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[Hero Techniques] How I play Zhask.

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Edited by drscoobynub at 2020-3-13 05:00 PM

Zhask was my favourite hero before the revamp and I quit mobile legends for a while before Zhask revamp was done. When I came back, Faramis became my favourite hero and so I did not play Zhask. These few days, I have started playing Zhask again and found that he is more fun to play than the previous Zhask. I will share with you how I am playing Zhask.

Emblem set and Spell

I pick mage emblem with mastery max points for cool down, Observation full points for penetration and impure rage for extra damage after using skills. My favourite spell is Flicker.

Equipment set

As boot, I use swift boot to boost attack speed. Since Zhask consumes a lot of mana, I add Enchanted tailman for mana regenration. This item also provides 20% cool down reduction and so I can span the skills quicker. Then I add feather of heaven mainy for attack speed and also because its passive add extra damage to basic attack based on my magic power. After that, I add thunderbelt. I bought this just to make Zhask a little bit tanky and also because it gives 10% cooldown and more mana regen. Its passive is also good for Zhask since after using skills, basic damage will slow surrounding enemies and do extra damage. These are my four main items. The remaining two items, I add depending on situation. If enemy has a lot of tanky heroes and have athena shields, oracle, I add divine glaive for penetration and holy crystal for magic power. If I need to suvive more and my team require tanking from me, I buy defensive items like blade armor, cursed helmet. For hybrid I will buy blood wings and divine glaive.

Play style and skill upgrade

Zhask do need a lot of mana and hence blue buff especially in the early game. So, if you can go mid lane and take blue buff, you can play more freely. However, it also depends on your team composition. Zhask can also solo lane if needed but you should be careful with ur skill use or you will be out of mana very quickly without blue buff. For me, if I play mid lane, I normally clear the minion waves, take the healing crab and then blue buff and then clear the minion wave and take the jungle monster and then push lane or roam based on situation. I usually buy skill 1 first and put the spawn in front to clear the waves quickly. Then put out the spawn again to kill the healing crab and then put out the spawn again to kill blue buff. By that time I will have skill 2 and killing blue buff is quite easy and do not need tank if enemy does not come and gank me. If I have to solo top lane, then I clear the minion waves and eat the gold crab and then the jungle monster near it and then come back to lane again to clear minion waves and then eat gold crab.  I usually play safe until I get the ulti and after getting ulti, I pressure the enemy hero to leave tower using the spawn and ultimate spawn as much as I can. This is particularly useful if I have teammates who will support me.

For skill upgrade, I usually give priority to nightmaric spawn, followed by mind eater (laser beam skill) and upgrade ulti whenever available. I upgrade hive clones as last priority.

Tips and Tricks

For escaping enemy ganking
- Make sure Zhask has ulti ready before he plays aggresive tower pushing. Do not use ulti carelessy when pushing tower if you are not sure of the position of the enemies because it is need to save your life. When a group of enemies suddenly appear when you are pushing towers, you can use your ulti immediatelely so that you can jump into the spawn if you have already put it in place or to become superspawn if you still havent put the normal spawn out yet. After that, decide if you want to attack or flee. you can drag the skill 1 button once to jump your superspawn back and then you can drag the superspawn button again to the back so that Zhask  will jump out of the superspawn. With that two jump, you can usually jump from enemy tower you are pushing back into your tower. If that is not still enough, you can use flicker again to jump further and escape.

For escaping an assaination by a single enemy
-As said before never push or stay solo if you dont have your ulti. For this case, just use your ulti to summon superspawn and then let superspawn attack the enemy. Chase if you think you will win the fight, Flee back by jumping as said before if you think you will lose.

For disrupting enemy rank when they gank your team
You should not be scared to dive into enemy group so that you will reach to their carry if your tank are too afraid to go forward and backing. For that, however, tanky build is preferred and thunderbelt alone may not be sufficient if the enemy marksman is pretty fat. However, you can still try. For that, you need to make sure that your ulti is ready. Then put out your spawn first into the enemy front line of fighter and tank. Then turn our spawn into superspawn using ulti. Then move your superspawn forwards by drifting the skill1 button towards the enemy carry like kerrie and mage and supports like valir who are always in the back annoying your team. After that, stun them first by using your second skill, the enhanced mind eater, and then throw out the hive clones for slow and damage effect. After that, retreat back by jumping out of the superspawn by drifting the ulti skill again. However, you will need to use flicker again to distance yourself saftely from enemy. You can also stay there and keep damaging your enemies or chase them with skill1 drift if conditions are good.

If possible, try to put your spawn in the bush

It is not always possible but try to put your spawns in the bush in conditions like during the lord battle, waiting to gank enemy carrie at buff site etc.

Try to hit enemy with two mind eater rays one from Zhask and one from spawn
Difficult to do but will stun enemies when timed right

During lord defense throw out hives clone alone the path of the lord and superminions and put out spawn again and again and again and if necessary use ur superspawn to delay the lord and buy your team more time for defense. Do not sit back in the base for the arrival of lord

In summary, revamped Zhask is not a sittng duck for assasins like old Zhask anymore. He can be an aggressive initiator, tower pusher and strong defender. So, I find that he is very useful now and promoting rapid coolddown of skill is very important for Zhask for quick spanning of  his spawns.


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very interesting guide about zhask. a bit different because it is your gameplay. but its very good i have to admit. Thanks for sharing.
Post time 2020-3-13 09:53 PM | Show all posts
Thx that helped since I didn’t know how to play zhask
Post time 2020-3-14 06:02 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for the awesome guide. You wrote really well eith good explanations.
However, I would like to recommend you some changes to the emblems and the item set from my experience of fight Mythical Glory players.

Emblem: Do not use the points for Cooldown. I used to always use them for cooldown but now i found it worthless as using it for Magical power or penetration is far more worth it.
Items: For zhask, the Blue buff is a must. if you have it you dont have to worry much for mana regeneration as itll regen quick enough with only one item.
Buy Fleeting time as it can compensate for CD. I can you can go with Clock of Destiny if you think you need more Mana.
Thats it for now and I hope you try it out.
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imAldric replied at 2020-3-14 06:02 AM
Thanks for the awesome guide. You wrote really well eith good explanations.
However, I would like to ...

if your teammates refuse to give you blue buff, will it be better to go for enchanted talisman?


thanks for advice. will go for clock.  Post time 2020-3-15 12:37 PM
I wouldn't. I would rely only on Clock of Destiny, and would also try to invade their blue buffs more if possible.  Post time 2020-3-15 02:51 AM
 Author| Post time 2020-3-16 12:34 PM | Show all posts
imAldric replied at 2020-3-14 06:02 AM
Thanks for the awesome guide. You wrote really well eith good explanations.
However, I would like to ...

Thank you for your suggestions. I will try your builds and see if it works for me or not.


Your welcome. Do try it  Post time 2020-3-17 12:14 AM
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