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Author: Blueazkaban
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[Share] Don't blame the game blame the Players

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Edited by n4n4 at 2020-2-13 03:30 AM

hahahah blamers gonna blame blame blame  that's lame - *singing*

those player who wants a severe punishment is a perfect XD as if they didn't experience getting bronze medal from all of their matches. okay if i rant then gave a suggestion. i hope moonton make a severe punishment for bronze medalist that been reported for poor performances. as long as he get 5 votes or higher, his/her account will be automatically permanent ban. no excuses whether you got an emergency situation or any etc reason. DEAL? prepare many account because i'm sure you will need it XD
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Rank Score : how much worth value am I to you ?
 Author| Post time 2020-2-13 01:41 PM | Show all posts
Edited by StreetGamer at 2020-2-14 09:14 PM
AZNUR replied at 2020-2-12 07:46 PM
What you're saying doesn't make any sense.
Of course players is the one whose making all the proble ...

Well, how can MLBB handle problems if the players themselves does not change? I think that when players change from their attitude it would be easier for MLBB to help the game to rise again.

Kathey replied at 2020-2-12 08:32 PM
Let’s get this straight. You can not blame Moonton for AFK players, unless you want the game to ban ...

In terms of ping, that's why we have classic mode right where we test ping before going to a ranked game and many people don't do that and they are saying its the MLBB server thats laggy if you use data it could cause traffic in the internet than using WIFI so for me just use WIFI if you want a good internet connection.

BD007 replied at 2020-2-12 03:07 PM
Who goes afk? Players, but we blame mlbb.
Who is toxic? Players, but we blame mlbb.
After observing ...

Yeah, we should not blame MLBB. This mostly happen in Solo Que which I do, before I fought against the Top 1 Japan Estes he was indeed solo que then but now less people choose to play solo they choose to trio or full squad because of the toxicity.

CloudDevelic replied at 2020-2-12 04:01 PM

Wow. Word. And yes matchmaking has improved drastically. Last season was especially hell, an ...

I get the point that sometimes people tend to trust the higher win rate and yes I do to but it really depends on the experience of the player like for me I was solo que I ruined my win rate for fanny but now I play really nice  I am just 500 mmr to Supreme Fanny num 10. What I am saying is that maybe we should not just judge them by their winrate just see them play. I had a Layla teamate and I said go use it I played Estes and we ended up winning and the High winrate Kimmy who was tt was bronze like it does not matter on what hero u you it depends on the user.

lishi500 replied at 2020-2-12 01:46 PM
Does this game have OP heroes?
   If yes:
           Why cannot people talk about it.

Do you know that most of the people ban heroes because they see it on pro players and not depending on themselves. Like for me I don't ban Ling (Before the 2 nerfs) because I know how to counter such wall climing swordsman, as always it depends on the user.
Post time 2020-2-13 01:56 PM | Show all posts
Well if devs want to work on it, they can fix it. Other moba that i played 3 years back had half player base than mobile legends at that time and that game used karma system.

When you go afk, then your karma drop and low karma player only match with other low karma.

So moonton can use credit score, lower than 100 credit score should match with low credit score as a punishment until they get to 105 or higher.

I have seen afk players who matched with me, their credit score was as low as 70-80 range. It just show that they play with bad network and tend to go offline again and again, but still they get into matchmaking with 110 credit score players.

There are lots of players who are : Kids, Play with bad connection, Force quit game when can not kill.

It is developers responsibility to do something about AFK players.
Post time 2020-2-13 01:58 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Blueazkaban replied at 2020-2-13 01:41 PM
Well, how can MLBB handle problems if the players themselves does not change? I think that when pl ...

Now tell me how to change more than 1 million ML players?
Can you?
Can all the moderators in the forum do it? Nope...still not enough.
The only thing that can do it is the game master itself, which mean the game devs. Only they have the rights to ban, punish and warn players. Only they also have the right to put and reinforce a stricter punishment.
Post time 2020-2-13 07:19 PM | Show all posts
n4n4 replied at 2020-2-13 02:04 AM
hahahah blamers gonna blame blame blame  that's lame - *singing*

those player who wants a severe pu ...

Noooo, lets just all of us do whatever we want on rank.

I don't like this lineup, I will troll and go afk.

My connection is awful, I don't care, I will play and if the connection is broken, I will just go AFK, who cares about those 4 losers playing with me.

