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[Share] What's makes you think that you don't want these hero in your team?

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Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-11 01:06 AM

Kind of being sick with people who don't understand the great thing about non-meta hero like my main Saber in low Mythic. They just couldn't believe that people use non-meta hero to reach Mythical glory.

So tell me, what makes you think that once this hero is in your team, anger and toxicity suddenly burst out in the chat?

Non-meta heroes who are being seen as a subject of troll.

Yi Shun Shin

I kind of get why people will throw the game if Balmond,Hilda or Miya, but the other heroes are actually very useful.

So, what really makes you think these are the subject of troll.

Other than "there are better Heroes" reason, what else is there?
Post time 2020-3-12 02:09 AM | Show all posts
main reason is the mentality of the players.
Even in last season nana was supposed to be troll pick. But now nana is very useful pick even there was no buff or nerf or whatsoever.
But if you pick layla, miya, balmond, alucard, zilong etc players think you are trolling. Thats the players mentality. even if you global layla still players will scold you.
Post time 2020-3-17 01:38 PM | Show all posts
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Post time 2020-3-10 06:04 PM | Show all posts
Why i dont want them on my team.. Hmmmm


I dont want them cause they are all late game heo...and they basically depend on full build or so...
As u reached mythic u already know that most of the match end Betweens  10-14 min .. So everyone want hero that could give early game damage...imagine layla going Against granger in early game...hehe

So thats my reason...and i Don't  know about others but that dosent mean to spread toxic all Over  
Post time 2020-3-10 06:24 PM | Show all posts
At first I underestimated Alucard in draft but surprisingly in the match especially mid game, he was so good as the most killing hero. He even could carry the match. Yes that happened lately both in claasic and rank that I played. So I gave him thumb up in the end.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-10 06:55 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-11 01:05 AM
Excalibur61 replied at 2020-3-10 06:04 PM
Why i dont want them on my team.. Hmmmm


I guess your right, but there are some heroes who does not need to reach late game to be strong. Like Saber, Alucard, Alpha. Their useful once their ult is unlocked. But I can see Layla will be useless if not late game.

StormlordArdan replied at 2020-3-10 06:24 PM
At first I underestimated Alucard in draft but surprisingly in the match especially mid game, he was ...

I've played Alu and Saber in rank which surprisingly, Alucard isn't hated as much as Saber. He became powerful anough once you bought raptor machete and that what makes him strong in early game if you manage to protect yourself until then.      
Post time 2020-3-10 07:32 PM | Show all posts
I like Balmond as a character (I like the weird ones). But his kit is weak. He's not chonk enough and doesn't have any hard CC to be a tank, and his damage isn't good enough to be a fighter. While the cast of his ult is fast, it's not that effective.
Post time 2020-3-10 08:22 PM | Show all posts
these non-meta heroes are usually played by low skill players so they usually feed a lot of times so most players will view these heroes as feeders and trolls. also pro esports players hardly play these non-meta heroes.

miya and balmond are useful and can be strong in the hands of a good player but they are item dependent heroes.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-10 09:21 PM | Show all posts
SnowFallDoodles replied at 2020-3-10 07:32 PM
I like Balmond as a character (I like the weird ones). But his kit is weak. He's not chonk enough an ...

Exactly what I thought, i think he should have some cc like stun from his ult or higher damage in his spinning attack. A rework might be needed
Post time 2020-3-11 10:24 AM | Show all posts
He needs all the buffs and jungle so my marksman will not have it. But even a good saber can only kill one enemy, when gusion or a helcurt can kill more. Saber ultimate is a good finisher and a good stun for enemies who dare to jump in your tower, but its hard to be a real assassin as a saber. I rather have a gusion, helcurt or fanny, that gives me more confidence. Im one of those who sees a saber and says immediately “dude do you have ANY other assassins?” Saber is more of a poker than an assassin, but he need all the jungle and buffs. And I have NEVER EVER been carried by a saber. Ive been carried by helcurts, gusion and marksmen.

A support fighter, not a tank. He cant tank anything, he wont save you (even if he wanted to, he has no skills to save you, he can only clear minions or fight enemies). So worst tank ever. As a fighter he is great for clearing minions and steal kills with his ultimate, but his total damage at the end of the game will be low or average, which means HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO CARRY HIM. He can only do good if the whole team is doing well, just like any other hero.

Lalya, Miya
Weakest marksmen early mid game with no skills to escape. They need flicker to avoid death (so they cant jungle as fast as other mm with retribution). They cant solo at all, no early mid or late game, its to risk them to leave them alone. This means tank will spend most time with them jungling, and you will be in disadvantage in team fights.

Nana Estes
Actually great heros, no troll pick for me. The healing and the Molina can give you the advantage in teamfights, chase or escape.

I have like 300 games with her, I love her but her healing isn’t enough, the speed burst barely helps and the ultimate is hard to land and the cd is too long. She needs a rework, something like instead of 3 sparkles in first skill, is ALL enemies and monsters in range. No speed burst, same healing and mana healing, and ultimate the same stune but in an area, not a line. That would make her even better than estes.

Alpha Alucard Roger Argus Hilda Yisunshin Zilong
I trust them ONLY if they show their stats and prove that’s their main or they are good at him. The problem is that new players pick them beause they are their only heros because they are cheap, which means they are new players (noobs), which means we lost the game already, even before it starts. If you show me more than 100 games with 50% win rate I will even help you jungle and tank for you. Show me 30 games with 30% win rate, I will troll before you do.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-11 10:48 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-11 01:25 PM
HoaHoa replied at 2020-3-11 10:24 AM
He needs all the buffs and jungle so my marksman will not have it. But even a good saber can ...

Good reasons, accept for Saber, he doesn't need all the jungle, he just need the blue buff. Preferably the top lane jungle, I'm a Saber main and I can assure you that I don't need the red buff. And yes he can only kill one at a time but what makes him a good assasin is that he can easily target other painful squishy without them retaliating. Its a sure kill even if they guarded it. His also a great counter for the current meta hero like harith, meta mm and meta assasin like gusion(don't know about cecillion tho). Let me say this, if your alone in a lane and not a tank, either your a fully build MM or gusion who does not buy WoN. Your dead. I'm currently Mythic I btw but its hard to keep the win going if a hero your pro at will be trash talked.

I can show you some proof by giving screenshot of my history but please teach me how to send pictures in this forum.
Post time 2020-3-11 03:08 PM | Show all posts
you know why i alwyas hate balmond?
cuz they're always people who build berserker fury for him. like srsly i dont know why.
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