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[Hero Techniques] Uranus Talisman/BFB Build is the New Meta!

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Edited by VoxVesper at 2020-3-6 04:05 AM


I hadn't been playing as much ML as I used to, but was delightfully surprised to recently find that the #1 Top Global Uranus (several of the top 10 in fact) has been using a variation of the Hybrid Talisman/Brute Force Breastplate build I first posted about a year ago.

I can't say I do it best (although I'm not too shabby — currently #1 USA Uranus, and about about 50ish in World Rank so far... but getting higher every day!).

But I can say — I DID IT FIRST! Hahaha


There's many reasons this works so well for Uranus. I've been saying this since my first guide featuring my Talisman build about a year before it finally became popular and accepted. In fact, because I was one of the first ones doing this, I often got a lot of criticism from other Tank users and players because I'm a tank using Magical items. But it works.

Uranus's tanking ability comes mostly from his regen and Skill 2 (shield). The more often he can use Skill 2, the more damage he can take, and the more easily he can retreat from fight to regen and re-enter the fray. Uranus's shield also gets small a bonus from magic power. And the +250 HP is just enough sustain to keep you alive until you can get a couple Tank items. Also, Talisman is the only thing you'll need for mana management. This means instead of depending upon Demon Boots for mana, you have the flexibility to choose Warrior or Tough boots depending on the enemy composition.



ITEMS: (Buy in this order)
  Iron Mask
1 Enchanted Talisman
2 Full Boots (Warrior/Tough)
3 Oracle
4 Brute Force Breastplate
5    DEF: Athena's Shield / Immortality
  or OFF: Ice Queen Wand / Necklace of Durance
6 Awe Mask

SPELL: Purify

EMBLEM: Support
- Agility (+6% Movement Speed)
- Gift +1 pt (+3% Healing Effect) / Recovery +2pts (+10 Hybrid Regen)
- Avarice (+10 gold when damaging enemy hero)


1. IRON MASK (+400 HP, 5% CD, +25 Movement)

I'm doing things a little different than other Top Global Uranuses (is the plural "Urani"? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). They typically start out with Wooden Mask and then goes straight into Talisman. I find it better to go ahead and get Iron Mask first, because this gives you some important speed AND HP for sustain. But don't spam your skills yet. Mana management is rough until you start building Talisman.

2. ENCHANTED TALISMAN (+50 Mg Power, +250 HP, 20% CD, Regen 12% max mana every 10s)

After Iron Mask, I build Talisman: Magic Necklace first, then Tome of Evil (cooldown + mana regen), etc. Now you got some mana sustain to use skills more.


Then I get either Warrior Boots or Tough Boots, depending on enemy team composition.
  - Tough Boots: When enemy has either 2 mage, or 1 mage + 2 Tank/Support that are magic dmg.
  - Warrior Boots: When enemy team is either balanced on Mag/Phy Dmg or heavy on Phy Dmg. I choose Warrior Boots when enemy is balanced because my overall build already has more Magic Defense.

4. ORACLE (+850 HP, +42 Mg Def, +10% CD, +30% Shield/HP Regen)

Oracle is key to Uranus as it gives bonuses to HP regen from passive and also 30% bonus to his shields (Skill 2). With this overall build, Uranus has full 40% CD Reduction after you buy Oracle:
5% Support Emblem
5% Iron Mask
20% Talisman
10% Oracle


This is an awesome item to use with Talisman, because by now you have full 40% cooldown, and can spam your skills — esp skill 1 — every couple seconds. Spamming skills builds your BFB stacks, so keep doing that in between engagements to keep it maxed and ready.

6. ? (Be strategic depending on how the game is going)

After this point, you can really build whatever you want based on the situations need.

Need more Magic Defense? Get Athena Shield or Cursed Helm.
More Physical Defense? Get Immortality.
Trouble with Marksmen? Get Blade Armor.
Need more damage/Slows? Try Ice Queen Wand.
Trouble with Enemy Regen/Lifesteal (Alucard/Harith/Fanny)? Get Necklace of Durance (reduce enemy regen by 50% for 3s).

