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[Hero Balance] Bane Sun and Roger buff ideas

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Edited by Staufferboy at 2020-3-14 06:14 AM

In all honesty Bane doesn't need buff that much damage wise. But more so in cooldown for most part. Here are my suggestions

Passive: Increase range by 15% and cooldown is now 8.5 seconds instead of 10

First skill: Increase Range of the bounce effect by 20%. Also make it so it can bounce to any enemy nearby instead of just behind him.

Second skill: Reduce cooldown to 9 at all levels instead of 10. Also like Alpha he can only can increase his hp regen by magic. so make it base off of attack and nerf it down to only 30% instead of 200%. Because it would give 1000+ more hp regen if we did not nerf it.

Also side note change his appreance it does not fit him at all.


Passive: Increase up to 8% instead of 6%.Also you could add that his clones can attack you even if you have basic attack immunity.

First skill: This clone attributes increase by 1.5 per level instead of just staying at 35%

Second skill: Rework it back to his old second skill. For comparsion it looks like Alpha's Ultimate. Also just like Bruno make it stun enemys for that get hit inbetween his dash line and the circle for 0.5seconds(can stack with ulitmate clone but it only increase up to 0.9 seconds). At the end of the circle it slows the enemy down by 65%( can't stack with ultimate clone). This way he can push more safely.

Ulitmate:Now this clone can summon a doppelganger if you also if an enemy with your first skill. Side note if this is some how to op
the clone summon by the ulitmate clone can only reduce physical defense of enemy by 4%


Passive: You can do two things for his wolf passive. Make it so his wolf form passive can crit or increase extra damage that equals the enemys' lost instead of 5% increase to 7%. Human form passive increase slow from 20% to 30%.

Second: Human form second skill is to bland.Maybe Attack speed in this form as well or increase attack power?For wolf form make it have base damage of 100 at all levels( can't be increase) and make it show the enemys in the bushes for one seconds.

So you agree with my suggestions or not. Side not not all of these suggestion need to be added on these heros.

Post time 2020-3-14 02:20 PM | Show all posts
great suggestions for buff ..yep old heroes are getting out of meta these days... we should get them back .

there are more chances of  old heroes getting revamp than a buff, old heroes were mostly mid to late game but nowadays early game heroes wreck their farming
Post time 2020-3-14 04:20 PM | Show all posts
How about to Revamp Bane instead of Buff !!! Please check my post/suggestions for Revamp Bane's Outlook and Skills. Part 1 (Outlook) and 2 (Skills+ Passive).
Post time 2020-3-14 06:24 PM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-18 05:51 AM
Rezwan replied at 2020-3-14 04:20 PM
How about to Revamp Bane instead of Buff !!! Please check my post/suggestions for Revamp Bane's Outl ...

I completely against that idea. Sorry, but Bane skills is already good enough. Buff and change look is the only thing he need.

Agree in most part especially about Bane. I wish Moonton change his look, old Bane concept is much cooler.
Post time 2020-3-15 12:25 AM | Show all posts
if sun 1st skill work on minion that will be great it will be easy to clear menion....anyway nice suggestion bro
Post time 2020-3-15 12:46 PM | Show all posts
roger with poke ability will be nice.
Post time 2020-3-15 10:34 PM | Show all posts
I think those three fighters really need buffs, just like roger want to see and use him like in the past when he was one of the strongest fighters during late game
so I agree with this suggestions

Post time 2020-3-16 09:48 AM | Show all posts
great sggestions,very precise. This or anything, really anything would be amazing.
Post time 2020-3-18 05:52 AM | Show all posts
completely agree with the suggestions for bane, sun and roger. i cant deny not a single one. thanks a lot for your  valuable suggestion. we will be recording this.
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