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[Mood] Why Mobile Legends will die

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Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-30 12:20 AM

I am a veteran Mobile Legends player and have been playing it since around the release date (3+ years experience). However, I feel less and less obligated to play this game, especially after reaching Mythic. Here are some reasons why I think Mobile Legends will die this year.


1. Poor matchmaking
        After 3 years of this game being up, they still haven't fixed the matchmaking system. They haven't even done the very least, which is separating Epics from matching up with Mythics. Also, they haven't added any sort of matchmaking limits yet.  Just today, I matched up with 3 Legend V players, one of which was extremely toxic and used a hero which was new to them. This is upsetting as I lost a lot of mythic points for a game which wasn't my fault.

        Even in classic, I play with my 5-person Mythic team only to be matched with Epics and Grandmasters. I feel it is really unfair for these lower ranking players because classic still counts towards win rate and it is an extremely abusable mode for win rate grinding.

2. Hacks and cheats
        Despite all their hard work to ban map-hacking players, there has been no move towards lag-hack/vpn using cheaters. Not to mention, many players got unjustly banned although they did not (knowingly) modify the contents of the game.

         It is really upsetting to look at the leaderboard for a specific hero and see it filled with players who's stats show the hero they are high ranked in have an impossibly high win rate (96-100%) and have their other heroes with an insanely low win rate (0-3%). Not only are these players cheating, but they are also teaching new players who look up to the global rankings to play ineffectively with their chosen hero. Many players who are genuinely better at playing the chosen hero but have lower ranking mmr do not get the exposure they deserve.

3. Other MOBA is being released this year

        Any player who is upset with Mobile Legends' current state has PROBABLY heard about another MOBA game. If you do not know what it is, it is a MOBA for your mobile device which other company that created other MOBA game, is going to release this year.

       In North America, Mobile Legends has a bad reputation. At school, people berate me for playing the game because Mobile Legends is basically a copy of another MOBA for your phone. I always get people telling me "Other MOBA is better" or that "That game is stupid/too easy". It makes me sad because I am unable to play other MOBA as I do not have steady access to a computer. However, with other MOBA, I would not be made fun of anymore as Other MOBA is the official MOBA for your phone. I believe it would also be less money hungry and more free-to-play friendly. In fact, because it is different from Mobile Legends, a lot of tired players will probably move to this new game.

4. Main fan base is in South East Asia
        Right now, there are no Mobile Legends events or conventions in North America. Everything is organized in the Phillipenes or Malaysia. I do Mobile Legends cosplay but there is nowhere I can cosplay without being judged because everyone hates Mobile Legends in my area. Every time I try to play the game, I always noticeI am one of the very few people who cannot speak Filipinoor any sub-language which SEA players speak. It makes players like me who are not Filipino feel alienated from the fanbase. Even when I am trying to make Mobile Legends content or cosplay, I always have to copy-and-paste Filipino words into google translate and talk to them from there.
       Even in the English general chat, most people speak in Filipino. There also is a lot of North American players who voice chat in Filipino which I cannot understand. The in-game translation system is very lacking as well. EVEN THE GODDARN COMMENTATOR IN A LOT OF ESPORTS TOURNEYS SPEAK FILIPINO.

5. Tired players
Like me, many players are just tired of Mobile Legends. It is very repetitive and you can play rank mode for hours without making any progress. The Moonton company makes minimal effort for their customer service. I still experience many bugs every time I play the game. A lot of us are just tired of not getting a response, and having people talk filipino in the North American server, even though they can speak English.

Thanks for reading my rant, please upvote if you agree. This game makes me want to drink bleach sometimes

Post time 2020-5-12 12:58 PM | Show all posts
As much as I want to disagree, but i can't. Not that i'm agree with your points, but i agree that this game will meet it's end as soonest. I've been playing since Season 2, spent so much for this game, there was a time i played this game 2 days straight without sleeping.

