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[Hero Balance] Please stop abusing layla... I knw it's a harsh word but it is happening

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Edited by Syl1999 at 2020-4-30 07:31 AM

Well it has come to my concern that my favorite hero layla is facing a lot of roasting and ignorance.. She has been undervalued by many players and I don't like this.. Whenever I pick layla... A roasting is for sure... They will assumed we're gonna lost becoz I pick layla... Or someone pick layla... And also they will never help the layla player and let the person die and they will celebrate... That is so wrong.... And this specially happens between epics and legends... Who thinks they r pros of the pros... They created this strereotypes that layla is weak... She is the feeder... She trolls... She has low mobility.... Well I'm sorry to tell u guys but Layla is just a Character..if she sucks it's because u sck at it.... I can say she is really a great easy to use marksman.. Not a complicated one... And when it comes to late game  .. She rocks!!!!.... And all this things depends on the user. .. Not the character... Everyone says granger... Lesley...wanwan .. All these r better marksman but if u give it to someone who doesn't knw... Of course they won't be able to play and will say they don't like the hero.... So stop it already.... Maybe u guys r so busy trying to mastering different kinds of heroes n not one u cannot master at layla and some of you fear that if u say layla is ur fav.. People's gonna make fun of you.....  u guys forgot to learn layla properly... I knw layla... And I'm really great at it.... I can carry the team... Bcos to win.. U need strategy not strength always... I jst feel sad that whenever we use layla on higher rank... They tend to not help layla by not giving her backup... Forgetting that they r playing for themselves to win... At least try trusting it once.... And if it sucks.. Blame the player.. Not the character.... Nowadays we main layla player r scared to use layla in rank or classic that we fear we might lose bcos u guys aren't gonna be serious... And choose hero u guys don't knw at all... Or some of you goes AFK And when the game loses... U guys will blame us..... SO PLEASE STOP HARRASHING LAYLA! PLEASE..... If someone doesn't support one.. No one can become better... And these is serious... I hope the mobile legend player sees this....
Post time 2020-4-30 11:50 PM | Show all posts
everyone will say layla is good hero great damage but the truth is, if they face layla in game specially in their team, they will do the same as the rest. in my opinion layla needs rework. otherwise players will continue to do such thing.
Post time 2020-4-30 07:49 AM | Show all posts
Layla is the most ballanced hero. Great damage. And her low defence what makes her Ballanced.
Post time 2020-4-30 08:48 AM | Show all posts
Very nice
Post time 2020-4-30 09:40 AM | Show all posts
Hoping the revamped layla can keep up the meta in order to fix this problem.
Post time 2020-4-30 05:27 PM | Show all posts
Who are you talking to? Those who you talking to don't know that this forum even exists. Those who you talking to don't understand what you wrote. Epics only only know for Granger/Lesley/Popol and they will troll you and be toxic if you don't give them one of those 3. I saw million times how they swap  with 41% win rate just because it's Granger.
Post time 2020-4-30 11:25 PM | Show all posts
The same happens to me when I pick Layla.

During team selection, I will be trolled and hear abusive words from teammate

When I die, they celebrate and abuse more

When I get MVP, they still abuse and blame me for the loss

Poor Layla. Hope they revamp Layla soon
Post time 2020-4-30 11:29 PM | Show all posts
PhilYan replied at 2020-4-30 07:49 AM
Layla is the most ballanced hero. Great damage. And her low defence what makes her Ballanced.

She is not balanced. She needs a flicker skill to run from enemies. Flicker spell has 120 seconds or 2 minutes cool down so not much use for Layla.
Post time 2020-5-1 05:37 PM | Show all posts
Layla is good if you use it right from the early game and i think most people don't get that because they think Layla is trash and stuff, but if you play it right Layla can be a strong hero since it can attack from far away and also has high DPS its pretty much up to the situation for example if the enemy hero has Lancelot which can easily get trough tankers and kill the core hero using Layla would be difficult but if your team tanker/support can cover you then you would be able to use her properly but most players would abuse Layla and they won't even cover her.
Post time 2020-5-1 05:39 PM | Show all posts
PhilYan replied at 2020-4-30 07:49 AM
Layla is the most ballanced hero. Great damage. And her low defence what makes her Ballanced.

I think Layla is a very hard hero to use since it doesn't have much mobility and has not much HP. Imo layla needs a rework


Then wat r tanks for.... To watch???  Post time 2020-5-7 03:59 PM
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