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[Share] What mods and devs need to understand

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Edited by AZNUR at 2020-2-14 02:53 AM

So,I might be known well here in this forum for my troublemaking schemes. Yeah...I gotta admit I rant a lot here, pointing out all Moonton's fault and always provoking mods. But, just to make it clear...I'm here telling the truth. Every single thread by me is never for my own benefit, but for ours...including Moonton itself. I'm sad when mods defending the developers even thought what I'm saying is right or what Moonton is doing is an obvious wrong. It just felt much were mods bribed? I also wonder, will I eventually be like other mods if I be a moderator?

I love this game, from the very beginning till now but if I could show you a graph of my interest toward this game, I could say the graph reading is decreasing over time. Why? It's because of Moonton ignorance.

For example, there's a ton of players request, suggestions and feedbacks. It's okay if Moonton can't grant them all but what hurt my mind a lot is they also ignore majority requests. Let's take the lucky shop as an example, it's been more than a years we're given the same skin and heroes again and again. Dozens of players already request for an update there but nope. Moonton keep pretending like that place never exist.

Same goes with reworking old epic and legend skins. Requested many times by a lot of players, but nope....they keep releasing new skins instead.

Lastly, on how to regain players trust. Most of you might not notice about it but when you scroll down into YouTube comments, ML official subreddit and even in this forum, you will see how players are starting to lose trust to this game and eventually hate and leave the game. Just like one of our pal here with his thread "Taking a break". There he already explained about his reason for leaving. Days gone and I can feel that leaving players are getting more than new players. If this keep on continuing, this game might not end well.

In conclusion, please Moonton....NO ONE EVER ASK FOR YOUR FRICKIN FREE SKINS. Let me say it again, NO ONE EVER ASK FOR YOUR FRICKIN FREE SKINS. There are many more important things that can be done to make players happy like implement harsher punishments, fix ping spike issues, update the lucky shop, stop releasing OP heroes and many more. And about the "chance" event, to make it fair....the chance is real right? Then please share the list of all winning players, or one gonna believe it. If there is no winning list, we're gonna assume, it's a fake chance. I believe all players gonna believe Moonton's "chance" if they did this.

It would be great if mods can just redirect this thread directly to the game developers. Letting them reading this would be more meaningful and could someway change their mind.

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Edited by shinee. at 2020-2-18 01:03 AM

Just to be clear on something. Although you say you left the team, truth is you were removed from the training phase because you were inactive and didn't participate with nothing. If you stayed, you would have seen the tons of work that is done behind the scenes. How every suggestion and report is collected from forum/discord/reddit - hundreds every week. These reports need to be translated to chinese language after that. Devs need to consider every single one of them and how it will affect the game on long term and along with other changes that are already on schedule. These replies are then translated again from chinese to english..and then posted. You will see them on discord- dev to player channel or on our forum Replies from devs. Not to mention constant surveys that tons of people complete.
I'm not saying that you're crazy when you talk about some issues because yes, some are real issues.Don't get me the wrong way.. The replies from devs considering matchmaking were that it will be fix gradually, step by step. Heroes get changes every week with every patch. As for the 2 skins Sun and Odette constantly rotating yes you are right about them. But changes will come to that as well.
Our problem is your attitude. Constantly harassing us. How did you get to this conclusion that it feels like we get bribe? I honestly laughed of that. All our hard work is voluntary, no one is forcing us to work this much for the better improvement of the game.i had the chance to meet some of these devs that you constantly harassing and trust me, they are such nice people.
It's so easy to sit behind and judge. But you need to see the bigger picture here, just like Summers said before me.
We can all leave the salty attitude behind and work together for this game that we all play and enjoy. This is my last novel.. I hope xd
Post time 2020-2-15 02:01 AM | Show all posts
Edited by AlyAoi at 2020-2-15 11:05 AM

