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[Mood] Taking a Break

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Well it's been fun. I've decided to take an extended break from ML. I've been an avid player since it's release here in 2016. I've seen the game and the community grow so much since it's humble beginning. I've also been a huge advocate for this game because I loved it, it's fun, fast paced and exciting.

The sate of the game today has been very frustrating. I remember when you actually had to have teamwork, stragety, and skill to win. Now it seems that's no longer required and all the time and energy you've put into becoming a better player and studying the game is useless. Regardless of skill just pick one of the OP heros if you want to win.

I can only speak for myself and my experience may not be same for the vast majority, however the comments on the forum, discord, and YouTube highlight the glaring issues ML now has with balance. I understand there will always be disparity and the game will not be perfect but a "fair" game is certainly achievable. Ultimately it's a business and Moonton has to make money, but you can't alienate your true and loyal customers for a quick buck.

I wish everyone here in the Land of Dawn the best. All the mods, thanks so much for your hard work and dedication. And a special shoutout to BD007, thanks for everything. You're beyond awesome!!

TLDR... See ya!

Post time 2020-2-13 05:00 PM | Show all posts
Another day another lost
Sad seeing players left this game especially those who stick with this game since the beginning.
Me too...not sure how long can I hold to this game.
If not of my stupid self in the past spending real money in this game, I think I might left this game long ago.
But things happen for a reason.
I believe the only reason left for my existence in the game and in this forum is stand alongside other players rights and support whatever I can to make this game alive at least until I felt like all my spends paid off.
But one thing I'm still disappointed here is when mods siding with Moonton instead of majority players even though players are the resource of this game. No players, no game.
Post time 2020-2-13 07:26 PM | Show all posts
Why is this forum becoming less active (I'm referring only on players) if Moonton is making more money?
Post time 2020-2-13 08:29 PM | Show all posts
extremely sorry to hear that bro. Is there any chance you may come back later?
Right now the game is more towards to balance side in my opinion.
Specially all the meta heroes are nerfed, yesterday i played harith and i could not dash constantly when using ultimate because of 0.3 seconds delay. I hope you will give one more chance to see the game in future. take care.
Post time 2020-2-13 09:42 PM | Show all posts
Vincenza@849 replied at 2020-2-13 07:26 PM
Why is this forum becoming less active (I'm referring only on players) if Moonton is making more mon ...

i stopped coming because it wasn't interesting. just endless complaining and negativity
Post time 2020-2-14 01:08 AM | Show all posts
ChrisSummers replied at 2020-2-13 09:42 PM
i stopped coming because it wasn't interesting. just endless complaining and negativity

I'm really sad to see this I myself said this a few times that there's too much negativity and we should all be more fun..Us, the Forum team, we're actually doing our best to improve the forum.
So sorry you'll leave us, I hope it will be a short break.
As far as I can see, from all the patches and changes lately, things are beginning to get more balanced. Even Granger gets another nerf..New heroes are kinda OP, indeed but in my opinion, that's more just as a first impression, they all get nerfed soon after anyway..
If you guys do come back, leave aside the negativity and you'll find here more than just some mods, you'll find friends
Post time 2020-2-14 11:29 AM | Show all posts
its either you can't catch-up with the current trend FAST-meta.

OP hero with no skill/IQ/EQ apply, i don't see this player has the LUCK to win. in other words, is ML jus need pure luck to win with no skill apply. i don't think so..

or maybe, you been matchmaking with the idiot people with 0 fundamental of this game, making you press TILT button.

all we been requesting Mooneyton BE REALLY DAMN SERIOUS to Strict rules for AFK-TROLLER-NO BRAINER.

The more strict rules ML has - the more discipline ML player will be.

#execute Order 66

Post time 2020-2-14 12:13 PM | Show all posts
i just take a look as well, after the red buff blue buff release in the recent update, i decided to reduce the playing time as well since this is not fair at all especially everyone targeting the op heroes only.
i been playing this game since season 3 and feel so disappointed for this meta.
i do hope that the buff back to the original and mm won't be so ruin the whole game play.
Post time 2020-2-14 12:46 PM | Show all posts
@BD007 @shinee.

I think when you guys refer "nerfed", can you add the URL for patch notification. even in advanced server. i found some changes in advanced server. that does nerfed some meta heroes. it may not nerf that much, but does give people some hope. ... &extra=page%3D1
Post time 2020-2-14 07:39 PM | Show all posts
Well actually every slight nerf is or can be important. It may not seem like much but you can feel it when playing. Just like Harith's can't dash like crazy now after ultimate with your 2nd skill because of that little delay.. In the link you sent me we have :
Crossbow of Tang: Attack Speed Boost when slaying an enemy decreased from 40% to 30%.

May not seem much but we'll see how this little nerf will work on Wanwan..
Cloud Walker: Crit Chance decreased from 40% to 30%.
Finch Poise: CD adjusted from 11-9s to 10s at all levels.
Defiant Sword: Basic Damage increased by 25 at all levels. Physical Bonus decreased from 60% to 50%.

How many times has Ling been nerfed? Plus he can be hit now while being inside the walls which is a huge deal..
Mecha Legs: Crit Chance Increase decreased from 4% to 2%. Max Stacks increased from 5 to 10.
Volley Shot: Slow decreased from 40% to 30%.

Bruno is most of the times a ban hero...And we all know how op he is. After all the complaints, here it is, a nerf for him.
Chrono Dash: CD increased from 9s to 9.3s.

I think this is like the 3578353 nerf on Harith :)))) It may not seem much, from 9 to 9.3 but trust me, it matters...
So basically every decrease of attributes of some heroes/items is called a nerf...may be a small one or a big one, but still a nerf...
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