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[Hero Concept] Caiden - Weapon Shifter [#85] | MY MOST COMPLEX HERO YET

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Edited by Halbikx at 2020-2-12 10:45 PM

You might have noticed this hero concept is extremely long. That's because I was challenging myself to make the most complex hero I could think of. This hero might possibly be harder than Fanny. I hope you can read through it all.


The Weapon Shifter

Role: Assassin / Marksman
Specialty: Burst / Finisher
Difficulty: 9.9/10

Hero Description

Caiden uses a special weapon engineered by the pioneers of Laboratory 1718. As she contains immense energy potential in her body, the founders of the lab have been so inspired that they created a specially crafted weapon just suited for her. On the surface, it looks like any other energy blade; however, what's hidden inside is another story. As her epithet implies, Caiden can shapeshift her weapon into a plasma gun that can shoot down her enemies at a range, all the while combining her fast legwork and skillful swordfighting to finish of any enemy foolish enough to face her.
When her enemies see even a glimpse of her crimson hair, they'll be bound to burn from the high energy plasma quickly followed up by her red slice paths. Within one swift move, they'll never see the light of day ever again.

Skills & Abilities

Passive: Showcase of Skill
Caiden can freely switch between her normal energy blade and her plasma gun. Every time she shapeshifts her weapon, she will gain a shield that can absorb 200 ~ 1200 (+80 * Hero Level) points of damage, lasting 3.5s. As long as the shield is active, Caiden will gain 30 ~ 80 extra physical damage (scales with level) and 15% extra movement speed.
Additionally, each weapon has its own passive.

Passive: High-Frequency Melting
All of Caiden's skills and basic attacks in her energy blade state deals 5% more damage for every 20 points of physical resistance her target has, capping at 60% (240 P.Resistance). If the same target has been attacked for up to 5 times using her energy blade, they will receive a Metldown mark, where they will lose 30% of their physical resistance, lasting for 3s. Caiden can increase the duration of this effect by continuously attacking the target using her energy blade.

Skill 1: Phase Slash (5.5s cd, 30 mc)
Caiden quickly slashes her energy blade at the target direction, dealing 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+60% total P.D) physical damage, slightly dashing forwards. If her target has the Meltdown mark, they will receive the damage twice, but the second attack will only deal 60% of the original damage.

Hitting the same target more than two times using this skill in a short duration will cause Caiden to become familiar with her enemy, causing the damage of this skill to become true damage instead.

When enhanced using Plasma Pulse, it will increase in size and slightly knockback her targets. If they have the Meltdown mark, then they will be knocked back twice. Using the enhanced version will not consume mana.

Skill 2: Quasi-Manoeuvreing (14.2s cd, 55 mc)
Using the energy stored up in her energy blade, Caiden will shoot towards the targeted direction. If she collides with an enemy, they will receive 140/160/180/200/220/240 (+25% total P.D) physical damage, and Caiden herself will become completely invisible for 0.5s. During which, she gains a movement speed boost of 40% which lasts the same length. This skill can be reactivated two more times before going on cooldown. Each time she hits the same enemy again using this skill, the damage will be increased by 100%, up to an additional 200%.

When enhanced using Plasma Pulse, the invisibility duration of all dashes will increase to 1s. This does not apply to the movement speed boost.

Ultimate: Phonetic Enhancement (35.6s cd, 90 mc)
Caiden enhances her body with excess energy for 6s, giving herself extra 50/60/70/80/90/100 points of physical and magical resistance. Her movement speed will increase by 15% when moving towards enemies. Any targets with Metldown Marks will also receive an aditional 5% of their lost HP as true damage while Caiden is enhanced.

If Caiden falls below 20% HP when enhanced, she will receive 80% damage reduction for 3s, and immediately purify herself of any CC (except for suppression). However, when this effect is activated, her enhancement will disappear, and the cooldown of this skill will increase by 35%. Caiden will now receive a 15% movement speed boost when running away from enemies.

When enhanced by Plasma Pulse, the duration is increased to 12s, and her extra movement speed gained when moving towards enemies will be increased to 25% instead.

Extra Skill: Weapon Shapeshifting - Plasma Cannon (3s cd, 0 mc)
(Unupgradable 4th skill)
Caiden switches to her Plasma Gun in a swift motion (can move while doing so), jumping up as she does and she will shoot down a barrage of plasma balls to her surrounding area. Anyone caught within it will randomly be hit by at least 1 to 3 plasma balls, each dealing 240 (+50% total P.D) physical damage. The damage will decay when hitting the same target more than once.

For the next 2.5s, the area around her will receive immense plasma radiation, which continuously deals 75 (+10% total P.D) physical damage every 0.3s, and will slow enemies caught in the area by 40%, lasting for as long as they are in the area. This skill cannot be enhanced by Plasma Pulse.

Passive: Flourescent Lightwaves
After every 5th basic attack Caiden performs with her plasma gun, all her skills (including her Energy Blade form skills) will be immediately reset (does not reset extra 4th skill), and the next cast will be enhanced with Plasma Pulse, lasting 5s. Additionally, every basic attack or skill cast on a new target will deal true damage instead of physical damage. This can only apply to any single target every 3s.

