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[Hero Balance] Saber: A Man With Sad Stories

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Edited by Halbikx at 2020-3-26 11:18 PM

We all know Saber, right? He's one of the original heroes that came to MLBB upon its first release, and he has stayed practically the same ever since his debut. As he says and I quote, "I am a man with sad stories." This statement might be true for his backstory, but it also pretty much explains his presence in the game's meta. He, who used to be one of the most powerful assassins in the game, has now fallen of his podium to join his brother (Alpha) in the unused heroes category.

For that reason, the devs have actually stated that they will be reworking him, along with some other old heroes soon! Hooray!

Since I can't really wait, I'm making this post to share my speculation of how Saber's rework is going to be. I didn't change a lot - his kit is very unique, so I'll refrain from making any heavy changes (except for his passive, it's literally the same as Silvana's passive by now).

Passive: Enemy's Bane
For every 4th basic attack or skill that hits the same enemy, the damage on the 4th hit will become true damage instead, and the damage is increased by 30%. This applies to his skills that can deal multiple hits, like S1 and S3.

Skill 1: Flying Blades
Saber summons up to 4 blades that will rotate around him. Everything stays the same as his original skill, but the spell vamp will return to normal before his nerf. Also, the damage decay for subsequent hits after the first blade will only be 30% less damage now.

Skill 2: Charge
Saber charges towards a specified direction, dealing physical damage. Each charge on an enemy hero, jungle monster or minion will reduce their armor by 15 points, up to 45 points. This skill can be stacked up to 3 times.

Ultimate: Triple Sweep
Saber launches himself towards the selected enemy, knocking them up into the air and performing 3 blows, each dealing physical damage. While Saber is flying towards his target and while he is performing the 3 blows, he will be completely immune to all CC and damage. After the 3 blows are finished, Saber will slam his target down onto the ground, dealing extra damage and slowing surrounding enemy heroes.

So, you'll see that I only changed his passive, 2nd and 3rd skill mainly. I go through each of them one by one.

For his passive, his previous one was lacking a lot of things. For one, it was literally just an inferior version of Silvana's passive. I changed it to be more fitting with his kit, where he utilizes his first skill for poking. His skills deal damage multiple times, so I used that to his advantage and made him deal true damage after every 4th round of damage he deals towards his enemies. This will increase his damage output by a longshot and possibly make him a scary tank killer.

Next up is his first skill. I didn't change a lot - just rebuffed his spell vamp back to normal, much like how it was before his nerf, and also increased the damage by a slight bit. It's frustrating to poke people with his first skill after getting hit the first time, since the damage decay is really high. I reduced that decay to let him deal more poke damage, and potentially burst damage.

Following that is his second skill. Now, I combined his second skill and his old passive to make this new monstrosity. I've also made it into a stackable skill - like Clint's ultimate. With that, he can stack up his passive AND stack the armor deletion. But, the main reason why I made this skill stack 3 times is because of his lack of mobility. Compared to other pure assassins, he might be the least mobile of all (maybe Hanzo is slower without demon form). So, to make his life easier, I let him das 3 consecutive times. This will fit perfectly well for his combo as well: go in, use ult, S1, BA, dash out. With the current Saber, it's hard to escape after you finished your combo. You'll need a tank to help you push away the enemies following you. Now, you'll be able to get a clean escape. Perhaps, you can even stack the armor deletion on your target before using your ultimate - the possibilities vary.

Lastly, his ultimate skill. First of all, I made him immune to all CC and damage while flying - this is so that he won't die while performing his combo. Secondly, I added that last part where he throws his target to the ground and deals more damage mainly for an easier time stacking his passive, but there's also the style points. Now, it will be harder to escape from Saber, as he also has a slow effect after launching his enemy down onto the ground. This will make him a threat to backline heroes - he'll be able to dash in, deal massive burst damage, and then dash out without getting touched at all. It'll be harder to catch him as well due to the slow effect.

Overall, just think of my rework suggestion as 'quality of life' changes. It'll surely make Saber more viable, and possibly even a bannable threat in draft pick.

And that is all for my suggestion. If you have your own ideas, do post them in the reply section! I'm sure everyone reading this would love to see some other ideas. With that said, I'll see you again in my next post - who knows when it'll come out.
Post time 2020-3-29 04:40 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-7 11:34 PM

I think hes too op.
With your buffs.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-29 11:22 PM | Show all posts

Is he? :o I thought this was pretty balanced compared to my other rework suggestions... Just look at Baxia's one... eheh...
Mmm, then shall I nerf that last phase of his ultimate? I never specified the damage so his skills could scale low with his damage.
Post time 2020-3-30 01:10 AM | Show all posts
The problem with saber in generally is that he is a hero that needs rework or he will be too op or trash.
Post time 2020-4-1 05:55 AM | Show all posts
its look a bit op but i completely agree with this. No matter what this is absolutely needed for saber. The ultimate is superb and it should be added for consideration on saber rework next time. Thanks for your suggestion.
Post time 2020-4-3 09:38 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-7 11:35 PM ... id=76612&pid=471216
Would you consider reading my post about Saber rework, I think it will interest you
Post time 2020-4-5 02:03 PM | Show all posts
for me, Saber is better off as magic dealing assassin rather than a physical one, I mean there's A LOT of magical items that can be good for saber if he was a magic dealing assassin, like the magic defense reduction items and also ice queen wand that can slow enemy from afar and don't forget fleeting time where his ult's cd get reduced whenever he kills an enemy.
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