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[Gameplay] Please prioritize in fixing matchmaking and improve the punishment system.

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Edited by AZNUR at 2020-3-8 04:12 AM

This day alone, everytime I open ML, there is 4 promotion about the new and upcoming skins, from Kimmy skin, Uranus skin, Franco skin and Jawhead skin. Sigh....Moonton being Moneyton to the fullest I could say.

While players out there leaving the game due to useless matchmaking and unbalanceness, Moonton proudly introduce more skins everyday. Luckily Ling advertisement ended. If not....there is 5 ads just for skins.

This day alone....I win-lose repeatedly for hours. Wasted almost 5 hours, only 1 star gained. After one perfect match, then it followed by one cancer match.

Doesn't get desired hero....feed, forced to pick tank....feed, buff stolen........feed, die several times.......blame teammates then feed and troll until the end of the game.

After done reporting, yeah.....that useless punishment system send this shyt again and again like it was nothing.
That last picture showing how stupid my team in banning hero. Letting 2 godlike heroes owned by enemy, then one teammate that want last pick but don't know to use mm. Haih.....
 Author| Post time 2020-3-8 12:45 PM | Show all posts
Jeff_Rey replied at 2020-3-8 11:16 AM
I noticed you need to study shielding or how to buy proper shield. You notice pharsa did a killing s ...

You don't understand, Badang is a fighter, not a tank. Wasting a slot just to counter Pharsa burst magic damage is a waste considering not only her has magic damage, Bruno got it too. That's why Queens Wing is used here. I need overall durability, not specified one.
And why immortal, and that is to counter burst Pharsa. But still, her team Franco never give a chance for us to escape.

About me using Khufra, the real story is XBorg was killed 3 times in the first 5 minutes, then he blame the whole team for not supporting him and then left the lane. During teamfight, he, without item, just know to open ulti then die. We told him to save his ulti for a proper time to use, then he continue blaming us then he stayed at the base doing nothing. My item isn't that full yet.
Post time 2020-3-8 11:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Jeff_Rey at 2020-3-8 11:23 AM

I noticed you need to study shielding or how to buy proper shield. You notice pharsa did a killing spree and they have 2 mages pharsa and rafaela but u didnt use oracle shield or other anti-mage shields you  have only used 2 physical shields which i think is not correct because pharsa is too strong so u need magical shield like oracle. You will know many shielding technique if you are a tank.
On the first picture you are khufra but dont have physical shield u have 2 magical shield but MVP is karrie doing killing spree,  so you should get physical shield because karrie and leomord  was too strong on their team.
Post time 2020-3-8 12:13 PM | Show all posts
As much as how Jeff_Rey is correct with his assumptions. These systems will be worked on asap. Although we all know how long has it been since they give attention to matchmaking and report/punishment system, but comparing it from before, there were changes. They're yet to release one but I'm guessing they're working on one and it's not that easy to do stuff like this because we all know that no matter what punishment and such they put, there'll always be toxic players out there.
Post time 2020-3-8 01:26 PM | Show all posts
This is the reason i dont play solo now...i heardly get good teammates -.-


Haha..why not but that daam ping will kill us both..hehe  Post time 2020-3-10 01:25 PM
play with me me me !!! hahaha  Post time 2020-3-10 11:18 AM
Post time 2020-3-8 08:02 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2020-3-8 12:13 PM
As much as how Jeff_Rey is correct with his assumptions. These systems will be worked on asap. Altho ...

Stop lying to normal gamers that the system will change "someday", or in this case, "ASAP" which is in the realm of science fiction. The punishment system will never change and it has long since become a worn out story to keep you occupied. If MT had to choose between 60% of the ignorants who goes afk after 3 minutes, trolls and kids who spend huge sums of money on skins and 40% of normal players, who would they choose? Of course they will choose the mass that brings in the money, who cares about normal players when they have no use but appeal to the punishment system? They even didn't want to NERF Cecillion after so many complaints, even before he was released. Why? Because they are waiting for a huge number of players to buy him, that's why they put him in as a broken hero. When I stopped playing ranked for the exact reason (punishment system), I tried to play classic for fun, but because of Cecillion, even classic is no longer a normal game since he can rape you even from the start.
Post time 2020-3-8 09:28 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-8 10:02 PM

The toxicity is increasing everyday. MLBB should start banning troll players
Jeff_Rey replied at 2020-3-8 11:16 AM
I noticed you need to study shielding or how to buy proper shield. You notice pharsa did a killing s ...

Anyone can teach but what he can do with troll players? This is a 5 player game. He can't win the game solo
Post time 2020-3-8 11:01 PM | Show all posts
Nothing new...its daily now....
 Author| Post time 2020-3-8 11:49 PM | Show all posts
Excalibur61 replied at 2020-3-8 11:01 PM
Nothing new...its daily now....

How did you get that....all my reports were sent to trash can.


????  Post time 2020-3-8 11:51 PM
Post time 2020-3-9 09:34 AM | Show all posts
I would definetely spend money in this game if the matchmaking and punishment were fixed. But because they wont change, I Will never ever spend one single penny on this game.
Punishment system is a joke, they give you 6 options to report, but the only times the report goes thru is when the player died more than 10 times or when he goes afk.
And why do we get an email saying "the player was strongly warned" hahaha. Just dont send that email, its so annoying to erease 1 million of those, plus its frustrating cause the report didnt go thru.
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