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[Shop] MLBB and Tanks: The story of Metamorphism

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Edited by ijen at 2020-2-28 06:06 PM

Remember those fictions where a brave man steps up to a dragon, holds up his large shield, stop the dragon's breath and covers for the simpson characters behind him to buy them some time. Yes! I'm talking about those meatshields, that bighearted role called tank and i'm obviously not talking about Panzer or grizly type tanks but fantasy rpg or moba role tanks.

What is a tank? Tanks are characters that should've low dmg but high defense and hp with crowd control effects. They initiates fights, set the stage for adcs and cover their paths when those simpsons retreat, just like the great dragon Zhang Fei did. But, if you are a tank in real life you will now ask the question, what i have become?!

I'm playing this for 3 years straight, watched people come and go, i was there, am here and will be there, probably! I got over 13k matches in my stat, reached highest tier in all modes, got called a noob by someone who played 132 matches only who's in master or elite rank probably, like i said i've seen them all. But, i ask myself why it has come to this?!

What triggered me was the legend skin vote which took place recently. Gusion won, congratulations to them. Aldous came in 2nd. But, remember Saber, Miya, Gord, Alucard then came.... Lesley! Lesley? Then Gusion! What? Even aldous. Between the former 4 and the latter 2 why do i see a huge gap! Can't put my word to it but is it 'heritage'? In these mlbb days, you either adapt or perish. Seen lot of quitters but that will happen cause it's called evolution. But, after alucard every single user, i'm damn sure thought at least once that the next legend will be a tank. Then came Lesley and after that was the infamous legend vote where none of the tanks even made it to top 4 let alone win. I asked why? Somebody said that gusion has many users. I laughed that's damn right, i mean users even spent over 20k dias to get K' where half of them don't even know who K' was. I've played Kof and can say K' wasn't even that popular or strong skill or gameplay wise, just the looks. I mean they didn't spend even so much for chou IOri and that was a real popular character. So, the answer is gusion. Well done, mlbb! Gusion is one of your best creations in terms of sale if not the best. Then again why? Gusion is popular! LOL, don't make laugh. Gusion is popular in terms of number but ever asked why? The answer is other heroes have lost their fanbase. Why? Cause old gamers quitted. Why? Cause their favorite heroes suck now. Why? WHY! WHY! WHY! Shut up, cause moonton said so. That's the truth. When was the last time gusion wasn't in the meta? From the start, still even now and the upcoming is assassin meta. So, old users+ ever growing new users. Gusion BOOM! But, why not other heroes! I have no idea. Heck! Gusion isn't even that easy to use, you need low ping and quick hands. So, skill difficulity isn't not the issue cause we all know fanny is the hardest and remember old kagura? That was the hardest mage ever. And thus moonton chose Gusion and no harm in that cause you bet on your favorite horse. And came the so called LOL legend vote. Just imagine the next legend vote if they decided it. Gusion again wins hands down. Even if they decided to scrap gusion aldous will win. Who is aldous? Not the best fighter, never was in meta, semi-meta at best. Aldous at least has loyal crazy users like fanny users where they don't need moonton. Sad reality. But, if that's the case why did you forget those brave heroes? Why moonton?

Here comes the reality! Assassins are strong so they nerfed them until breakdown except gusion, mages can hold their own in their territory, support and fighters are always in balanced state, well almost and our so called favorite role the simpsons aka mm who can't survive without moontons sympathy. HAHa! Remember, in the late last season they somewhat stopped picking mm at all. Sad creatures the simpsons. Heck granger and bruno was even stronger then at that time dmg wise but moonton had to save them with red buff. And we finally return to the topic, the tanks.

In my humble opinion, tanks are best role in a moba. A Good tank means easy win even if you have simpsons behind you cause even AI will do lots of dmg in late game. Before that, let me clearify, i'm not a tank user. I play all roles and my top 4 doesn't have tank in it. So, i'm not bragging and this is fact.  And the reality right now is, ranks upto epic don't want to play tank. They would rather play 5 mm. And that's why EPIC tier in mlbb is the barrier between a trash and a somewhat good player. When they go to legend tier, they start to realize the importance of tanks and mythic! Hehe! I dare you to play without tanks. and that's why tank users are the lowest. They really don't understand how fun is to play tank. And i can assure you mlbb is solely responsible for this.

I said this already, tank should be low dmg, high defense and hp with cc effects. But, noooo! Moonton had to ruin that thinking tanks should do damage. And that was the start of the history. The first strike was akai revamp. Anyone remembers the rolling akai? Yes, rolling not the spinning akai. Before that the game was balanced no broken heroes at current level. But, akai revamp started everything. Akai 2nd skill and basic atk could kill a adc in one chance. And that was the first instance, where a tank can ruin everything. Why did you think like that and after that the snowballing couldn't be stopped. Damage with tank should've been maintained with only cursed helmet and blade armor but they decided to bring in hylos and belerick damage dealer tanks along with revamps like super gatotkacha where he could do 1v5 and still win. Yes! i Remember that. Hey Moonton! Tanks shouldn't be able to do 1v5 and still win, at most they could do 1v5 and buy some some time like 5-10 sec then die. But, you went ahead and did that. In order to balance that, they didn't balance the hero properly but made others strong as a countermeasure and started the broken trend.