(I don't understand why some of the top Global players are using Necklace of Durance for EVERY game. It doesn't make sense unless enemy team depends on regen/lifesteal. You don't need the cooldown since you're already maxxed. And you get just as much lifesteal with Ice Queen Wand. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


I opt for Awe Mask over the other Roaming equipment because 1) the others got nerfed recently and 2) Uranus can always use the extra CC since he has no hard CC after Moonton brutally took that away from him with this rework...



1. Level up Ultimate whenever available
2. Level up Skill 2 next
3. Skill 1


At Level 1, I actually get Skill 1 first because that is most useful for clearing minion waves and (most importantly) helping teammates to get their 1st buff. Skill 2 is dangerous to use when helping your teammate buff because you risk your shield exploding and taking the buff from them. They really, REALLY don't like it when that happens. So Skill 1 is the safer way to go.

With this build, you can pretty much spam this skill as much as you need. I even use it when enemies not around to keep up my Brute Force Breastplate passive bonus. With BFB, even Skill 1 can give you a speed bonus and help you escape.

PRO TIP — For max damage, use Skill 1 just before pouncing enemy with Skill 2. If you do it quickly enough, enemy will still be hit 2x by Iconic Edge, and then it will save about 1-2 second of cooldown time.


This is where a lot of Uranus's tanking and escapes come from. But because of the long cooldown, I generally save this skill and don't use it except for escapes. I only use it for attack if I've got adequate backup from allies, full HP, and I have another means of escape if needed (e.g. Skill 3 or Purify). You don't want to dive in unless you're positive you'll be able to escape and regen.

Of course it's also helpful chasing down enemy kills, and tower diving. If you've got full team support, etc., pop Ult and then dive (ult gives bonus to the shield IF you do it before hitting skill 2).

But again, I generally recommend saving Skill 2 for escapes.


I also generally save this for escapes. However, because the CD isn't that bad (especially with max cooldown), I also use it sometimes as mobility boost to switch between lanes and/or keep up my stacks of Radiance.


It's important to keep up your stacks of Radiance as this affects both your damage output AND your HP regen. Try to keep your stacks up in the following ways:

- Get ahead of your minion wave so enemy minions attack you first. This is the best way of building up your stacks without taking much damage.
- Keep stacks up while switching lanes by getting hit by jungle creatures OR using Skill 3.
- Can also keep stacks up by (carefully) poking enemy team. Best to do this only when you have all/most of your escapes available (Skill 2, Skill 3, Purify).


EMBLEM: Support
- Agility (+6% Movement Speed)
- Gift +1 pt (+3% Healing Effect) / Recovery +2pts (+10 Hybrid Regen)
- Avarice (+10 gold when damaging enemy hero)

I like using this emblem/configuration. The movement speed is extremely useful for escapes and roaming between lanes.

Having all 3 points in Recovery is a bit overkill with Talisman in the build. But I discovered that not having ANY points in Recovery makes mana really difficult in the first few minutes of the game. So I compromise with 1 point in Gift, 2 points in Recovery. I like Gift (+% Healing Effect) because it gives a nice boost to your Radiance healing. I actually assumed for a long time that Hybrid Regen would help boost the Radiance passive, but tested it out and nope.

Avarice works really well with this build because you want to engage enemy anyway to keep up your Radiance stacks. So getting +10 gold each time you do that too makes sense.

However, I'm not married to this emblem configuration. I've had about the same success with Mage emblem as well. But I don't like playing with Tank emblem. It's too slow for me.



I get a lot of people asking "Why Purify?" To me it's simple: Uranus is a "Poke/Regen" Tank. "Poke" means you engage, then retreat. If you can't retreat, then you're dead.

