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Author: Blueazkaban
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[Share] Don't blame the game blame the Players

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Post time 2020-2-14 05:49 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-2-14 02:02 AM
I am saying what is true. You are just over excited.

why i'm blame MLBB ??

AFK just punished with deducting 8 points!
toxic players for trolling, feeding, trashtalking, etc just deducting 4, 2 points!

that's all if you're luck

if not ?? just get a message "SEVERALY PUNISH"
Post time 2020-2-15 01:31 AM | Show all posts
drscoobynub replied at 2020-2-14 04:01 PM
Yeah, yeah it is not the game it is the cancer players who are causing the loss. But it is the game  ...

in my experience, until i reach a relatively decent mythic rank. i play as a carry early game unit. until the players get better and then i'll be fine playing support
Post time 2020-2-15 10:19 AM | Show all posts
Aside from the long talks and such. I wont be able to read y'all opinion but here's the thing. Of all my years playing this game from Season 2 and being a mod for years as well. Here's what I can say, in my opinion, overall, although yes toxicity is from the players itself, to be honest, the game has gotten better if we were to compare it from the previous. Although the progress is slow but then again we all can't deny the fact that it gotten better since then.

Honestly speaking, yes the report and punishment system is still trashy atm, but it's better. But would it reduce the toxicity? No? right? Toxics will still be toxics and it's a long explanation so let's skip this. For the heroes revamp and nerfs, although it's a long debate because there's still a lot of flaws but we can't blame the devs. Revamping and nerfing is a long process of tests and such. The progress might be slow but there were changes at least. Let's not rush the developers because there could be other reasons why there's a slow progress but at least they're doing something. Besides, I've been meaning to ask this, instead of complaining how overpowered a hero is, have you ever tried countering them or learning how the hero works? If you can't beat them, join them or probably counter them and learn how to fight em. I've been meaning to say this as well, lots of players at the rankings don't even complain a lot and it's only these "low tier" players who kept complaining how op a hero is and I believe the problem is not just the hero but the player itself whom can't accept the fact that they're noobs and such (sorry).

For the players who've been telling us that we've been protecting the devs. Naturally, it's our job to calm everything down. But really, we're actually doing our best to relay all the bug reports, suggestions, and such to the devs, there's even a Dev to Player reply on each suggestions being made. You can't rush things because implementing or changing something is a long process of trial and errors. Let's just be patient instead of being a cancerous toxic forum user whom doesn't even follow the rules. You can always express your opinions but please make sure that you're following the rules as well. Rules are rules. Being chaotic in a post wont get you anywhere nor fasten the progress. Yes, it's slow, I apologize in behalf of the devs but at least they're doing their best to make everyone's gaming experience the best and the only way to help them is to continue believing in them and be patient. Let's build a healthy community here.

We all share the same frustrations in-game in this forum, you're always free to vent. But make sure you're still abiding by the rules. Being toxic here wont change anything. I apologize for your bad experience but rest assured, everything will be fine soon although there will always be toxicity in every game, everyone should know that.
Post time 2020-2-16 12:22 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2020-2-15 10:19 AM
Aside from the long talks and such. I wont be able to read y'all opinion but here's the thing. Of al ...

But maybe the players are getting toxic either because they aren't punished severely for their behavior. Sometimes harsher punishments are important to cut the behaviour. Try implementing 24-hour ban for those afks and constant feeder and see if all the players of ML would take the game seriously after. As u can see, lighter punishment of the system isn't helping the mlbb community itself. It just aggravates the trolls in the game, and THESE TROLLS ARE THE REASONS WHY THERE ARE TRASHTALKERS, FEEDERS, AND AFKS. THESE UNAPPREHENDED PLAYERS ARE THE VERY REASON WHY TOXICITY IN ML EXISTS. Maybe you are a far more experienced player for having such a long time playing the game. But the current situation is quite rigid esp. in the lower ranks. Maybe during ur time there are few players, but ML is attracting more and more new players everyday.

Unless the system toughens its own rules, players will continue to ruin ML's esteemed reputation.

Post time 2020-2-16 03:37 PM | Show all posts
exitoe replied at 2020-2-16 12:22 PM
But maybe the players are getting toxic either because they aren't punished severely for their beh ...

Mhm, although it's been being suggested every once in a while but we actually never failed to relay the punishment and report system to be improved. They're probably having a hard time trying to come up with what they have to do to make it good and flawless. I guess.
Post time 2020-2-16 04:14 PM | Show all posts
I blame mlbb only because of the internet issue which ruins everything, other than that I blame the players.
Post time 2020-2-16 07:20 PM | Show all posts
I'd blame the game itself if they have designed heroes that a majority of us aren't even hyped because I'm pretty sure a lot of us will be in a state of "Ah sh*t, here we go again." once they're released. BUT, I'd blame the players if they're just not using their brains wisely when testing out the hero and provide reasonable opinion that could filter out the bad side of the pre-released heroes during their time in advanced servers.

I've been playing MLBB for 4 years, and started into this forum two years ago. So far, the community is utterly boring, not gonna lie. Too many people complaining irrational things and sometimes put in some of their stupidity that keeps making the community into a toxic wasteland. (Shame on you boys) It's tiring to see the same thing every week and I rarely post things because some of you sometimes just want to attack random posters about "Ew, you stoopid, how could you still want to see ML improve?"

Bro, wisely discuss the matter, we're not the best players in the whole damn galaxy and some idiots just want to proclaim they're the lords of the game by inserting meaningless stats.
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