Fast forward today, all i do is reaching Mythic and thats it. Not even bother to online, just play 1 game per week. And for the record i'm skipping lotta skins. The feeling is not there anymore, nothing is interesting, its just... dead. Its already dead for me, at least.
Post time 2020-5-11 01:09 PM | Show all posts
I fully agree with this topic. This game will die, it’s just a matter of time. No company or game can survive without revenue or profit. If all the genuine players who heavily invested in the game are getting hacked one by one expect that all these guys will quit. The game will end up with free to play players and hacker kids who won’t even spend not a single penny on the game. You cannot run a company with freeloaders and pirates, they will definitely fall. Having a useless CS Team with imcompetence customer service is total imbalance on the game. Despite how pretty the images are but without salary to pay these graphic artist, it’s a total downfall in the end. That define other companies from Moontoon. The customer service quality stand out and that lacks this game.
Post time 2020-5-14 07:50 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-30 12:25 AM

Mobile Legends won’t die. I don’t know why many people think that Mobile Legends will die just cuz other MOBA comes out. Other MOBA will be more a strategic game where you have to use your brain, with a completely different gameplay as other mobas. Mobile Legend will still have a lot players no matter if other moba or other moba comes out. But it would be an advantage if Mobile Legends developers would more care about the suggestions from players.
Post time 2020-5-11 01:45 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Mr.Tank at 2020-5-11 01:47 PM

I'm tired of rank pushing as a solo player.

Game slogan should be declared as play with a team or get 'rekt' by our matchmaking.

It make no sense to play rank when constantly matching with fresh legend 5 and epic player, when you are at mythic 2 or higher.
At mythic 2 450 points i still see players who say "i will mm, no matter what". and takes 2nd mm.

I also tried to raise voice against bad matchmaking new player face, 100 match master rank players are being matched vs mythic player can only demotivate new players, who just die, die and play to give them savage.

Maybe because it is easiest MOBA game, there are more and more kids, who just never improve, go afk, get carried to legend and ruin game of others.

Post time 2020-5-11 01:41 PM | Show all posts matter what Moonton going to do, it is too late. ML will die for sure.
I think the game is great, but not the developing company. Believe me, if some other well known game company like Supercell to take over this game, it would a lot more fun.

Post time 2020-5-11 12:30 PM | Show all posts
Agree with all of your statements. I'm already reached the point where I'm really really tired and bored. Magic Chess is still fresh, but some unbalance gameplay made it unfair, take a note Gatot even with his nerf on the last patch. But I'm glad this month they bring some other arcades. If only they make it permanent...
Post time 2020-5-11 01:00 PM | Show all posts
This game will die. Because they dont listen to players.

I often suggesting gameplay mechanics, hero concept, items concept and even hero adjustments.

Like some hero doesn't need to be nerfed. Just make and item that can counter them and its ok.
Post time 2020-5-11 02:56 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-30 12:27 AM

yea i completely agree with everything you said. this game will slowly die soon as other moba comes out hell i think its dying right now im losing more & more online friends everytime the season resets.

the game is a mess before and even messier now with the maphack, acc hack, mmr boosting oh even the rampant account boosting and selling also the game got even greedier lel still with those expensive fkin gacha events

ive been playing this game for almost 3yrs now with no apparent improvements in sight, i would also leave this game soon as other moba comes out.

Post time 2020-5-11 04:35 PM | Show all posts
They haven't even done the very least, which is separating Epics from matching up with Mythics

this is fact

USELESS CS and don't forget, the moderator who was paid with Diamond to lick the butt of the developer
Post time 2020-5-11 05:55 PM | Show all posts
For me, this game become boringful. After once mythic I dont even want to pursue mythic again. I only play classic and brawl with max 5 times per day. I dont know it just notthing new on this game, except those new heroes and skins. I am waiting for another new concept games tbh.
Post time 2020-5-11 11:59 PM | Show all posts
prepare for free epic skins  when wild rift get released :D lol
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