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[Gameplay] SEASON 16 (Early Post)

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Edited by exitoe at 2020-3-7 10:11 PM

I have already checked on the patch notes for Season 15 changes. Sadly, No luck for AFK punishments and Matchmaking. Although, I am keeping an eye to the devs if they're really making an action to these concerns (which they consistently ignore to see).

Moontoon Devs have the whole Season to work gradually in improving the current gameplay. And hopefully, by Season 16 we get to see improvements on the following aspects:

1. Stronger AFK Punishment

AFK offenders are getting prevalent in the lower ranks. Although, some of the players (esp. in epic tiers) are purposedly going afk in the middle of the game. What's the reason?

a. the enemy team has a good pick or good assemble.
b. his/her team is obviously losing the game.
c. if he/she is on a winning streak and purposedly wants the current game result to defeat.

They're obviously spamming the game's light punishment because they can just easily recover from it and play the rank game again.

A. 3-hour ban for first-time offenders + 20 Credit score deduction.
B. 6-hour ban for the second-time offenders + 25 credit score deduction.
C. 24-hour ban for successive AFK behavior + 30 Credit Score deduction.

Increased Star protection points (maybe make it 200) and should scale in each division levels (E.g. 200 for Epic tiers, 250 for Legend tiers, etc.)

They actually should have the same privilege as to those in EPIC TIERS and above. As I've mentioned above, AFK offenders are prevalent in lower ranks.

2. Matchmaking
Ah, the matchmaking. One of the many "nonexistent" issues the devs never fail to not put their attention to.

A. Match players with the SAME CREDIT SCORES.
B. Revamp the Rank Reset System for each season.  Reason? Lots of higher tiers from the previous season are stuck especially in EPIC DIVISION, which, on the one hand, is quite giving unfair match (not to mention the gameplay knowledge and strategies of those demoted higher ranks) to those who were forever stuck in that division.

(In short: the current rank reset system would match those who have already achieved Legend/Mythic Division to EPIC fucking TIERS, because of somewhat illogical demotion).

3. The Case of Old Heroes
This ain't a big deal though, but I want Moontoon to keep on revamping old heroes and make them AS EQUALLY POPULAR AS THOSE IN THE META.
I would want to see the following heroes get a HUGE, a la ARIANA GRANDE REVAMP.


A. Eudora - I was thinking a cool skill revamp for Eudora, wherein she enters stealth while casting a connected series of a lightning strike to the nearby enemies.
B. Vexana - Make Vexana's puppets follow the cursed hero whenever he goes for like 20 seconds. Her Ult is a TOTAL USELESS especially when Vexana died and the summoned puppet just stays within her area.
C. Layla - Give Layla a Fashion upgrade. She's too dull. Skin suggestion: An Ariana Grande-inspired  Skin lol.
D. Vale - Remodel his First Skill. I don't like the casting, seriously.

4. The Rising Number of Smurf Accounts
I am not against smurfs, but seriously, if you are creating more than 2 smurf accounts and bullying lower ranks doesn't make you a pro. Actually, I have read somewhere online, of which this particular "MOBA Game" releases a statement on the growing number of smurf accounts and how it affects the matchmaking. Well, it actually makes sense coz' some of the higher tier divisions would create smurfs to help their friends.

Why did I notice that Smurf accounts are rising? YOU COULD EASILY SPOT THEM HAVING THESE NAMES: Tiffany & Yulo#69, Geremy.Kol#91, etc. I swear these peeps are too lazy to even think of a cool-ass username.

That's all. I look forward to having these mentioned aspects get a nice update in the upcoming season 16 (OR EVEN HOPEFULLY ADDRESSED IN THIS NEW SEASON).

Post time 2020-3-7 11:25 PM | Show all posts
I am strongly against increasing the punishment for AFK

Troll players should be banned from this game
Post time 2020-3-8 12:27 AM | Show all posts
Everything make sense.
They should prioritize optimizing the matchmaking and punish system tho.
Post time 2020-3-8 01:11 AM | Show all posts
They should fix the  punihment and matchmaking system...nice post bro
Post time 2020-3-9 12:35 AM | Show all posts
I propose successive afk behavior in ranked game should include 2 to 3 rank stars deducted on top of 24 hour ban and 30 credit score deduction.
Post time 2020-3-9 09:39 AM | Show all posts
nice suggestions man!! But moneyton cant punish customers. They dont give a rats ass about afk. The onlything that upsets the company is low sales and hacker tools.
Post time 2020-3-9 07:24 PM | Show all posts
Matchmaking and afk is the most requested suggestion or request from forum. And i am not saying you are wrong. I think its time to divide 110 credit holders and less than 110 credit holders to priority and low priority matchmaking. thanks for your feedbback.
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