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[Hero Concept] [Tank] Calcifer: The Sentient City

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2020-4-9 06:27 PM

Role: Tank
Name: Calcifer
Type: CC,Initiator
Skin Ideas:
Sentient City
The Golden Fortress

Some rough stats at level 1:
Attack type: Melee
Hp: 4000
Movement speed: 220
Physical attack: 170
Attack speed: 0.358
Magic defense:26
Physical defense: 35
"Don't let his size fool you
There lies a city within the body of Calcifer."

Passive Ability: The Hidden City
Calcifer's form containment magic unravels as he receives damage. Each damage causes him to grow in size and increases his maxhp by 5% [stacks 30times].
At max stacks Calcifer would have reached maximum size and health while becoming immune to CC. His skills would also have a much larger range though his movement speed is reduced by 30%. His large form is also unable to pass through the jungle pathways. [Can only walk on main lanes, and pedestal for lord and turtle.]
When falling below 20% of maxhp however Calcifer's magic kicks in to preserve his body. He would seemingly "explode" and knockbacks all enemy units. The explosion reverts him to his original hp, speed and size.
[This effect has a CD of 60s or until Calcifer dies]

(A passive that creates makes Calcifer extremely tanky and terrifying. As well as an escape mechanism.)
Extra notes: Despite getting tankier, Calcifer is still extremely vulnurable to burst damage. And since he grew in size, it would become very easy for enemies to attack him with skills.
At max size Calcifer looks as wide as the mid lane and 3/4 of the distance inbetween the mid lane turrets
Skill 1: Fuel Flame [Buff,AOE]
Calcifer burps out fire in a fan-shaped area in front of himself. Dealing 30(+5% Maxhp) true damage and burning them for 3s [1% max hp as damage per second]. Damage is increased by 50% against minions.

The skill can be held to charge it and increase the fire distance. If it is held for more than 5s, Calcifer would instead consume the flame to increase his movement speed by 30% for 3s and create a smoke cloud[3s] that slows enemies by 10%.
(A skill for wave clearing/speed boost)
Extra explanations: In city size, the range would be terrifying
Skill 2: Wrench Drive [CC]
Calcifer shoots out 2 hooks straight forwards, dealing 100(+10%Maxhp) True damage along the way. If both hooks hit the same enemy, Calcifer would shoot forwards and headbutt them. Dealing another 100(10% Maxhp)True Damage and stunning them for 2s.
If allies are hit by a hook they would be dragged towards Calcifer. [CD 10s]
(Ranged attack/cc skill. )
Extra explanations: A cc skill that is used to secure one enemy or drag back an ally in danger.
Ult Skill: RAMPAGE [CC]
Calcifer charges forwards (+50% movement speed) in an erratic manner for 8s. Each time he contacts an enemy they would be knocked back and receive 20(+5% Maxhp) truedamage. While changing directions, Calcifer would also drift slightly before changing.

If Calcifer hits a wall the skill is immediately cancelled and a huge explosion with knockback dealing 200(+20%Maxhp)True damage to all enemies. Calcifer would also revert to "small form" if he was already large.
Allies within the pathway of Calcifer would be "collected" when contacting him and "Deposited" when Calcifer deals damage. [CD 20s]
(Huge initiator skill with cc and damage. Allows carrying teamates too)
Extra explanations:A skill for initating. However it is very hard to control due to Calcifer's size. There is also a duration limitation to this skill.
Ready to rumble.
*Coughcough Not a great thing having an engine as my heart.
My hinges ache and scream all day.
Within my small figure, lies a great machine!
I serve as the transport for citizens...But where are they all?
Don't die...
*Broken machine noises

Small form

Small form
Post time 2020-4-9 08:48 PM | Show all posts
Nice hero concept...liked the 2nd skill its unique..dont u think passive has too restriction like 60s cd for passive + cant roam jungle
 Author| Post time 2020-4-10 12:20 PM | Show all posts
Excalibur61 replied at 2020-4-9 08:48 PM
Nice hero concept...liked the 2nd skill its unique..dont u think passive has too restriction like 60 ...

It's just my attempt to balance it xD. The 60s restriction is only for the "explosion" effect, he can still grow large and increase in hp anytime. At max size he would have +150% maxhp which is really crazy when you think about it, so i made it harder for him to ambush enemies at this stage.


Ohh i see... .....  Post time 2020-4-10 12:45 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-9-2 10:18 PM | Show all posts
Hell yeah! The new hero bart sounds a bit like my concept xD

no idea whether or not it was actually inspired/affected by this post but i feel happy that a similar concept was used lol
Post time 2020-9-6 03:10 PM | Show all posts
Darkflamecas replied at 2020-9-2 10:18 PM
Hell yeah! The new hero bart sounds a bit like my concept xD

no idea whether or not it was actually ...

I had the same impression. That this hero description seems similar to Barats.  Congrats if it is the case.
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