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is kind of very sad to see how the revamp miya is !!! - yes a bit better than older version ( maybe 20 % better only )

S1 - you need to have minion or enemy to hit in order to get 5 max stacks - duration of stack too low, you need to keep have enemy or minion to hit (is consider better than old version but you need to make sure the stack is activated all time)

S2 - is the enemy going to stand there for you to hit ? you really need a lot of training and assumption to hit the target in mid. even side hit, you need to keep hitting the enemy to stunt him/her (is a good bait for enemy to gank miya, when miya keep chasing to hit for the stunt)

Ulti - very OP if in team fight, 2 Miya 6 Arrows + 20% more (new ulti is more to ATT instead for saving life) 5s only ? how far can run ? 8s already being chased and rape always on old version

you want her to be in META ?? are you kidding me ?? dont watch too much YT review now my friends, ask them play in actual rank in original server on Mythic. she will be rape also
try ask the top global MM players, they will not want to use Miya as well, they use her also because of Streaming and having a good tanker playing together

VERY SAD to be honest, i only accepting comment from PURE Miya players, others without knowing her game play clearly, just don't simply comment
Post time 2020-5-6 04:57 PM | Show all posts
Don't expect too much on the revamped and buff of older heroes.
Let me put it this way, if they revamped them just as much then it will put them on equal with the current meta heroes and this will have an impact of loss on profit obviously and Moonton don't want that.
Why would I buy expensive heroes if I already got the heroes that is cheap and some are free that on par in the current meta if they decided to revamped them decently.
So a slight buff or revamped on the older heroes is better than none.
Post time 2020-5-7 12:54 PM | Show all posts
"She is OP before the revamp, after the revamp she became too OP, miya can melt my claude easily. Better nerf miya than revamp" - @diwang

I am waiting on that kind of comment
Post time 2020-5-6 09:53 PM | Show all posts
Mysticcccc replied at 2020-5-6 09:38 PM
No dude. I have been playing Miya since season 3 and right now, she's decent against meta marksman.  ...

Yes current miya is good. Im talking about her revamp. It looks good. But it only looking good. Its actually bad. Her shadow may look like an advantage. But actually its not. It doesn't inherit her items. It only deal her base damage. Her old attackspeed can compete with the new one.
Post time 2020-5-6 05:01 PM | Show all posts
Tbh, i dont think Miya need such revamp. There's bunch more heroes that deserve rework before her such as Saber, Balmond and Sun. Her new 2nd skill is the most useless as im hoping for a better version of her old 2nd skill, not a completely new useless 2nd skill. Why the hell all heroes these days have cc, it will just break the meta as purify only last for a second.

But yeah.... looking at Zilong revamp is worst. Still doesnt make any sense how he's the protagonist against Zhu Yong with such pitiful skillset.
Post time 2020-5-6 04:10 PM | Show all posts
lol your telling me, look at zilong revamp so bad and eudora. I feel like they aren't putting as much effort into revamping the old hero. Saber needs a big revamp, his skills r utterly useless. They need to do analysis on which hero is forgotten and which hero is used more. I BARELY seen alpha, sun, miya, layla, vale, aurora,  lupu in rank matches (probably few more that i can't remember). Are these revamp suppose be for classic only? pretty sure sun got revamped before then died down within 1-2 weeks in rank gg.  However i do like Yi sun upcoming revamp looks pretty good (hopefully)
Post time 2020-5-6 05:15 PM | Show all posts
This 3 revamped heroes are the most useless revamped ever just like freya revamped.

Post time 2020-5-6 06:12 PM | Show all posts
Maybe for the devs term, old heroes are supposed to be dead. Why would players play Miya if Granger are hundred times better than Miya to win in the rank match? Just like Freya, I barely see her in my classic and rank match after her big revamp tbh. Except Nana Tigreal Fanny and Johnson, they are survivor from oldest seasons.
Post time 2020-5-6 07:07 PM | Show all posts
I like the zilong . Better sustain than the older one.

About miya. They reduce her passive count. That means lower attackspeed. If her double doesn't inherit her items. I think its a nerf.

Im mythic IV and a Marksman Main. Layla is still better than her. They are equally low in hp but layla has more damage and longer range.

I agree she's useless. Unless make her double inherit her items.
Post time 2020-5-6 09:38 PM | Show all posts
No dude. I have been playing Miya since season 3 and right now, she's decent against meta marksman. It's up to the player how he or she will utilize her skill set to win each situation fairly enough. This is the fact and yes other are better than her but still, it depends on the user and of course the team mates if they're toxic or not.

Even though her passive or attack speed has been nerfed, that is somewhat okay in exchange of additional physical attack and shadow (which can also use first skill). I think she will be in the rank only if a player has a high experience in using her.
Post time 2020-5-7 02:47 AM | Show all posts
But the revamp s2 freeze is actually good.
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