant golden eyes that matched the markings of her tribe. To no one’s surprise, she caught the eye of the Telmundi King Naveno during a fateful meeting. After a brief courtship, the king asked the girl to live with him in his palace that they may soon be wed.

Believing this to be the prophecy unfolding, the whole tribe blessed their union, eager to enter a utopian age of prosperity.
Alas, fate is unkind and usually misunderstood.

A few moons before the lovers’ ceremony, a Shura emissary requested an audience with the Telmundi King. The Shura Clan was the Telmundi Tribe’s direct contrast; while the tribe valued life and peace, the clan sought strength and chaos. While the tribe absorbed and amplified life force, which they can form into sentient protectors they call their “Pride”, the clan harnessed the dark powers of the underworld to fuel their endless quest for battle. As their celestial ancestors were siblings, they held a truce that has lasted for centuries.

The emissary addressed the Telmundi court on behalf of the Ashura King Martis, who sought vengeance against Gatotkaca for attacking his clan. He needed passage to a series of worlds that leads to Mapura, the land of the gods. The tribe happened to be the protectors of the shortest path.
Being close to the divinities, Naveno dismissed the request 3 times despite the Ashura King’s unimaginable offerings of fine articles and exquisite treasures.  On the third attempt, the Shura emissary called Naveno a coward out of frustration. Enraged by the clan’s afront towards him and the gods, the Telmundi King had the emissary beheaded, his head shaved then sent back to the clan. Though it was not in their nature to be heinous, Naveno reasoned that it’s the only language the savage Shura understood. Besides, the gods will surely protect him and his people from any retaliation.

The insult led to the truce being broken as the Ashura Warriors marched into Telmundo with fiery rage. The gods could not protect the tribe for they deemed the blood Naveno spilled was sacrilegious.

For Naveno’s impudence, the Ashura Warriors spared no one from their wrath. The surviving Telmundi fled from their paradise home, now left asunder by the ruthless clan.

Watching his kingdom fall before his very eyes, Naveno ordered his betrothed to escape with her maids. However, the naive young girl could not bear to be away from her king and rushed back to the palace where she arrived mere seconds before Martis executed Naveno.

She flung herself between the two kings and knelt before Martis, pleading for mercy. Amused by her bravery and taken by her voluptuous beauty, Martis asked for her relationship with Naveno. A grin broke through the Ashura King’s lips when she told him she was his betrothed.

Naveno gnashed his teeth as Martis drew himself close to the young girl from behind, running his fingers to part her hair then sliding them down her shoulders, caressing her skin. He whispered his terms to her, his cold breathe sending a chill down her spine:

A life for a life.

No Shura would kill Naveno for as long as she lived and served Martis.

To seal their pact, Martis asked for the girl’s name. Naveno struggled and frantically ordered her not to give it for their names are sacred; it carried one’s faction, identity, and memories.

A tear fell down the young girl’s cheeks as she whispered her name to Martis. As a mockery to Naveno, the Ashura King gave her a new title: the Lady of the Shura Clan, or simply Lady Shura.

And to make sure her birth name belonged only to him and would never be spoken again, Martis cut off Naveno’s tongue then sent him off to wander aimlessly through his once beautiful kingdom, now burning and bathed in crimson.

Martis took his prize home before venturing to his quest. In time, he returned and found himself enjoying the girl’s company for she remained gentle and kind despite her heartbreak and sorrow. He also slept more soundly with her as she quieted his inner demons with sweet lullabies.

The time they spent together allowed Lady Shura to absorb the king’s energy and during another attack on their clan, she was able to conjure a powerful Pride that reflected the king’s prowess.

This endeared her more to the kIng (as her Pride pandered to his ego) and she earned the respect of the clan, though many remained wary of her for being an outsider.

She stands by the king’s side, offering a boost in strength to the Ashura Warriors and a powerful ally in the form of her Pride.

But at night when the whole kingdom sleeps, the lady cries, often not knowing why as her memories begin to fade, her troubled soul left with nothing but an unbearable and unexplainable longing for something lost. Her only comfort is the flowers that seem to bloom more brightly when she is around.

Character Concept Details
Full pages here:


Voice Over (Work in progress. Full list of voice lines coming soon)

Music Theme: Our Lady of Sorrows

*Full credits of artists in YT Video's description


Price List

Price List

*You can find more art on my Instagram (see link below):

Mobile Legends Adventure Screenshot and Avatar

Lady Shura Mobile Legends Adventure

Lady Shura Mobile Legends Adventure

Martis Mobile Legends Adventure

Martis Mobile Legends Adventure

Lady Shura Mobile Legends Adventure

Lady Shura Mobile Legends Adventure

Artist Credits:
Me -
Serafleur -
Lee -
Niou -
Spykeee -
Kai E. -
Art of Nate -

Post time 2020-7-6 11:03 PM | Show all posts
Supported!!! I love how they work like if they separated then the support itself is the lady ashura then her pride become like tank or fighter...
So if they separated using 1st skill then 2nd & 3rd skill changed only to make them reunited?look interesting..i hope dev could make this concept...bc i really want her in game
Post time 2020-5-18 06:44 PM | Show all posts
Wow that's cool and amazing !
Very nice, truly
Post time 2020-5-16 03:57 AM | Show all posts
Oh my..! Very impressed with your work. after seeing your other art that you shared here before about Martis and Lady Shura, now you make a concept suggestion for her as a new hero by writing all the smallest parts to the whole details. I really appreciate it
 Author| Post time 2020-9-4 12:28 PM | Show all posts
mskv115coco replied at 2020-9-2 09:45 PM
I'm looking forward for the skill icons :)

Thank you <3 I will definitely update as soon as we finalized them <3 <3 <3
 Author| Post time 2020-5-16 05:56 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 10:12 AM
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2020-5-16 03:57 AM
Oh my..! Very impressed with your work. after seeing your other art that you shared here before abou ...

Thank you, I really appreciate the support!

I'll keep updating this page when I have new material (I already found a voice actress for her and wrote her lines).
Oty95 replied at 2020-5-18 06:44 PM
Wow that's cool and amazing !
Very nice, truly

Thank you <3 <3 <3 <3

This is a work in progress! I found a perfect voice actress and are working through her lines! <3
I will post the full transcript of her lines when we're done with everything.

luciva replied at 2020-7-6 11:03 PM
Supported!!! I love how they work like if they separated then the support itself is the lady ashura  ...

Awww thank you Yup, the 2nd and 3rd skill become reunite buttons for mobility. I didn't want to have additional buttons for the function as it may be too confusing already!

Thank you! I have been submitting her and so far, I got feedback from the dev that they like my work so hopefully! Nevertheless, thank you so much for the support!
Post time 2020-9-2 09:45 PM | Show all posts
I'm looking forward for the skill icons :)
Post time 2020-9-5 10:58 AM | Show all posts
@SnowFallDoodles - senpai, I encourage you to make Lady Shura's Head Icon, In-Game Model and Hero Shop Animation!
I fully support your MLBB OC, senpai~
Post time 2020-9-16 09:15 AM | Show all posts
      Wooooow this is so cool


I hope they make your suggestion  Post time 2020-9-18 09:32 AM
The support means a lot. <3 I'm very happy you like my concept!  Post time 2020-9-16 10:45 AM
Thank you  Post time 2020-9-16 10:44 AM
Post time 2020-9-16 01:18 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Denoas at 2020-9-16 01:27 PM

It's little remind me the legend of lyon flare and guy double target
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