I sincerely disagree. by saying you speak for the entire community is a false claim. by saying you're doing something for the better of all of us and that you're right. well that sounds like every single narcissistic supervillain in every single plot line ever. You've accused mods of being bribed without any evidence at all, and you've continuously harassed the developers and moderators for months without end. even when they and other forum members have acknowledged the things you have said. theres a fine line between constructive criticism and bullying. i suggest you move any further complaints to the complaint section of the forum instead of aggressively posting on the general forum chat section. the moderators and developers are people too, the world is not just black and white, you need to be able to see all the shades of gray in between. moonton does not ignore majority of requests and suggestions. they carefully inspect the information given from players and compare that with the numbers and gameplay of others. especially the ones in higher ranks who understand all the fundamentals of the game and the mechanics of every hero, skill, combo, item, etc. you say that many players say they lose trust in the game in the comment section, you say you see complainers. yet you also ignore the comments that protest against those who disagree with the complaints. not to mention statistically it's known that most commenters are people who have something to say, and those who are satisfied tend to not need to comment. because they are, once again. satisfied. we did not ask you to speak for all of us, please rephrase the wording in your post. And if you follow updates to the advance server, you can see that changes are made every single week. and major changes are shown every beginning of a new season. I am not here to have a shouting match with you, i am here to show support that there are players who are satisfied or are willing to adapt to the current state of the game, who can see the silver lining of every situation. who can take a step back and see the big picture, rather than what is directly in front of them. because we do in fact, exist.


yeah, count me in. are you in mythic tier? because base on my theory, the majority of ranting players are below mythic, oops. i'm not saying that this is a fact, this is only what i notice.  Post time 2020-2-15 03:45 AM
Post time 2020-2-14 12:09 PM | Show all posts
i don't really mind the free skin too much but at least update lucky shop well, the lucky shop like never refresh..always repeating the same.

the stupid red buff blue buff and the op heroes release recently keep ruin the game play..
offlaner not that easy to survive anymore while 1v2 with 1 red buff mm and 1 tank in enemy side.
Post time 2020-2-14 04:05 AM | Show all posts
I like free skins. But not in expense of having an unbalanced game full of cancer OP heroes and other ones who are in a crappy state.
Post time 2020-2-14 09:20 AM | Show all posts
Can't agree more.
Post time 2020-2-14 05:26 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-15 04:27 PM | Show all posts
ChrisSummers replied at 2020-2-15 01:43 AM
I sincerely disagree. by saying you speak for the entire community is a false claim. by saying you'r ...

First of of I'm not saying mods were bribed. I said earlier "I just felt like".

Second thing is, yeah....I'm a supervillain, but do you know how someone become a villain in most of a story? Let's take "Joker" movie as example, is he a villain since the beginning? Nope, he turned bad after he was treated badly. Same goes to me.

Lastly, what in my paragraph you're so dissatisfied?
Harsher punishments?
Stop releasing OP heroes?
Update lucky shop?
Improve game connection?

I just said that they need to learn how to prioritize things.
I can't understand when they have so much time to make a new gacha sub game but can't even update that poor looking lucky shop for years.
Post time 2020-2-17 12:35 PM | Show all posts
Not a single game out there is perfect. And that goes for mlbb too.
But that doesn't mean officials are ignorant as you claimed.
Mlbb officials are constantly working on many issues at once. We cant cant share internal information but why do you think mlbb is not working on reworking old time limited and old legend skins? There are many posts in forum that said thanks because mlbb officials acknowledged their suggestions.
There will be always two side of a coin, you know that.
I said already mlbb js not perfect, but i can assure you that officials are working very hard to make it better and better.
Also please wait for announcement about lucky box skin.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-18 01:27 AM | Show all posts
Edited by AZNUR at 2020-2-18 01:29 AM
shinee. replied at 2020-2-18 01:02 AM
Just to be clear on something. Although you say you left the team, truth is you were removed from th ...

It's a pity on mods if they think they're been harassed by some random people on the internet. And one more thing is I had been here since a long long time ago....ever since before I know you here...back during the day when Troy and Starboi still active daily and flourish this forum with joy and jokes. I can assure you that during that time, mods were more friendly and act like real human, devs really respond to players, suggestions and positive feedback flooded here giving support to the game. That is the only golden era of this forum I's all before the introduction of OP hero Lancelot during that time. Believe me, if this game really serve it's players well....I don't rant like this and I will continue being friendly like I used to be....providing heroes suggestions, encouraging more creativity in creative section and much more.
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