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[Gameplay] Do you think moonton should add trolling in their report system?

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Post time 2020-3-10 09:12 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
currently the report system does not have trolling as an option. do you think moonton should add trolling to the report system and have credit scores deducted as punishment?

some examples of trolling:

1. when one player does not get to choose his favourite role or hero, he start to troll by picking a hero he does not know how to play. as a result, he end up being the worst player on his team and his team lost the game.

2. this player just stood in front of his tower and watch opponents destroy it without doing anything.

3. this player decide to troll so he follow one of his team mates. he does nothing but just follow him like a shadow. occasionally he will trashtalk his team mates.

4. one player choose non-meta mm/mage/support such as estes and the others become triggered, decide to troll so they start to choose heroes like angela, rafaela, diggie, faramis. your whole team will have 4 to 5 supports or tanks or mm depending on the number of triggered players.

do share your views on trolling.
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Post time 2020-3-10 09:23 PM | Show all posts
I agreee..they should add it

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Post time 2020-3-11 12:01 AM | Show all posts
Trolling is a lowest scum type of player in any moba game. Even AFK is better than troller. I agree to add that option and implement super heavy punishments for them.

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Post time 2020-3-11 01:10 AM | Show all posts
I also think we need more option for report system, there are player knows how to avoid CS deduction by trolling the games and only do little assistst.
Would you like this pool suggestion moved to suggestion section so it can directly to official ?

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Post time 2020-3-11 01:21 AM | Show all posts
Finally someone who understood the need to punish, game spoiling troll players

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Post time 2020-3-11 01:44 AM | Show all posts
good idea and agree with that, regarding the reporting system and the punishment system really need to get better improvements as soon as possible

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 Author| Post time 2020-3-11 03:51 AM | Show all posts
DennisST replied at 2020-3-11 01:10 AM
I also think we need more option for report system, there are player knows how to avoid CS deduction ...

yes please move to suggestion and feedback to moonton.

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Post time 2020-3-11 08:30 AM | Show all posts
I understand your feeling, but its not posible to  This Word is too general, it needs to be more specific.

-There are no "Good" and "bad" heros, it is IMPOSSIBLE to punish someone just because he chose a hero like nana, estes, balmond, miya... If this was posible, then those heros need to be ereased from the game. Im not talking about being Good or bad at using that hero (Estes can be one of the most dangerous heros in the right hands, same with nana). Im talking about just being punished because choosing an unpopular hero.

-Some reasons for punishment must be ereased, like profanity or low skill. Some others need to be added or changed like: stoped moving for a while, moved but didnt fight enemies on purpose, left the game for a while, texted a lot instead of playing, moved randomly and didnt play seriously

-Automatic punishment if the player doesnt move for more than 30 seconds (if he is reported, 5 credits for each player who reports him) DOESNT MATTER IF IT WAS BECAUSE INTERNET CONNECTION PROBLEMS. If you dont have a stable connection play later on in a different place, thats it.

-How about punishment for tanks who didnt receive more than 20% damage? And the same for marksmen and assassins who didnt do more than 20% damage? Reports for supports who dont have many supports?? Just a question, not a suggestion.

-Harder punishments in Rank, ligth punishments in classic and brawl.

-How about a short descriprion of each player before the draft pick in Rank  starts, 10 seconds to see the information of all the 5 players in the team, something like
"7000 games, only marksman" "4569 games, main marksman and assassin" "1037 games, fighter, mage, support" "365 games, only mage" "785 games, main marksman"
With stats like these, we can quickly know we dont have a Good tank in our team, s5 is going to be useless and s1 should be the mm. s2 should go assassin or tank, s3 figher or tank, s4 mage.
This could avoid trolls and help decide who is first pick, mm and so on.

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Post time 2020-3-11 11:11 AM | Show all posts
okkkk here we again

keep hoping all


Nice name...hahahahaha  Post time 2020-3-13 01:40 AM

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Post time 2020-3-11 01:43 PM | Show all posts
I agree with this

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