Back to present, khufra,hylos, grock etc. can kill adc in one shot, that should've been the role of assasins or mages. Simpsons aka mm can kill tanks without penetration items, dude tanks shouldn't be tofus. You got karrie, who plays with low gold items and not even all 5/6 dmg items and the sorry excuse for the cheat called true dmg where 1.7k gold raptor can do more dmg than 3k gold item BOD.  Do you know a smartass once told me raptor, which should be the weakest item, is better than BOD, which should be the deadiest item. Sad reality of moonton and rip tanks. You can kill tanks with just raptor and true dmg with so called red buff. Next meta is assassin meta and moonton reinforced the tank items somewhat. But, will that change the fundamental high dmg low defense tank problem? We just have to make them durable again. Do you know why tanks were nerfed again and again cause they were durable plus did dmg and that's a no go. Tanks shouldn't do extra dmg. And adc should not be able to kill tanks one on one without penetration items. MLBB is probably the only moba that devalues the tanks this much.

And this, is the end of the story of the brave heroes who once stood in front dragon as a protection as a guardian to, a fat slave.

PS: Moonton please have more successful horses and not just lesley and gusion. I applaud your business ability, you went from zero to heavyweight in moba. But, please learn to know when to stop. You can still sale 2-3 gusion lesley skins with current trend but can you sell 50 more skins of them? Everything comes to an end the then you will be forced to scrap these two heroes like you did to a lot.

Loyal Fan

38307151(2060), Mythic
Edit#1: Even when i was fighting for tanks, moonton nerfed the roam items and tanks will get less exp and gold. Thug life. GG
 Author| Post time 2020-3-5 12:59 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2020-3-5 12:26 AM
Try to avoid using rude words

Ok MR. Let me give you some of your style of lecture.
Do you how much time it takes to write something this big? 20-30+ mins. After all that effort and some person comes and the first thing he says is 'LOL'. So, you're telling me that you have to reply to a serious post with 'LOL'. Next, "One big thread just for a skin?" You do not have the ability to understand a text and misinterpret, then you start with 'LOL'. Maybe you don't know but lol is a internet slang not just laughing out loud it's a type of mocking. AND YOU CALL ME RUDE? Tell me, you write a post and i go give it a fart then lecture you that don't be toxic, how would you feel? Listen you may not understand the problem cause it's already polluted your blood. So, before lecturing someone you should analyze your own character first. I'll never say i'm toxicity free but i do my best not to show it and only reserve the usage for the real toxics.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-5 12:07 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2020-3-5 12:02 AM
See you are spreading toxic in forum too

Dude you have to be civil with civilized people and give grass to cows. So, what i'm doing is normal
 Author| Post time 2020-3-4 11:44 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-5 12:01 AM
n4n4 replied at 2020-2-29 12:46 AM
that's why i ask the question

"so does the tank was the main problem? or the player itself who a ...

Well, in 15 mlbb seasons i didn't get the opportunity to question that is mm/mage a joke to you? You know that is... umm. ... like WHOLE MLBB time period so i wonder when is your beautiful prophecy will come true. Skill level you ask? Tanks aren't that difficult to play comparing to some hard assassin mage or mm. People pick that hero with whom you can win easily. From your speech it means only pro tourney players play decide which is correct and other 10M players are garbage. So, if tourney players play tank well that means tanks are ok!? If you dress your girlfriend ugly then she will be called ugly and if you beautify her she will be called beautiful! You get this sentence? Moonton treats tank badly that's why they are not popular, unpopular hero means no skin sell, no skin sell means no profit, no profit means no business and no investment. Who is at fault in the first place?

HoaHoa replied at 2020-3-2 02:19 PM
Hi bro!!
Main tank here. 11 000 games, most games as tank, my favorites being jhonson, khufra, Uran ...

Thanks bro you're a loyal selfless guy, salute to your hard work

Anand replied at 2020-2-29 02:36 PM
You sound like a toxic player here

If your iq tells you that playing a game for 3 years, hating quitters, giving advice to moonton to cover their flaws, rebuking a retarded quitter who promotes another game in a certain game's forum makes him a toxic player then yes i'm a toxic in a retards mind. Congratz bro you have the same iq as my dumb dog

Anand replied at 2020-2-28 06:30 PM
LOL. It was just for fun. Why are you so angry? Take it easy.

Next meta is for tank. With new cha ...