Skill 1: Phase Wave (7.9s cd, 60 mc)
Caiden launches a phase wave using her plasma cannon in a semi-circle in front of her, dealing 300/340/380/420/460/500 (+110% total P.D) physical damage to all enemies in the area. Enemies hit in the outer region will receive 30% more damage.

For each enemy hit, this skill's cooldown will decrease by 0.5s. Along with that, her second skill's damage (only in plasma gun mode) in the next cast will increase by 10 points for every enemy hero hit, 5 points for every jungle monster hit, and 1 point for every minion hit, capping at an additional 75 extra points of physical damage.

When enhanced by Plasma Pulse, the shape of this skill (semi-circle) will turn into a full circle. Enemies hit within the outer region will now receive 50% increased damage instead. She will also push away any enemy inside the inner region of this skill.

Skill 2: Plasma Rain (15.2s cd, 80 mc)
Caiden increases her attack speed by 30% for 3s, at the same time releasing 5 plasma bullets to nearby enemy heroes, jungle monsters and minions. They will split evenly among each unit, with prioritization for heroes. Each plasma bullet deals 125/150/175/200/225/250 (+30% total P.D) (+Extra physical damage from S1) physical damage, and the damage will decay up to 70% when hitting the same enemy in succession.

When enhanced by Plasma Pulse, Caiden will receive a movement speed bost of 30% upon activation, lasting 3s. She will increase the amount of plasma bullets to 7, and each bullet deals 10% more damage.

Ultimate: Ionic Shuffle (20.7s cd, 100 mc)
Caiden will charge up her blade for up to 2s, and after fully charging or releasing this skill early, she will launch an plasma wave in a straight line at the specified direction, dealing 345/545/745 to 690/960/1210 (+95% total P.D) physical damage (increases with charge length). The longer she charges, the bigger the area of impact will be, and the damage will increase as well. During the charge, Caiden is invincible to any CC (except for knockup, displacement, freeze and suppression), and she'll receive 30% damage reduction as well.

Enemies hit will immediately receive the Meltdown mark (only usable in Energy Blade mode). If the enemies hit are at 10% HP or lower, they will immediately die upon contact with the wave.

When enhanced with Plasma Pulse, the charge length is reduced to 1s, and the damage reduction will increase to 80%. The damage dealt will also be increased by 15%.

Extra Skill: Weapon Shapeshifting - Phase Blade (3s cd, 0 mc)
(Unupgradable 4th skill)
Caiden jumps up into the air, becoming invincible for 0.75s, then smashing down with her energy blade in hand, dealing 280 (+45% total P.D) physical damage to enemies hit in a circular area around the impact zone, slightly knocking them up for 0.3s. Following that, the impact area will be energized for 2.5s, which will decrease the enemy's attack speed, physical damage and magic damage by 20% as long as they are in the area. in contrast, as long as Caiden stays in the impact zone, she will receive extra 20% physical penetration and 20% extra attack speed. This skill is not affected by Plasma Pulse.

Extra Information

I'll clear up any misunderstandings here. I won't be giving example combos since just listing one would take forever.

First up, the 'Extra skill' that Caiden has is like Masha's 4th skill, it can't be upgraded but it still works like a normal one. Think of Caiden as Selena but with an extra skill.

Secondly, you might have thought that Caiden's base mechanics are much easier than Fanny. While that it true, in order to actually master and fully utilize each aspect of her skills along with the many combos she might have is another thing. See, Fanny's difficulty comes from muscle memory: it requires constant practice. Without it, you'll just be a flying punching bag. Caiden, on the other hand, needs pure analysation and memory. To know which combo to use in each situation is key to bringing out Caiden's full potential.

Lastly, I'll apologize for making such a cancerous hero. I just couldn't help it. I wanted to make her as insanely complicated as possible, with each skill affecting the other. If you could read through all of that, then I'll have to give you a round of applause.

*Disclaimer: I didn't color code the skill dmg, attributes and other important things like my other concepts since this thing is waaay to long to do so.

Reference Images

Caiden is basically a mature lady with perfect curves. She has short scarlet hair, her outfit is primarily hot pink and white, while her weapon is primarily crimson and hot pink for her energy blade and plasma gun respectively. She is very confident about her skills and often shows a slight cockiness towards other people. The picture below is just a visual representation of her hair (mainly). For more reference, she looks similar to the next hero in King of Glory called 'Jing'. Looks that up if you're interested.

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after a long long time seeing your concept hero thread.
i really like this dual weapon hero called weapon shifter.
And yes it is hard to play her as i can see.
her plasma stats can reset the skill of energy blade which is really cool. Changing from one to another is hard specially in the battlefield.
i like both states. But my favorite is energy blade state since i like fighter most. also has higher damage output compare to plasma ball state. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-14 12:54 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-2-13 10:36 PM
after a long long time seeing your concept hero thread.
i really like this dual weapon hero called  ...

Thanks for the feedback. I've been really busy ever since the start of this year and couldn't make as much hero concepts as before. Idk if this is truly my hardest hero, since there are some that are almost as complex as this one. Either way, I'm making hard heroes starting from my 80th concept. I'll be doing something special for my 91st to 95th hero concepts, so please wait for me until then :)
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