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[Hero Balance] Hero balance "rant"

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So yeah so of you may or may no agree what about to say with this.

Stop making new heros and stop nerfing meta heros. Unless it's something like Ling and Pharsa prenerfed then just nerf them 3 times and by done with it.

Look at patch notes recent patch notes of non-metas/ not often played. Patch 1.4.5 only Karina got buffed and its not even that good. It just made it so she can basic attack when her first skill is silence. Then agian in 1.4.52 First skill damage growth per level increase from 10 to 20 but magic growth decrease to 0.55. Second skill damage growth and base damage increase but magic power bonus reduced.In patch 1.4.54 Hilda passive got buff to increasse hp regen from 1.5% to 2%. Lylia got a weird balance change of starting with 0 stacks instead of full stacks. But decrease the cooldown of her ultimate by 5 seconds. Patch 1.4.56 Chang'e got her movement speed increase from 30% to 40%. Clint blind smoke hit rate decrease from 25%-70% to 40%-65%. Karina then got a nerf on 1st skill nerfing the damage of enhanced basic attack from 180--280 to 160-260. At the time still better than it was in the normal sever. Silvanna First skill got buffed from 150-225 to 180-270. This will get nerfed at a later patch but will still be a buff once it reached the normal server. Then her ultimate cooldown got decrease. Belerick Base hp increased by 100 at all levels and slow duration of Nature strike increase from 1s to 1.4s.

Now how many of these hero got alot more picked after there buffs. Only one I saw a significant increase in pickrate is Silivanna. Everyone else is still not picked that much at all. Even when clint got the season skin still no one usese him that much. People still don't pick Karina because one there better assassins and two people think she killsteals to much. Belerick is still no picked because he lacks any good stun. Sure the taunt can be nice but it doesn't always hit. Also they didn't change anything about his ultimate. If they changed it into a stun or knock up effect he would be played alot more. Hilda passive buff alone isn't going to make her meta unless if it was alot bigger like 4% or 5%. If they just decrease the cooldown of her first and second skill or increase base damage by a certain amount on first skill and second skill as well she would be more picked. Chang'e is most likely the same for the most part right now. Now lets talk about heros that didn't get buffed excluding Miya, Saber, and Zilong because we know they are getting reworked.

Balmond: Why in the hell haven't they buffed or reworked any of his skills? WTF he the worst hero in the game I never meet an annyoing Balmond. I mean why else would they keep his epic skin unreleased.But I have seen annoying Laylas, Sabers, and Clints for example but never since 2017 have I ever faced a good Balmond player. Legit he should of been reworked before Lance, Nat, Hanzo, and Freya. Heck even hould of been reworked before Saber, Zilong and Miya because at less they have one thing going for them.But some how am quessing someone is going to defend the devlopers for not buffing or rework him at all.

Sun: No mobilty, bad early game, and there better tanks killers. It used to be 10% defense reduction but it got nerfed. Why did they nerf his passive but not karrie's? Technical speaking she kills tanks better than he did before his passive got nerfed. Not saying her passive needs a big nerf or anything like that just why nerf his passive so such an extreme if it wasn't the best at what it was. Why haven't they buffed him at all. Your telling me they can't buff him 2-4 times since the last time they touched him. It was almost a year ago and all they did was slighly buff his slow on first skill and increase maximum stacks of physical reduction from 5 to 10 stacks.Also he is not a good pusher since he has no escape skill. Now plz explain to me why they haven't buffed him in almost a year. Don't say they don't have enought time. They could of buffed him 2-5 times during the almost one year time skip but they didn't. They could not have notice his low winrate and low usage rate in high rank.

Argus: His reworked barely did anything still low winrate in highrank and still has crappy mobilty. All you have do is run away from him. It's that simple. All they did was increase the base damage of second skill by 100 but nerfed the attack bonus from 150% to 130%. Why didn't they at the less keep the attack bonus the same?Also what in the hell is with the 80 second cooldown? It's not even that good in the early game. It should be 60/50/40 not 80/65/50.

Layla:OMG why haven't they given her a blink skill yet? Pretty sure it doesn't take more than 2 months to rework one of ther skills. Lets be real after the one contest to enter your own skin idea someone first place with Nat I think? Pretty sure after that they started to rework her Ult. So plz explain why they haven't reworked her first or second skill to be a blink skill. Agian Do not say it takes time shes been non-meta since what? The end of 2017. They had over 2 years to give her a blink skill yet they haven't.

Alpha:Most overated underated hero. Probably the Third worst skilled based fighter in the game. Maybe fourth if you think Freya is worse or not .1st skill only use is activating his passive. Second skill has many faults like deley time, hp regen not increase with Physical damage, Beta phase of skill having a low attack bonus of 40%, and base damage is worse than Argus second skill. Not saying it should be increase by an extreme amount sense it has a decent attack bonus of 170%. His ultimate is a worse version of Guinevere. Unlike Guinevere Alpha's ultimate can't knock up people, has a smaller aoe and Doesn't have a second part like her second skill. Worse thing is that Alpha Ultimate is worse than her second skilll. My god it should be at the very less be just as good if not better than her second skill. It's a ultimate for petes sake it should be alot better than what it is now and definitely more powerful and useful than Guinevere second skill if it has more cooldown and is a Ultimate skill. Also you know why Ruby and Thamuz are more liked than Alpha even though all 2 are played almost the same? Because there durabilty is much higher. Because both of them have higher base defense and higher defense growth.