Dude one of my point was tanks should not have high damage. That's is the flaw i'm talking about. Back to the first dragon story. If the tank stops the dragon and even kills the dragon by himself the what's point of having other roles? Mlbb started this diversity by MAKING HIGH DAMAGE TANKS. A gatokacha doing 1 vs 5 and killing 3 squishy heroes and escaping is what you called high damage? Listen dude tanks are low dmg, high defense, cc characters. And mlbb ruined this concept. Ever seen any moba where a tank can do 1v5? In mlbb, i saw that and also did that.
Post time 2020-3-5 03:54 AM | Show all posts
ijen replied at 2020-3-4 11:44 PM
Well, in 15 mlbb seasons i didn't get the opportunity to question that is mm/mage a joke to you? Yo ...

from you sentence " From your speech it means only pro tourney players play decide which is correct and other 10M players are garbage "

can't you see the logic? i'm telling that. tank is not a problem if players manage how to use their capability and full potential. maybe the 10m players that u are preferring didn't know the value of a team play or mismatch with the opponent vise versa. level of skill of a players has a many differences, i preferred the pro tournament because their skill level is not that far against with each of them, meaning it's a very near in terms of fair match.  and btw. for me, dress is not the fundamental of beauty that's why i didn't care on that sentences. yahahahah peace.
Post time 2020-2-26 06:58 PM | Show all posts
Totally agreee...they should release a legend skin for tank...its been very long time still no legend skin for any tnk..
Post time 2020-2-26 09:19 PM | Show all posts
Even after they announced Lesley legend skin....I'm super mad about it. Now with this new event where you gotta vote for whose getting a legend skin, I'm sure Moonton is a stupid ignorant company that doesn't care its loyal players.

Ask all the moderators in this forum, I was here bragging about Moonton stupid ass decision in releasing Lesley legend skin. Such a crap......if Moonton hate tanks users that much then don't create such role in the first place.

I had been requesting for a tank legend skin next, Moonton decide to release legend Lesley out of nowhere. I ask for more defence item for tanks, they're literally just make some adjustments in the shop. I ask for red buff nerf in the past, they nerfed roam item instead. Moonton shouldn't make a moba I think. They don't have any experience in handling a moba in my opinion.


They hate tnk more then boku no pico...  Post time 2020-2-26 10:19 PM
Post time 2020-2-27 02:25 AM | Show all posts

One big thread just for a skin?

In upcoming meta, tanks will be OP. Twilight armor + high damage = bad news for squishy mm and assassins. Players will move towards heroes with magic damage as crit chance will not be of much use. Tanky mages like Esmeralda, Silvanna might become OP too.

As a Johnson and Masha main, I am very curious for the upcoming meta, where tank will dominate everyone


I guess you take jokes seriously. LOL  Post time 2020-2-28 07:23 PM
I am good with all roles except assassin. Why don't you check my profile before judging me  Post time 2020-2-28 07:20 PM
You're a clown aren't you. Jhonson main? Already figured what type of player you are  Post time 2020-2-28 06:01 PM
Ok lets  Post time 2020-2-27 05:16 PM
Next season will be one  Post time 2020-2-27 04:50 AM
Indeed the thred is big..but he has some points lol  Post time 2020-2-27 03:49 AM
Playing from season 6... Never seen a season where tnk dominate lmao  Post time 2020-2-27 03:48 AM
Post time 2020-2-27 04:46 PM | Show all posts
I also thought after alucard tigreal will have legendary skin. But i was shocked when i saw Lesley. I agree with you tank needs Legendary skin. Specially old tank like tigreal. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Post time 2020-2-27 07:45 PM | Show all posts
Why not MLBB release multiple legendary skins? More skin means more money. right?


They will need ideas. If not then they have to steal. So, they first wait for ideas which takes time  Post time 2020-2-28 06:00 PM
Post time 2020-2-27 08:27 PM | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2020-2-27 08:28 PM

Shut up , competitor moba is very close to release, stop wasting ur precious time complaining this game , it will perish by itself when competitor fair moba released. I'm trying to save ur time , thanks me later .
Post time 2020-2-28 01:39 AM | Show all posts
does the tank in ML was totally has a downside?
but, why in the past few years. whenever i watch pro tournament.
i always see that they prio the tank and even get double it.
so does the tank was the main problem? or the player itself who are using and teaming up with tank?

and i agree for the skin, tanks deserve a legend skin.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-28 05:47 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-4 11:57 PM
Anand replied at 2020-2-27 02:25 AM

One big thread just for a skin?

This thread is about mlbb and tanks not skins. Skin is just one of the factors here. You're pretty weak in reading sector go learn more books and learn to understand the context. And when you don't understand something but still say the term "LOL" it makes me question your iq, pretty low it seems.

n4n4 replied at 2020-2-28 01:39 AM
does the tank in ML was totally has a downside?
but, why in the past few years. whenever i watch pr ...

Brother, in tournaments you see the best of the best, not the normal situation. I said in my thread that you learn to understand the role of tanks in legend and can't imagine a game without tanks in mythic. Pro players are all from mythic and mythical glory.
Answer to your question is like this, imagine you're a tank and have the best defense build yet an adc character kills you like he would kill any other squishy adc then wouldn't you question that is tank this much joke to you!? Current situtaion is just like this items true damage are all against tanks.

diwang replied at 2020-2-27 08:27 PM
Shut up , competitor moba is very close to release, stop wasting ur precious time complaining this g ...

No one cares about LOL. You think lol will dominate? They will face the same problem as all those loser toxic players that made mlbb toxic will all go to lol and make it the same. Good luck to you and don't care about you piece of shit. Losers like you who can't cope will forever be a loser whether in it's mlbb or lol or real life.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
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