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[Share] Farm thief how to deal with them

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Edited by Jeff_Rey at 2020-3-23 05:43 PM

Ok so i am a solo player and my farm gets always stolen by team mates. Really bad because he/she has already red buff and i want to get blue buff due to mana. But he/she arrived in last hit then stole my blue  buff too with just a single basic attack!  She didnt attend to minions, i did so when i am about to kill blue buff she arrived fresh from red bufd. She has all the first buffs red+blue and it is really bad. She becomes too strong, i become weak.
Got team defeat very quickly, then i got bronze while the farm thief becomes MVP and i was reported by everybody. I got 5 minutes ban.  Too painful if it all started with a simple farm steal from your own team.
So how do you deal with this type of toxic farm stealer? The next ranked game same thing happened, so i feed and feed my hero to the mid  turret in a ranked game. 0 7 0 feed. What are your ideas for farm steaL. Avoid solo to avoid farm steal?

I want to meet those thief in person and punch them in the nose for not showing farm respect to others. Seriously this is very bad manner and make want to punch the thief in face until he bleeds.

Special mention for strong farm thief are all assasins, granger, aldous,  and players with retribution.

Is MLBB dead for solo players?

Post time 2020-3-23 11:39 PM | Show all posts
its the player to blame who stole ur buff or farm..moonton has nothing to do with it..
Post time 2020-3-24 09:00 AM | Show all posts
1. Stealing jungle from teammates is NOT a reason for report. It might be morally wrong, unfair, frustrating, but not a reason for report. Only reasons for report are: AFK, intentional feeding and sometimes profanity. "Negative player" is sometimes activated by not attacking and not receiving damage, similar to AFK.
2. Best and ONLY way to secure your buff is with retribution. If you dont want retribution because you need flicker or flameshot, say bye to your buff. And even if you get your own buff that stupid player might get mad because you didnt give it to him hahaha.
3. I never ever face this problem because I am main tank :) but if I am zhask, which I love, I dont even try to get my buff early game unless the tank is helping me. If no one helps me I let the marksman to take both buffs. Honestly I prefer it that way. Its easier for me to push if our marksman is the one with the most money in both teams. That is an actual tactic that you might not like. For me its Good because im used to  as a tank, so when im zhask i focus on towers, not teamfights. I understand your frustration if you are a gusion or a ling, so maybe you should change heros. Only use those heros when you are with Friends.
4. There are two tactics. One is two share buffs between mage and marksman, a defensife tactic, balanced cover of 2 lanes. Tactic two is to give everything to the marksman, agressive push lane by lane, defense minion clearing in the other two lanes. Personally I prefer this one. Once you are 4 vs 5 you can freely push all lanes. Maybe you are obssesed with your main hero and your common 1-2-2. But as i told you before there are other tactics that you need to learn and adapt if most people in your server play that way.
Post time 2020-3-23 05:49 PM | Show all posts
Edited by MrMagnus at 2020-3-23 05:53 PM

It's always happens no matter day or night. The best solution is to play with friends. When I solo in matches, I don't really rely on buffs is all about skills and position.
Well to me skills and position is much more important. If not, no matter how many buff you have and still only get 2-3 kills den whats the point. Without buff you already get 0 kills.
Post time 2020-3-23 06:30 PM | Show all posts
Punishment system dead = Solo dead
 Author| Post time 2020-3-23 06:53 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Jeff_Rey at 2020-3-23 06:56 PM

Maybe stealing between team not allowed. But if enemy then it should be allowed to steal. If a team member shares and attacks a creep already attacked by allies then the guy with most damage  to this creep will get the farm. If you think buff is nothing then u didnt reach higher rank legend or mythic. Because very small things really matter there and farming is not a small thing.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-24 01:21 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Jeff_Rey at 2020-3-24 01:25 AM

So how do i report this type of thief. Because reporting system dont have that checking of farm thief. I have even seen stealing farm then feeding 0 6 imagine that, he cleaned up the farm but still zero in score.

In above scenario where i was reported and banned, the thief made me 3 wrongs, stole, reportes, got banned, then on my next rank game i will be paired with lousy weak players too i know that is part of punishment. Someone told me.
In many cases the MVP thief will also curse you for being weak, then tell other team members to report you, he is already bragging he knows he will be MVP because of his stealing skills. Some system should be done in place to stop this very very bad techique of stealing then complaining when the victim becomes weak.
Post time 2020-3-24 10:32 AM | Show all posts
Agree with @HoaHoa
Some other tips :
- Pay attention with teammates pick. Assassin would farming much. So avoid picking heroes that need farming too (except MM). If teammates already pick tank, mm, assassin, pick mage or fighter which ain't need farming, or you can use the secondary tank. Support also a good choice. Mastering all roles is crucial. Stick with one role is bad idea.

- In case I pick assassin and then a teammate pick assassin too, I will play as support. For example, I pick Hayabusa and then a teammate pick Gusion, I'll give farming to Gusion. I'll just split push or help him farming, or help others to gank. I also take support emblem, and use support build or semi tank, and of course roam item. Focusing one/two heroes to farm is important. Fight for buff is bad idea.

- You're talking about toxic farm stealer but you're feeding. Just remember, epic comeback is real. The game isn't about which one is MVP, it's about winning. No matter how rich you are but if no one pushing turrets is no difference. They stealing your farm doesn't make you useless. Adapting with team playstyle is the key. But feeding is very very very bad attitude. I would report you too if I can
 Author| Post time 2020-3-24 12:57 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Jeff_Rey at 2020-3-24 01:03 PM

So ok i got it now, stealing farm is fine so will do it always from now on.

I didn't report the thief he reported me for being bronze. He stole my farm 3 times with his fewest hit to my creep.

I feed and feed to give up the game because another thief is on my team again. I wanted him to just lose the game too and give him strong lesson to respect farm of teamates.

Mind you epic comebaxk is for warior or elite level. At mythic many games end with 3-11,  or 2-9 or even 4-8 team scores. If very strong team the game is stopped and surrendered.
Post time 2020-3-24 02:34 PM | Show all posts
Some player stole your buff one time or twice then you feed yourself indiscriminately because of that?
If I were on that team with you and that farm thief I would say your reasons is irrelevant and selfish.
At least that farm thief did something for the team.
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