Cyclops: When's the last time you seen a good Cyclops? Oh right you probably haven't since he just a worse version of Nana lmao. His first skill in the late game has a lower base damage than Nana's first skill. Not only that it has a lower Magic bonus than her too. Hers is 80% while his is 60%. Ok plz explain why a pure mage does worse damage than a support/mage? Because am pretty sure there surpose to do more damage than one. Not saying Nana needs a nerf it's Cyclops that needs a buff.Also his ultimate is lack luster. If the cooldown was shorter like lets say 20 to 25 seconds maybe I wouldn't have a problem buts it's 43 seconds. Sure his passive does reduce but since he is a poke mage it should be more spamable. Also about earlier I swear I see balmond and Layla more often then him. Not even joke he probably just as rare as Balmond players.

Also Lets talk about how they usually balance heros in the Advance server. I could talk about other hero but I don't want this to be any longer. They can buff or nerf a new hero multiple time but during a time between a newly realeased hero and the next big update they can't buff a non meta heros more than 2 times during this time. Most of the time the hero doesn't change much if given only 1 or 2 buffs except Hylos that one time and maybe a few others. But he was on a verge of being good sense the healing spell was added at the time as well. Also most of the heros that aren't reworked heros or new heros that are getting adjusments are meta heros getting nerfed or adjusted. Like my god it feels like Masha been nerfed or buffed every other patch. It feels like she getting adjust more than Saber did in his lifetime. Because really how many times you got to buff and nerf a hero after they been released? They rarely buff a non-meta hero that hasn't been reworked in the advance sever. Like for real I can wait a long time for a new hero or revamp hero. Because Freya and Atlas after there release still have bugs on them that could of been spoted if stayed a little bit longer in the Advance sever.I don't think many people will agree with this but really they need to prioritize non-meta/unused heros over nonmeta hero because over they will just be getting worse and worse. Like really who going to defend not buffing Balmond literally the worse hero in the game right now? Like you can defend them not buffing any other hero on this list but Balmond? Yeah if you defend them for not buffing/reworking him you abit crazy my dude.

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Makes sense for really anyone for having such initial reactions to the balance patches.
However, from a game design perspective, it is important for Moonton to completely adapt each hero to the overall philosophy of every balance patch released. What that means is that there are in fact gonna be changes that seem insignificant, but really important to define the roles of each hero in the game and keep the game as balanced as possible. For example, If all adcs got a damage upgrade, your first reaction probably would be "Karrie will be even more broken", witch probably will be true, but you cant at the same time ignore the fact that a hero like Hanabi didn't benefit from the buff even though it is insignificant for you and everyone. What Im trying to say here is that it makes sense for all adcs to have similar statlines or effects or whatever in order for their role to be defined, such thing applies for every role aswell. Now some heroes may be forgotten, and such changes may take time for developers to figure it out, as it is still important even though it seems unimportant.
If a hero really needs a rework, like Balmond, (I do agree on him being the most forgotten hero), what Moonton should do is keep him up to date with a fresh rework and a defined skillstyle and playset.
Conclusion: Small buffs and nerfs are always gonna be insignificant, keep an eye for bigger changes.
Post time 2020-4-3 06:31 PM | Show all posts
Ive read every single lines of your thread and i definitely agree with all of em.

Eudora, no one ever ask for rework yet, but she got reworked first. Pity on Balmond, he is the most requested hero to get rework but Moonton is blind.

Same goes with Alpha, what you just said so make sense. The truth is, in the past, some people already suggested to change his 2nd skill base on physical attack instead of magical attack but yeah...moonton is blind, an obvious fix could be implement to make him better but Moonton just keep him like that.

And about advance server.... forget about it. I used to think the advance server is a place for Moonton to try and balance stuff but i was wrong. The place to do that is called closed beta server, advance server is more to "premium server".
Post time 2020-4-3 10:31 PM | Show all posts
Everything u said is true...hats off
Post time 2020-4-4 02:31 AM | Show all posts
That's how they f....d alpha up,upon his release alpha aoe stun duration and range was so good ,god knows how many times they had to nerf his ultimate and also old Alpha second skill heal was based on physical bonus

Dev are only buffing him in cd reduction and mana cost,we don't need that many players need his rework. I'm pissed off,I paid for this hero when I first started playing back in 2017 it was a complete rip off cos after that they showered him with nerfs, where Chou was never even touched with nerfs ,couple of months later they only nerfed his passive

I agree with balmo,saber,Layla and zilong rework, just to be fair balmond deserves his rework first. This is the right time to rework balmond Devs.
Post time 2020-4-4 07:48 AM | Show all posts
I totally agree with u except for Layla. Layla with blink skill might be op because she has insane range. Yeah, her second skill is useless.
Post time 2020-4-6 11:08 PM | Show all posts
sun was one of my favorite heroes in the past and really enjoyed playing him but after he got reworked I no longer used him and chose to try other more interesting heroes
also for balmond, want to see him like in the past too.  where he is often used in various matches and now I think he has become a forgotten hero
most of this is good idea and I agree

Post time 2020-4-8 09:29 AM | Show all posts
Balmond need buff, he is more useless than many othe fighters.
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