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[Query] Fanny Question. Does phone matter?

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Its been a year since I last posted in this forum. Been practicing fanny. Shes a dream hero. Looks very cool when done right.So this is a question for fanny players. If you dont play fanny, this is not for you.

I keep noticing when i hold the skill 2 to be ready for the next cable (while flying), then i let go so it becomes the second cable, sometimes i doesnt do the cable. Im very sure i pointed the cable correctly. So when i try drills on mid lane to make her rotate at the center. Theres always one that doesnt go. Like its cancelled even when i didnt. Happens even when my hands arent wet or sticky or whatnot.

Question 1. Does the phone matter too much?
Question 2. What brand and model of phone do you use for fanny?
Question 3. Do you experience that too? (skill 2 getting cancelled unintentionally)

Im using a Vivo V11. 6gb ram yada yada. - mid to high end phone range.
Post time 2020-3-9 08:24 AM | Show all posts
There are many problems with Fanny, sometimes we experience more than one of these problems at the same time:
- wet fingers
- slow internet (even if its .1 seconds, if you do the cable when this micro lag happens, you wont shoot)
- cable next to a Wall ( sometimes the Wall stops your cable, but its not in front of you, its just close to you but its enough to
-speed. The faster you throw the cables, the higher the chances for the system to crash and not shoot. Unfortunately she needs the speed but the game cant handle that speed, not even in custom.
-sensibility button. It could be to high or to low, try different speed in settings.
-plus random problems like you cancelling the cable without even notice it.

More than your phone model, its your server. In my case Japan is pretty good to play.
Post time 2020-3-9 11:08 AM | Show all posts
For me, it's based on phone + your ping. If you'll notice, if you're a player of both an endgame and a low-end device, you'll see the huge differences especially with the graphics and how skills work. As far as I know there's a bug with the cables? I'm not sure if there is, but I remember reading it from somewhere and watching it before. But it's probably fixed by now or if not, please do try to replicate the bug and let us know.
Post time 2020-3-9 12:07 PM | Show all posts
For me it depends on the ping and your skills. I play on different phones cause I don't have one (I borrow my brothers or my parents phone) We have a very fast internet connection 150 mbps but sometimes it slows down like at 10pm but 11pm onward its very fast. Skills getting cancelled are cause by lag spikes nothing more and in your question does phone matter, yes it does you should choose a mid to high rage phone (Your Vivo is good enough) well I use Samsung and Apple and its great. I hope you get a great mentor for your Fanny experience. Cheers!
Post time 2020-3-9 04:02 PM | Show all posts
its always your phone and ping no matter which hero.
V11 has SD660 so you have to try medium or low settings to play fanny to get smooth 60 fps frame rate with HFR on. I am using oneplus 7t pro which has sd 855+ but my ping is 50-52 always.
You can try to exchange your device for pco x2 which has SD 730G SOC and very good phone for gaming in budget. Cheers.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-9 04:37 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-10 12:42 AM

Thanks for your responses :)
Currently no mentor, just been viewing youtube videos and playing a lot. I tried what zxuan recommended. 1v5 on ai mode, able to win some of it so i moved to classic games. Made another smurf. Just staying on lower rank. All classic games. No Rank games. Proficiency overall i say would be about 60-70%.
Not so much on fancy cables, just simple cables enough to get a kill or two.
I keep finding myself needing some advanced cables in some situations.
Aways die when tower diving. Hahaha. Thats a hard part for me. Not sure whats a good maneuver for tower dives.
Maybe i'll try someones phone to see any difference.
I used an oppo phone before and had the same problem so i deduced that was probably a factor. But that was a lower end phone so not sure

And i saw noobqueen use an iphone with the stove looking cameras on the back. Same with kurosawa. That made me think probably the phone mattered much
Post time 2020-3-9 08:14 PM | Show all posts
well i have 5K games on fanny (close to it) from personal experience i play on ipad, phone type of brand shouldn't matter too much but for me its hard to get used to a smaller screen since the buttons are much smaller there, but if you are used to it i'd say that it would be 100% fine

and also never experienced skill 2 getting cancelled
Post time 2020-3-9 08:51 PM | Show all posts
ipad pro best for games ML on ios is alot smoother
Post time 2020-3-10 09:47 AM | Show all posts
I played Fanny but I'm not Good with her still I can say that, sit aside Pings and General Reasons, Phone DOES MATTER. I played her using this Old Little Y53 of mine and to be honest, the phone didn't catch up to Fast Tapping and not just her, sometimes I experienced Gussion too. I think it's called Input Delay by FG (Fighting Games) out there.
Also, that Refresh Timer on her 2nd Skill might one of the cause (again, aside from Ping & Universal Reasons). Did you notice that when you cast Fanny's cable, the Skill Icon has this timer thingy? I suspected that it's the bases of her passive where her Energy Consuption will be reduced every time she uses cable within 5 sec. But heres the catch, maybe that Timer also Refreshes player's Input/Command. It makes sense as ML System remembers Inputs/Commands as seen on Haya's 2nd After Ult.
Post time 2020-3-10 10:15 AM | Show all posts
Ipad is recommended for play if you want to play Fanny. The "feels" is totally different if you compare it with a phone.
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