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Author: Blueazkaban
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[Share] Don't blame the game blame the Players

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Anand replied at 2020-2-13 11:29 PM
If they do this, they will have to fix the app crash and lag issues first

Lots of users w ...

But at least, it could help to reduce afk players and substantially, the growing toxicity in MLBB's environment.
Post time 2020-2-14 12:26 AM | Show all posts
exitoe replied at 2020-2-13 11:37 PM
But at least, it could help to reduce afk players and substantially, the growing toxicity in MLBB' ...

innocent players will also be banned


very well said. for me, the main reason why it is hard to make a severe penalty is because if the innocent player became a victim of troll cancer he/she can't protect him/herself from the penalty  Post time 2020-2-14 06:31 AM
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Edited by shinee. at 2020-2-14 01:45 AM

Hello there. Besides being a mod, we're also players. Shockers huh?
Now, stop thinking we're kissing someone's 'behind' if we're working for them. Everything that happens on the game, affects us too as players.
Now, let me just talk from my experience as player - a veteran if I may call myself that since I've been here since the game has been released.
It's not your fault, you guys can't possibly know what's behind the scenes, I don't judge. But consider this. There are millions playing this game right? Yeah, I know, most of them are from Asia but that's so irrelevant. It grows every day. Imagine how many reports/suggestions/account issues and so one come every day to the devs through cs ingame+mail. Now add the reports we from forum/discord/facebook/reedit send them. It's more than a lot. Not to mention all the translation from us to them and from them to us. Every day. Why all this struggle? For the mlbb players out there. That's what you guys don't understand.
All you guys do is hug the keyboard and start typing. Now that I gave you guys an ideea about how many request/reports come to devs every single day, think about it this way. They need to read all of them, think about all of them, then prioritise all the things that need to be done. This is why every change made comes in an order. Oh, let's not mention devs are also people, not robots. Which means they have a life, family, holidays,jobs, school maybe. Like all of us actually.
They release skins, some are accesible, some are expensive. Well yeah !? The security of the game means investement, apps need investement, maybe people that do the hard work need to be payed..Do you think they make money out of skins they sale and then just go to the mall and buy clothes and shoes? xd
Now, about the players. Some players need some good spanking and need to learn to drop the attitude and start learning something. Watch a pro player rotate, the tons of Guides we spend time on making for all of you guys. Learn to NOT play a hero and let a teammate play it if he has more matches and better wr than you.
And yes, I also think punishment should be more harsh. Because it really should. Afk + racism + death threats and so on (yes, they're real and i've seen them all) these should really be punished. People will appreciate a game more if it lowers the toxicity. Not to mention if you try to ask for advise most people will be salty towards you. We should all help each other, not be mean to each other - This is toxicity. A player will delete the game because he was banned 10 minutes from played ranked because he stayed afk. So? 10 other people who appreciate a fair game will join the game. And this is my honest opinion that I also stated a few times before.
At the end of this long post, understand that moonton doesn't keep brainwashed people in the team...We also have the right to an opinion, to suggest things and so on.
Personally, I will always speak my mind, because I'm also a player. What's important is the manner in which I do that.
Please don't take my post the wrong way. I started typing and my hands went crazy on the keyboard xd
Most of the times I'm adorable
Post time 2020-2-14 02:02 AM | Show all posts
Edited by StreetGamer at 2020-2-14 09:15 PM
FCK_AFK replied at 2020-2-13 01:58 PM
you are a good maid for MLBB

your punishment system is suck

I am saying what is true. You are just over excited.

Has_been_slain replied at 2020-2-12 04:29 PM
Dude, I am asking you this like a man to man, without any purpose of insult or anything like that.

I already suggested to increase afk punishment with temporary ban for minimum 24 hours.
Plus 110 credit holders will only match up against 110 credit holders for fair matchmaking.
Post time 2020-2-14 03:57 AM | Show all posts
Has_been_slain replied at 2020-2-13 07:19 PM
Noooo, lets just all of us do whatever we want on rank.

I don't like this lineup, I will troll an ...

hahahaha well, actually everyone can do that. you can do what you want. as sheet as trash or as good as you want to be. it's all up to you. and you can make a story about how good you are even if you are trash in game the one that you can't is to make have a proof. for everyone to believe and also for your self.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-14 09:00 AM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2020-2-13 04:40 PM
Now tell me how to change more than 1 million ML players?
Can you?
Can all the moderators in the f ...

Can I? Yes I have been so toxic way before because I was still in Grandmaster and players there has lack of intelligence, I trashtalk them really hard like I say the F word and the MF word and tell them you're trash don't ever play this game again. But then I realized why am I doing this, what was my point and then I reflected it was a wrong doing so day by day I changed myself and now I don't cuss. So here's the question: Can you change?   
Post time 2020-2-14 09:25 AM | Show all posts
Blueazkaban replied at 2020-2-14 09:00 AM
Can I? Yes I have been so toxic way before because I was still in Grandmaster and players there ha ...

If you're talking about being toxic in-game, I'm not that kind of person because most of the time, I'm so lazy to type any words in the chat.
But if you're talking about change my mindset about this game, I can't. This game has an obvious flaws that I can't ignore. Most of players can't ignore yet Moonton also don't know about this.
Post time 2020-2-14 04:01 PM | Show all posts
Yeah, yeah it is not the game it is the cancer players who are causing the loss. But it is the game that is pairing me with those cancer players on 4-5 consecutive matches.

Screenshot_20200123-172815.png Screenshot_20200209-131637.png Screenshot_20200208-204613.png

Post time 2020-2-14 04:48 PM | Show all posts
I definetely blame the game because it constantly gives me bad red yellow ping even using wifi, so I surrender playing rank. Why the ping in brawl is better than in rank? That is weird.
Post time 2020-2-14 05:49 PM | Show all posts
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