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Edited by oxz at 2020-5-7 03:37 PM

its been awhile since i visited this forum so upon reading i came across a bunch of threads regarding hacked accounts, being a curious individual ive read almost all of this complaints fearing i might be next.

yes this cases are very real, i just tried it (yes i did try to hack a few accounts successfully, its for research so dont blame me. i didnt anything after login tho)

with a quick google/youtube search, i was able to find some tutorials on how to and its pretty fkin easy some has been uploaded for 2 months already! jeesuz! i guess the admins of this forum dont know sht about it

 Author| Post time 2020-5-7 03:14 PM | Show all posts
Edited by oxz at 2020-5-7 03:27 PM

anyway they can pretty much log in into your account using your DEVICE ID, its not an issue of what accounts are bounded secured or not, those are useless. with this method they can go straight into your acc without using any of those binded emails you got. i suggest binding everything up so once they got it they wont be able to bind their own emails but of course you wont be able to log them off with them still having your said Device ID.

this is straight up stupid. these videos are everywhere with lists of device id's provided and already in circulation for months.
also the real issue here is how do they get those Device IDs? its in /root data of mlbb app so how the fk do they get it?

anyone here who got hacked pls share some story on what you may have done to expose your ID anything possible you can think of.

for those who want to try this method its a waste of time, most of those provided ID's are either wrong, banned or already hacked. theyre useless. i think the valuable ones are hacked already from who ever the fk it came from and those in circulation are mostly not that great accounts

Post time 2020-5-7 11:33 PM | Show all posts
If any exploits, already forwarded to official. No need to worry cause mlbb official always responsive in these issue. Thanks.
Post time 2020-5-8 04:55 AM | Show all posts
Edited by jingasenpai at 2020-5-8 04:59 AM
oxz replied at 2020-5-7 03:14 PM
anyway they can pretty much log in into your account using your DEVICE ID, its not an issue of what  ...

Its true i was hacked also then of course in my first experience i saw lots of played games that i cant even remember i played it and the worst part it was a straight loss .. so quickly montoon help desk recommends to log out all devices and also unbind the 3rd party then boom i was the one out and when i went back the hacker connected his 3rd party app and i got a hard time logging in but my montoon account is still connected after many days i managed to slip thru to my account and wala the hacker became like the owner and i became a spectator 3rd party apps became theirs and now imma trying to disconnect all the 3rd party apps and  still waitin for the slow feedback and also im hoping if ever montoon disconnect all 3rd party apps and then the hacker is still in control then its game over for me now rip montoon since 2017 player here.... i didnt play the game for a while im missing lots of events and its sad... Screenshot_20200229-183159_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg
My Original Profile

Screenshot_20200429-033146_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg
Hackers profile
Screenshot_20200430-035303_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg
Google pay game and FB was from hacker
My montoon and Vk is still connected tho.
 Author| Post time 2020-5-8 09:15 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 10:51 AM
BD007 replied at 2020-5-7 11:33 PM
If any exploits, already forwarded to official. No need to worry cause mlbb official always responsi ...

its been goin on for 2 months now tho, are we really safe? i just searched jinga's ign on said device id list and its not there so there might be some other lists goin. also this lists got 1k+ users in it. if you need it i can give it to you

jingasenpai replied at 2020-5-8 04:55 AM
Its true i was hacked also then of course in my first experience i saw lots of played games that i  ...

do you have any idea on how they got your device id? like visiting sketchy sites or installing apps outside of playstore? also as long as you have that moonton acc its still pretty much yours. just try and log off their binded emails and on log on yours. the real solution would be much complicated tho

moonton has to log off that hacker's access and change your device id. idk if thats possible yet

Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2020-5-8 10:18 AM | Show all posts
my account is scammed and stolen, not exactly hacked...but contacting them via email or in-game CS is just useless, they would not bother to reply


@CloudDevelic there are zero proof he tried to sell his account , don't accuse someone without thinking , he could be just one of these people who fallen to "Free Diamond" scam .  Post time 2020-5-10 12:27 AM
@frankthetank_98 you attempted to sell your account which caused you to lose your account. It is not Moonton's fault in this case. This violates Moonton's Terms of Service  Post time 2020-5-8 01:40 PM
Montoon has a really bad customer services...  Post time 2020-5-8 12:26 PM
Post time 2020-5-8 08:26 PM | Show all posts
Edited by PsYCHzZz at 2020-5-8 08:28 PM


Well I'll try to provide as much information as I can, in a normal day like any other days, I found myself logged off, so I just logged in back thought it was something with my application data.. I checked my account to see a VK account newly bound. I am pretty sure I have never shared any information of mine. my gmail has 2-way verification, my facebook is also secure, I change my moonton password constantly. Only my VK was not bound. The next day the dude renamed my account and began to play with it daily. I log him out he logs me out..etc, so what do you guys think?
Post time 2020-5-10 12:34 AM | Show all posts
The worst thing of getting account hacked is not being able to log out the hacker . It has been like this since  season one and they didn't change it . Able to change password , email , name , and everything about the login credentials but in the end the hacker is still logged in his device and able to use the account for whatever he want and there are nothing can be done about it .

And it has been like this since season 1 , it impress me how ignorance the game devs is when it comes to this problem . Oh wait nevermind they already announce about this problem so they aren't ignorant but in the end of the day they still ignore the problem and doesn't fix it.
Post time 2020-5-10 01:57 PM | Show all posts
i bet all this players posted their ID IGN  in youtube chanels for  skins giveaway lol
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