The #1 reason why I ever die with Uranus is because of stuns (especially Franco's and Kaja's Ults that you can't use Purify against). If Uranus gets stunned, he melts down fast. So you have to get away. Purify is better than Aegis or Healing Spell (for me) because all I really need to do is get away. I can cancel the stuns with Purify, and then pop my Ult and/or Skill 2 to completely escape — and this works *almost* EVERY time with no death (unless, again, Franco or Kaja ult, which you can't use Aegis either). Aegis/Healing Spell is like putting on a band-aid whereas Purify can help you completely escape, allow you to regen, and then re-engage. It just works.


Flameshot is a lot of fun, but I only use it on rare occasion when the enemy team has almost no stuns or slows to worry about. But in most cases, Purify is just the better way to go.



Uranus is a "Poke/Regen" Tank. "Poke" means you engage, then retreat. Uranus is NOT like other tanks (e.g. Khufra, Gatotkaca, Baxia) that can just stand there and take a lot of hits while the rest of your team melts the enemy down. Uranus is not made for that. He's made to engage, then retreat in order to regen, then re-engage.

I usually approach team fights this way:

1. Engage. Dive in with Skill 2 (if allies are supporting you) and then spam Skill 1.

2. Retreat when about 50% health. Use Skill 2/Skill 3/Purify to escape. I only use 1 of my escapes if possible.

3. Regen. Ult + Regen Spell. I typically save my Regen Spell to use when my Ult is ready because the healing bonus is crazy good. With Oracle + Ult, your Regen spell can almost heal you completely from even 10% HP. But if you're in a battle, you want to be careful not to use the Regen spell until you are far away from the fight so your spell doesn't get cancelled by taking damage.

4. Skill 2 — Dive in, and re-engage in battle. By this time, Skill 2 is probably available to use in combination with your Ult for extra shield.

If you only use one of your escapes at a time, you pretty much always have at least 1 escape available. I only use Purify in emergencies when I'm getting stunned and have multiple enemies on me.

When I have all my escapes available, there's almost no situation in which I can't escape and survive. Even 2 escapes is sufficient in most cases. The main thing to worry about is Franco's and Kaja's Ult (which you can't escape from using Purify).

Ideally, your allies should understand how Uranus works. But you'll sometimes get complaints from players who don't understand that Uranus can't just sit there and take tons of damage without retreating and regenerating. And if you're out of mana, you're nearly useless, so it's best to just recall in that case, or else go clear lanes and let Talisman refill your mana tank.

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This is a great guide thank you.It has inspired me to try to main Uranus.He's good fun and seems easy to play.
Post time 2020-3-5 06:19 PM | Show all posts
I never try Uranus with Enchanted Talisman, maybe i'll try later in Classic.
Post time 2020-3-4 07:38 PM | Show all posts
Not a uranus user but hope this help others..
Post time 2020-3-5 12:12 AM | Show all posts
Edited by ariefhzt at 2020-3-5 12:17 AM

For me his first core item must be Oracle.  And well talisman is nice for spamming skill without be worry for out of mana. But i think use demon shoes is better then focus build another tank item just like antique quirass
 Author| Post time 2020-3-6 02:58 AM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-7 03:24 PM
Eizy replied at 2020-3-5 06:19 PM
I never try Uranus with Enchanted Talisman, maybe i'll try later in Classic.


Papertiger1234 replied at 2020-3-6 06:08 AM
This is a great guide thank you.It has inspired me to try to main Uranus.He's good fun and seems ea ...

Great! I'm so glad you find it helpful! Yes, Uranus is a great hero to learn really well for ranking up because:
- he's a tank (most of the time people won't fight you over a tank position, especially since 2-tank team comp is super popular now)
- He can also be an effective offlaner (top) because of his wave clear and escaping ability
- He's virtually never banned or one of the 1st picks

This season, I think there have only been maybe 3 out of almost 200 ranked games I've played where I couldn't play Uranus.
Post time 2020-3-7 03:13 PM | Show all posts
i remember your talisman build. and i am happy to see that many players are using this build right now. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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