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[Gameplay] Matchmaking issue

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Post time 2020-5-3 02:50 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-29 10:37 PM

Matchmaking doesn't affect your performance. So please stop ranting. Play nice. Be nice. Encourage your teammates.  And make use of in game chat (preselected ingame chat). And instead of trashtalking gave them commands so they know what they do. Thats our squads secret. A commander. There's no real teamwork if your team doesn't have unity so assign someone to command.

Seriously i play solo too . But matchmaking is never an issue for me.

Try updating the rank border every season ends. Matchmaking complaint will decrease.why? Because they can see what's their teams rank.
I mean like in other moba.  1500 mmr vs 2400 mmr is not fair right?. But you cant really see that rank difference because rank badge will update every season. Lower rank will not lose hope. And play efficiently with no hesitation because they cant see others rank . And assume that they r in same level.

For others sake. This whats make them happy.

Try to devide rank games in 3 categories.
1. Solo rank - solo player vs solo player scales with solo rank.

2. Duo\trio- every team will consist of duo + trio and fight with same team composition. Rank scales with total rank power of team composition.

3. 5 man\squad- 5 man team will fight against another b5 man team. Wether it's a 5 man squad or 5 man parties. Rank scales with total squad point vs individual player rank power.

So there will be a solo rank power and party rank power. So everyone will have a 2 separate ranks.

If this will make them happy. Give this to them. It doesn't matter to me. Cuz for me . Current matchmaking is fair.

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Post time 2020-5-3 08:23 AM | Show all posts
I agree with your views. I personally am a solo player as well. Like if you end up getting matched with a 5 player twam that is all in one squad, you can still beat them. It’s not like you can’t beat them anymore when they are a team full of players of 5. But for MMR, I see no difference between a 1500 MMR and 2400 MMR. I see a player, persom, a human playing the same match as me. There is nothing special and nothing different. The player with 2400 MMR just have more matches and perhaps more experienced. But it depends on how well you do on the match than just comparing MMRs.

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Post time 2020-5-3 09:28 AM | Show all posts
The match making is still bad right now.

As you can see the Stream of Gosu General they are already in Mythic Glory 1200 points above and they are doing a trio but still teaming up with the 2 legends.

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Post time 2020-5-3 11:39 AM | Show all posts
As far as i concern, matchmaking still got tonnes of flaws. Out of every 10 matches, there must be at least once where me, a mythic player got teamed up or against epic player for no logical reason. I believe this is matchmaking bug because in the rank note, they already stated that it is impossible to team up with or against player with rank gap of 2, which mean like Mythic and epic.

And for god sake, solo q is hell in rank. Not to blame the players but the matchmaking being not strict. I still cant accept when i solo, i got teamed up with double duo while the enemy is full squad.

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Post time 2020-5-3 11:53 AM | Show all posts
Last night I played 4 matches, 2 out of 4 matches there always 1-2 trolls. Afk at the start and after 5mins into the game, it came back and feed den disconnect again and came back again.
Losing 2 stars in the end.

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 Author| Post time 2020-5-3 12:31 PM | Show all posts
MrMagnus replied at 2020-5-3 11:53 AM
Last night I played 4 matches, 2 out of 4 matches there always 1-2 trolls. Afk at the start and afte ...

If you have an idea or any algorithm to detect trolls and afk pass it to moontoon.

But I'm telling you its impossible.

You can troll or go afk if you want to. How does the system able to detect those times?. Time traveling?

Afk and trolls is not a matchmaking concern .

The main issue most people complaining is the fairness of rank etc . Ranting about low rank teammates but in the end that low rank is the one who's carrying the team.

Pls consider that the system also has smurf detection . Thats why you have lower rank teammates.


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Post time 2020-5-3 03:45 PM | Show all posts
PhilYan replied at 2020-5-3 12:31 PM
If you have an idea or any algorithm to detect trolls and afk pass it to moontoon.

But I'm telli ...

If the system can't detect AFK, than the system shouldn't exist.

If matchmaking system pair Epics with Mythics and we all know this is reality, than what's the point of matchmaking system?

AZNUR, me and many many other players faced battles where Epics are matched with Mythics and you say matchmaking system is great? Why you lying to us and to yourself?

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 Author| Post time 2020-5-3 04:40 PM | Show all posts
You missed my point bro.

I said the system cant tell if someone is going to AFK or not. Will he feed in next game or not.

The system cant predict a possible afk . So the system shouldn't exist?.


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Post time 2020-5-3 06:47 PM | Show all posts
System is to punish, not to predict.

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 Author| Post time 2020-5-3 07:19 PM | Show all posts
Match making Quee and behavior punishment are 2 different things. Are you lost brother?.


I support your views. Definitely what i've been saying at the times too. But people keep disagreeing. Sure matchmaking needs improvement, but to stop a Troll/AFK/Feeder, it is more of a "god's job".   Post time 2020-5-4 06:18 AM

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