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[Team Tactics] Yi Sun Shin Support/Carry Hybrid

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Disclaimer: This will only cover the current version of Yi Sun Shin, and may or may not apply into the current version of the hero once he is updated. However, it will still be a relevant playstyle. This is not a full hero guide, but an introduction of a new playstyle.
So let's talk about Yi Sun Shin.
I've been playing for quite a while, experimenting new builds on every single matches. And finally found out a new playstyle that fits me well.

Let's talk about the Carry/Support Hybrid for YSS.

YSS functions as a hero that stacks up assists in order to be a stronger, the focus is to gain as much assist golds and stack up damage as the game progresses. With the combination of farming in particular places such as jungles and lanes, he's able to gain more resources while out of team fights. He'll start making progress into kills once his core items are stacked up thanks to assists.

How does it work?
As we all know, YSS is a marksman and obviously can be a priority when it comes to taking the bottom jungle and red buffs. However, because of this he's only able to use the red buff as a farming mechanism rather than into team fights (Exception to Ult) during the early stages of the game. But that's where his efficiency in farming grows exponentially.

Supportive (Team Fights)
While YSS' Ult has low damage and provides vision of the enemies all over the map. It's a good firestarter for those who initiated the team fight. Dealing damage to enemies and if killed, stacked up assists regardless of distance.
Carry (Mid/Late-Game)
The role for YSS changes once he gets his core damage items. He's able to stand equally amongst the assassins and other damage dealers in his team. However, will still be lacking in kills due to the rest of the team dealing more damage in comparison. But the best part is that he's able to deal more damage for the rest to take the kill and contribute in damaging turrets using Melee.

Role Requirement
It's pretty simple, there are only a few factors for YSS to be able to play efficiently.
1. Another ADC (Assassin recommended)
They're able to deal quite amount of damage, and perhaps take kills in a few team fights. If he/she decides to end an enemies' life, YSS can use Ult to cover up assist gold for better expenses.

2. Space
As long as the enemies aren't ganking YSS for a long amount of time, YSS will have enough space to be able to use ult for assists and gets a chance to stack up assists during team fights (If he doesn't die)

3. Good CC
Any CC works in team fights, just give YSS hits the enemies with his Ult once, the money is already his once they're killed. Another good way is for him to gain enough time to hit the enemies in a group with CC. Which stacks up the lethality of his Ult that benefits the whole team.

Emblem Builds
Right now, I'm currently using Support Emblem, full movement speed and hybrid regen. Using Pull Yourself Together as my main talent.

What YSS truly needs is huge space to be able to farm, and by space I mean he's able to rotate from one place to another within a short amount of time. Support emblem's movement speed bonus provides him the right amount of movement that he needs, certainly the dash isn't enough as it needs to hit targets "On melee" to be able to reset the cooldown.

Hybrid regen give him a consistent presence in the battlefield, mainly his mana consumption whenever he started dashing and going melee. Not to mention if his allies are fighting in the battlefield he's able to take the time to tank the jungle creeps alone. And provide support to the enemies.

Pull Yourself Together has an interesting kit in my point of view, it gives YSS a reduced revive time and spells. And since he's able to provide support in the early stages of the game. Any spells that gives benefits to his allies would suffice greatly. Not to mention if he were to die, he's able to have the boat instantly ready once he's revived. A very good talent fit for such a Marksman.

Take note though, he's playing the supportive role in the early stages of the game. But he shouldn't purchase a roaming mask.
As his role stated, YSS is still a Marksman. Therefore he needs to deal damage while staying in the backline, or in this case, very far from the backline.
Roaming mask does provide bonus EXP and gold on assists. However, that will waste his potential to be able to farm jungles and minions, making his farm equally as low as the tanks. (Risky)

Support/Carry Hybrid YSS has a the ability to stack up assisted gold with his Ult regardless of range. So he doesn't need to be in the battlefield all the time and has space to farm efficiently.

Feel free to ask any question regarding this playstyle. I'm still experimenting YSS' playstyles and builds and will be using him in my college tournaments, so feel free to suggest any additional info that benefits.
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thanks a lot for sharing this. i played like 400 matches with yss before the nerf. And i really do like him a lot. This guide can help me to play yss with latest effective style. Cheers.
Post time 2020-2-17 02:54 PM | Show all posts
I think its be goodwork when yss in one team with johnson, Pharsa, Selena, aldous, franco, gatot kaca, and else heroes who need vision for their signature skill


I've discovered this when Gusion was carrying the game, actually haven't thought about the other heroes. Damn Johnson would be such a good kill secure  Post time 2020-2-17 05:09 PM
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