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[Payment-Contact Customer Service] Diamonds got deducted when I refunded malfunctioning crystal of aurora subs.

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(TLDR: Paid for crystal of aurora subscription, which I got refunded because it did'nt work. The game system thinks that I got refunded some diamonds purchase, so they deducted around 500 diamonds from me for no reason)

I am using google play and paypal account to do my purchases. I used to buy some weekly and monthly diamonds, because I thought to have some fun buying few skins and things like that. Things were working fine with those purchases. I use google play and paypal account to purchase, and I got all the diamonds normally every time.

Then I decided to try the new crystal of aurora subscription thing, especially since it said, the first month is half price, so I thought it would be worth the money to just try it for 1 month. I also bought the weekly subscription on the side. This is where all the trouble started!

After my purchase, I noticed that in the event section, I cannot reclaim my crystals. First I thought nothing of it, thinking maybe there is a 1 day delay until I can claim the crystals from my purchases. But on the next day, there still was nothing in there. Only thing I saw in there was the option to purchase that subscription again. After that I thought it is not working, so I went to cancel my subscription. By cancelling the subscription however, there was no way to get my money back, it only worked to prevent it from renewing again.

The next step I did, was to contact the ingame support, and also to send email to their customer support. They admitted that it is not working for me, and so I got told to post all the screenshots of my purchases and order ID's to get my money back. It took alot of time to explain them what happened, and send them screenshots. And getting the refund was really pain in the ass. But finally I got it, for both the monthly and weekly subscription of aurora. At this point I was just little grumpy for not getting any extra compensation, but hey at least I got my money back... not so bad.However this was just the beginning of the problems!

What happened next, really got me angry. One or two days after my refund they deducted around 500 diamonds from my account. I got an in-game message that I have acquired some diamonds illegally, so they will deduct the respective amount from me. Then I again sent screenshots of my diamond purchases both to ingame support and to email support. Now this was ALOT of work. Because I had something like 30 purchases, and I had to dig the screenshot of every purchase and send them. I was really pissed off at this point.

I got then a response in the ingame support, that my diamonds were deducted because they noticed that I had gotten a refund! So I guess their system just automatically deducts diamonds from players who gets refunds, no matter what the reason for that is! Haha what a joke!
I tried to explain to this support guy, that no I never got refunded any diamonds, and I never requested to refund any diamonds. I tried to explain that it was the faulty system thinking that my refund in money was for some diamond purchases. However the reply that I got was simply this:

"Dear player, the system took off your diamonds because you refund.  If you purchase diamonds making your diamonds quantity to a positive  number, the frozen hero will be thawed"

I sent them another message by email:

"Hello dear support
This issue is not  resolved yet. I sent the screenshots and explained the issue to ingame  support as well. They are just seeing that I got refunded something, and  I am trying to explain them, that I got refunded the crystal of aurora  subscription, which did not work.
The ingame support guy is  just telling me that I got deducted diamonds, because of the refund  money. I am trying to explain him that I never requested any diamond  refunds, and the refund that I got is not from diamonds, but it is from  the crystal of aurora."

But the only reply I got, was this:

"Dear  player, the system took off your diamonds because you refund. If you  purchase diamonds making your diamonds quantity to a positive number,  the frozen hero will be thawed"

"Please help me,  it seems like there is a huge misunderstanding by this customer service  guy. He does not understand that I have never refunded any diamonds I  bought. I only refunded the other service, which never even worked for  me!
Thank you!"

Then I recieved another message: "Hello, crystal of aurora subscription is non-refundable, so it deducted the diamonds at same value, you have to re-fill those negative diamonds sir"

to which I replied:

"But I did not recieve my crystals! That is why it was refunded. Why do I have to lose diamonds, when I am refunding another service which did not work for me?"

And the final answer from him was:

"for the pack, we have sent to your account before. so after you refund, it deducted the diamonds for it"

Wow... this is incredible. Now I am just hoping they will do something about it. This is big injustice that I got deducted diamonds for nothing :(

Post time 2020-3-18 04:54 AM | Show all posts
Please contact this email address and explain the situation.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-18 09:05 AM | Show all posts
Please contact this email address and explain the situation.

I already did several times, but it seems like they are too lazy to look into it, and just saying i should contact the in-game support.

The ingame support replied to me few days ago, that devs have been informed about my issue, but I don't know if they will really look into the matter properly either.

So in the end I guess I was just too dumb to have paid for their subscription, which didn't work. I guess they will just deduct diamonds from everyone automaticly, even if you got refunded some other thing entirely
Post time 2020-3-20 08:48 AM | Show all posts
Dudemanguy replied at 2020-3-18 09:05 AM
I already did several times, but it seems like they are too lazy to look into it, and just saying  ...

Give them a time, they will solve your problem but be patient.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-27 09:22 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-8 01:42 AM

it's already 2 weeks since my issue, and they have done nothing. If I email them and explain about it, they will just direct me to the ingame support.

And the ingame support only reply was "please wait, we will deal it asap" This was already one week ago

I would advice everyone to be really careful not to buy any subscriptions from them. If they don't work, you will not be refunded!!!

They still haven't gotten back to my issue! Also my ticketed question just disappeared from the ingame contact section. What kind of bullshit service is this? I am trying to find a contact number for this company, but don't know where I could find it!

I finally managed to contact with someone who understood my issue in the in-game support. He was promising me to urge the staff to work with my issue and told that if my diamonds are not returned in 24 hours, he will urge them again.

Apparently the devs that he was urging to fix that problem, did not care about it. as nothing happened and my ticket got closed. and I could just rate stars of my experience. Of course I put 1 out of 5 stars, and explained that the customer service was friendly, but my issue was never solved. And still I remain robbed of my diamonds :(
Post time 2022-1-23 11:42 AM | Show all posts
Hi, i got almost same problem

But in my case i didnt make a purchase diamond and got billing to it, then i refund and my diamond got decrease until -77 which my diamond not increase when i got recharge bill.

That really ridiculous
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