"Hey daaaaad, loooook, MLBB released a new hero, please daddy, give me you credit card to buy, it's not so expensive. Woooow a new hero, he is so awsome! I will try it straight on rank!

(Don't know how to use skills, died 3 times in 1 on 1 situation) "My team is shit, all noobs here, I am AFK. Who cares for those noobs playing with me, I have 105 credit score"

5 minutes later

(played couple of Classics, after that destroyed 12 more players on rank)
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i agree the community is super toxic, not the usual kind of toxic either. the most toxic part of the community are the normal every day players. also known as the complainers. what makes you special compared to the dozens of millions who play this game? you want people to be punished? I'm sorry, let me just stick my hand through the screen and pull you to me through your device and scold you for going afk or performing poorly. I feel terrible for the moderators and developers, the mods have to deal with the dozens of complaints everyday on a forum. I have literally never seen so much complaining, oh wait, yes i have. yall sound like a bunch of overprivlidged kids. Little kids behave better than yall, sure we have trashtalkers and toxics. but guess what, we dont all live in the same area. we were'nt all raised the same way, we're not all the same person. maybe you can learn to respect that some players aren't as good as others. ML has come so far in the few short years I've been playing, yet people praise it for like 2 seconds before complaining about new problems. you might as well be telling a little kid or the government to be perfect and do everything your way. OMGGG I SENT ALL THESE HERO SUGGESTIONS. great thanks, you're probably one out of hundreds of thousands of different ideas. we're so sorry we didn't choose yours to make you feel all special and bubbly. give them a little more credit, they do plenty of balance changes and nerfs and buffs. skins come out all the time because the game needs to make a profit, you dont HAVE to buy them. matchmaking has improved tremendously, and guess what. matchmaking is based on your statistic charts first and rank second. so yeah you might be epic, but your mythic enemy and teammate probably have a similar winrate or stats chart. wow i'm sorry this hero is op, too bad you can't learn to adjust and overcome a challenge or solve the problem. instead you need to complain away the problem because thats how life works right? oh im sorry, im struggling a lot because a wall popped out of the ground. let me just sit here and complain because i'm doing everything right. oh what? you want me to overcome the problem by using my head? changing up my usual tactics? how dare you! cancer report. this community would be so much better if the early players didn't spend all their time complaining and being toxic to each other. people learn by imitating others, thats called psychology. yall need to learn to set a good example for others around you, and teach them to overcome their problems by improving. I'm probably younger than most of forumers, yet i'd bet I'm more mature than the majority. jesus like go play with your friends, I'm sure you have friends. I'm sorry some of yall haven't made it to mythic, if you care THIS MUCH. then go learn about what you're up against and think about how you can do better next time. if you want this game to be better, you need to start getting your act together. because i'm having fun, i'm doing great, and when i struggle whether its in game or in life. i improve and i do better. its okay to lose, its not okay to turn into a toxic pile of mush


Oh my...Well said !  Post time 2020-2-14 01:22 AM
Post time 2020-2-13 11:22 PM | Show all posts
ChrisSummers replied at 2020-2-13 09:36 PM
i agree the community is super toxic, not the usual kind of toxic either. the most toxic part of the ...

But complaining is something like A CALL TO ACTION. Even the biggest and brightest company in the world receives lots of complaints, so how is MLBB different from them?

Complaints are taken negatively--that's true. And whether the person concerned might act on it or resolve it -- that's their job. Remember, they are the company and they have to give their customers/players a five-star experience which should be their primary goal.

MLBB might have a growing toxic community, but maybe because the system is failing too to act on this matter in the first place. People will not complain either if they do not see a niche. Nevertheless, we all wanted to see improvements and we all wanted to make the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang the best mobile game.
Post time 2020-2-13 11:26 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-3-4 11:53 PM

In the heat of the game, everyone trash talks because things are not going the way they want. They want someone to blame and just bad mouth them.

Don't take their trash talk seriously. They don't know you and have no intention to trash talk you. It depends on their mood and how the game progress.

You cannot expect all players to have discipline and be good to others.

The only available option is to report using the option "profanity" at the end of the game

exitoe replied at 2020-2-12 09:49 PM
BUT AT LEAST, if Moontoon will implement a severe ban to all of the AFKs, the future players will  ...

If they do this, they will have to fix the app crash and lag issues first

Lots of users will stop playing this game and their user base will be reduced

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