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[Query] How to carry team to victory?

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Any tips or suggestions on how does one as mm try to carry the team to victory if your team has 4 feeders and each of them has fed a minimum of 10 times when it is less than 5 to 6 minutes?

Also how to play as mm and carry the team to victory when your team keep stealing your jungle, minions and buffs but not enemy's jungle?

Thanks in advance.
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I wanna hear the advise from people who "reached mythic solo" regarding this...
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Carry the whole team is patience needed. If you play MM, farming & positioning is everything
Post time 2020-3-5 11:37 AM | Show all posts
watch gosu general youtube.... hahahah
Post time 2020-3-5 12:21 PM | Show all posts
It's all depend on yourself. Team synchronization is important for me. Some kind of people like to play aggressive and some don't. There is where you need to learn how to adapt. At one point, you don't even need to communicate each other but you and your teammates know what each other is thinking. That is the ultimate form of mind synchronization.
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And here I thought sacrificing beautiful women to the great volcano was de wei.

Kidding aside, not my advice but my friend who is constantly in mythic and really loves the game: you need to learn more roles and adjust to your team. If you're an MM and your team is shizz, your only saving grace is to survive until late game. Your items should compensate for the lack of buff at that point. Hopefully, you picked a meta MM that's great in late game (e.g. Kimmy falls off so end the game asap. Karrie can melt anything and anyone in late game).

That's from him. As for me... *pushes another girl to a volcano*
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Avoid dying and defend turrets until you have decent damage. Once you have enough damage then its payback time.

First kill the damage dealer in enemy then their tank.

Remember if you have almost equal farm as the enemy mm, then the one landing the first hit will be the winner most of the times
Post time 2020-3-5 03:44 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Excalibur61 at 2020-3-5 03:45 PM

Ok first of all if ur teammates died 10 times...then there is no way to come back without miracle..cause if they died 10 times then it means they have no game this type of match is a loss Doesn't  matter how good u are...enemy is already fed..

2nd... How to be a good mm player...well in my opinion.. The first thing mm need to is survive early to mid game...cause if u die too much in early- mid game u will loose a lot of farm/gold/xp...that will put u in a disadvantage on mid- late in early game mm should avoid death..

3rd... In early game mm shouldn’t engage in teamfight cause they aren’t  ready early- mid farm and push tower...if there is a team fight help them..if u think that u have enough damage if not.. Tell ur teammates not to engage a team fight... But u should always help th if its a 2-1/3-2/4-3 situatio...and try to get some kills early without dyin.. It will boost ur gold and farm..

4th....if enemy raid ur jungle there is 2 thing to do..prevent it or take there jungle...the decision is up to the enemy is raiding blue buff..then bot lane players can come to mid lane and help mid laners to safely take the buff or they could go to enemy blue buff to take its up to the reams what to do..

5th.. If teammate keep stealing ur buff + jungle....the best way to avoid it to use retribution.. If u dont have retribution.. Tell someone in the team to help u to raid/steal enemy farm...if that also isnt a option..then the only way to win is to push tower..and steal kill... Both gives a good amount of gold... And mm should always have a back up.. Not 100% time but 50-60% time there should be someone to back tnk ot support fighter like kaja/chou will help mm farm in ease and also help mm to avoid death from early game ganks..and mm should never roam alone

Try to watch a lot of gameplay of top will help u understand  the role better...and it will improve ur knowledg.... Cheers  
 Author| Post time 2020-3-5 05:41 PM | Show all posts
kingzvvd replied at 2020-3-5 11:37 AM
watch gosu general youtube.... hahahah

He usually played with his own team while I am solo.
Post time 2020-3-5 06:15 PM | Show all posts
Don't ever let your team do a mistake in early game, avoid enemy's midlaner when gold buff appears (For MM). If your midlaner got a firstblood to enemy's MM, i bet 70% your team will win on midgame.
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