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[Complaint] Maphack by Hylos by princesstenga cheater

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Post time 2020-4-6 01:27 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by Jeff_Rey at 2020-4-6 02:06 PM

This a game shown to me by a freind who happens to be my house neighbor too
One game with 7 proofs of using map hack. Notice how Hylos is attacking solo players who are at bush doing farming.

user the cheater: princesstenga
Country flag: indonesia
BattleID: 158948387499683272
Game duration 24mins :32seconds
Hylos got MVP bcoz of cheat map.  Notice his run direction always going to solo player who has no bkup so he can get a kill.

Already posted by some here that this cheats will destroy and Kill MLBB into oblivion.
Focus on anti cheats not on skins, or else many players will leave.
Real cash is involved with skins and cheating is like stealing cold cash.

Sory for low resolution vid, replay button is very small  at bottom middle after the video.
Post time 2020-4-6 04:45 PM | Show all posts
They deserve a permanent ban.
Post time 2020-4-9 11:02 AM | Show all posts
please report this to in game cs
Its located on the top left corner(blue head set icon)
Go to help>report cheat/hacker.
Fill up the form and submit it along with the video link.
Post time 2020-4-6 11:57 PM | Show all posts
Jeff_Rey replied at 2020-4-6 08:07 PM
I can not argue if u did not see the whole game.

0:56 hylos goes roaming and see's on the map there should be a minion with that being said he knows layla is the botlaner so its basically a free kill for hylos and valir or nana wont be much of a bother to him. also looking at their team comp (layla helcurt miya  nana valir) is alrdy a given that hylos can just rush their jungle without thinking twice

1:20 hylos again clearly see's the jungle monster being attacked he is indeed solo roaming their jungle which is not too weird considering their team has 2 super squishy mm's without tanks no one can really kill him at that point of the game (yet)

1:45 esmeralda gave vision which made hylos see the layla going towards the low HP turret in the botlane so he recalled and an obvious move from layla is that he'd recall in the nearest bush. everyone uses that bush after taking out the second turret to recall so that action of him rushing towards the bush is out of question if you ask me

2:25 well according to your recording hylos shouldnt be able to see her BUT  i assume she also has been in the toplane before that which might have leaked her position so their team ganked the miya and even if he would go solo he probably would have won the fight alone since hylos pretty much counters these heroes

4:21 i am not sure about this one but seems like esmeralda ran to helcurt before the hylos did

Post time 2020-4-6 07:08 PM | Show all posts
Edited by IZxCOLD at 2020-4-6 07:10 PM

thats definitley not maphack thats just the enemy being absolutley terrible to either hide themselves in the bush or the jungle monster also hylos can pretty much rush always like this with his damage potential. just to be clear with you i have been 1.5k points for 2 seasons so don't come with the statement "your only gm"

that was definitley just bad play from the enemy. hylos clearly had vision there in every play he made. it was super obvious that helcurt would be at the red buff as hes the botlaner himself and he needs the red buff to win his lane. why would it be so hard to think that he is at the red? every person can know that without any maphack whatsoever


Yup. He is upset to me .lol. the fact, replay in game somehow has bug too. We can see at first case of that video.  Post time 2020-4-7 10:10 PM
Post time 2020-4-7 08:01 PM | Show all posts
ariefhzt replied at 2020-4-6 05:33 PM
Nope, he doesn't cheat dude. He has nice instinct. And nice map attention. Use your brain and learn  ...

That looks like a cheat u moron ,hylos KDA 0 death.
Post time 2020-4-6 05:33 PM | Show all posts
Nope, he doesn't cheat dude. He has nice instinct. And nice map attention. Use your brain and learn how he knows your move
 Author| Post time 2020-4-6 05:05 PM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-4-9 11:00 AM

This is a rank game, legend tier with some mythic rank, and with lvl II or lvl III emblem.

You are only GM, dont join Legend/Mythic  players discussion.
Hylos is clearly cheating here, or you are one of the cheaters and guilty too?
Last part of this video they are chasing Helcurt who is not displayed in map, he is farming at bottom lane, but note how Hylos already see the enemy Helcurt exact location.//
Also, during the game my friend confronted Hylos, told everyone all in chat that Hylos is Cheating, after that Hylos stopped moving and he was guilty and scared after disxover his unfair kills and killing spree and Hylos end up MVP after the game.

I can not argue if u did not see the whole game.
0:56 see Hylos and map at upper left, Hylos go direct to layla. If hylos dont have ally near that then hylos cannot see the creep nor layla there. Doesnt matter if inside or outside bush.
1:20 Hylos direct to Miya, even 5 seconds  bfore this point Hylos already going that direction to miya. Note the minions of miya and enemy minions are too far away,  so no way Hylos can go direct to miya while hylos is  alone.
1:45 starting at this time, hylos saw layla going solo at jungle. Layla will destroy turret without minions, so hylos already went to Layla via base, his nearest point. Layla was hiding in bush all time but hylos was moving in advance to kill layla.
2:25 see map, explain why Hylos is going direct to solo player Miya when his team saw many enemy at bottom lane.
4:21 helcurt in map at bottom lane away from minions but Hylos run direct to Helcurt.
I have debunked and proven false map hacks of others here maybe 2 or 3 times already with strong evidence why there claim was not a map hack too, but i know map hack when I see one.
I suggest you view the battle ID and analyze it.

Hylos team lost here because 1 Enemy shouted that Hylos is cheating to all players both teams saw the chat. Hylos did not move maybe AFK and his team was beaten.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2020-4-7 12:50 PM | Show all posts
It's not cheat dude. You just so weak
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