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[Share] Don't blame the game blame the Players

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Well here I am again just reviewing posts from forumers saying" OP heroes, Stupid Mods and Devs and other bamboozeles"
Which here I have a conclusion that the problems are not really caused by the game but it is within the players itself. Here's an example: I was playing Rank and in Draft pick my teamate said "Please do your best I had 2 teamates who were AFK in my last game" guess what? He AFK at the start of the game and returned in 2 minutes then he started to blame everyone that we were cancer and that we were talking trash about him.

As you can see the player was the problem if he wanted the best for our team he should have AFK'ed and let us invalid right? But what he did was Feed and Complain. I might not be perfect but when I was in this situation that my parents asked me to do something and I was in Draft picking I just picked a low wr hero and I let my teamates save their star I was not afk my Phone was on but I just gave respect to my teamates for my omission and there they were happy and no one reported me because I told them that I did it for them to not lose a star. One time we had a teamate who was trashtalking me for having a bad wr on Fanny 44.90 but I am Senior rank and still he trashtalked that it is not a good pick, in the otherhand my other teamates believed me we ended up winning 23/ 3 and those 3 death of my teamates is from the MM trashtalker and I really liked my other teamates who trusted me. What I am saying is that maybe we should be less toxic do more than words. Its me BlueAzkaban I hope that this is an inspiration to all of you.

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BD007 replied at 2020-2-12 03:07 PM
Who goes afk? Players, but we blame mlbb.
Who is toxic? Players, but we blame mlbb.
After observing ...

you are a good maid for MLBB

your punishment system is suck

report troller or feeder and just got SEVERAL PENALIZED
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Edited by shinee. at 2020-2-14 01:45 AM

Hello there. Besides being a mod, we're also players. Shockers huh?
Now, stop thinking we're kissing someone's 'behind' if we're working for them. Everything that happens on the game, affects us too as players.
Now, let me just talk from my experience as player - a veteran if I may call myself that since I've been here since the game has been released.
It's not your fault, you guys can't possibly know what's behind the scenes, I don't judge. But consider this. There are millions playing this game right? Yeah, I know, most of them are from Asia but that's so irrelevant. It grows every day. Imagine how many reports/suggestions/account issues and so one come every day to the devs through cs ingame+mail. Now add the reports we from forum/discord/facebook/reedit send them. It's more than a lot. Not to mention all the translation from us to them and from them to us. Every day. Why all this struggle? For the mlbb players out there. That's what you guys don't understand.
All you guys do is hug the keyboard and start typing. Now that I gave you guys an ideea about how many request/reports come to devs every single day, think about it this way. They need to read all of them, think about all of them, then prioritise all the things that need to be done. This is why every change made comes in an order. Oh, let's not mention devs are also people, not robots. Which means they have a life, family, holidays,jobs, school maybe. Like all of us actually.
They release skins, some are accesible, some are expensive. Well yeah !? The security of the game means investement, apps need investement, maybe people that do the hard work need to be payed..Do you think they make money out of skins they sale and then just go to the mall and buy clothes and shoes? xd
Now, about the players. Some players need some good spanking and need to learn to drop the attitude and start learning something. Watch a pro player rotate, the tons of Guides we spend time on making for all of you guys. Learn to NOT play a hero and let a teammate play it if he has more matches and better wr than you.
And yes, I also think punishment should be more harsh. Because it really should. Afk + racism + death threats and so on (yes, they're real and i've seen them all) these should really be punished. People will appreciate a game more if it lowers the toxicity. Not to mention if you try to ask for advise most people will be salty towards you. We should all help each other, not be mean to each other - This is toxicity. A player will delete the game because he was banned 10 minutes from played ranked because he stayed afk. So? 10 other people who appreciate a fair game will join the game. And this is my honest opinion that I also stated a few times before.
At the end of this long post, understand that moonton doesn't keep brainwashed people in the team...We also have the right to an opinion, to suggest things and so on.
Personally, I will always speak my mind, because I'm also a player. What's important is the manner in which I do that.
Please don't take my post the wrong way. I started typing and my hands went crazy on the keyboard xd
Most of the times I'm adorable
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ChrisSummers replied at 2020-2-13 09:36 PM
i agree the community is super toxic, not the usual kind of toxic either. the most toxic part of the ...

But complaining is something like A CALL TO ACTION. Even the biggest and brightest company in the world receives lots of complaints, so how is MLBB different from them?

Complaints are taken negatively--that's true. And whether the person concerned might act on it or resolve it -- that's their job. Remember, they are the company and they have to give their customers/players a five-star experience which should be their primary goal.

MLBB might have a growing toxic community, but maybe because the system is failing too to act on this matter in the first place. People will not complain either if they do not see a niche. Nevertheless, we all wanted to see improvements and we all wanted to make the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang the best mobile game.
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n4n4 replied at 2020-2-13 02:04 AM
hahahah blamers gonna blame blame blame  that's lame - *singing*

those player who wants a severe pu ...

Noooo, lets just all of us do whatever we want on rank.

I don't like this lineup, I will troll and go afk.

My connection is awful, I don't care, I will play and if the connection is broken, I will just go AFK, who cares about those 4 losers playing with me.

"Hey daaaaad, loooook, MLBB released a new hero, please daddy, give me you credit card to buy, it's not so expensive. Woooow a new hero, he is so awsome! I will try it straight on rank!

(Don't know how to use skills, died 3 times in 1 on 1 situation) "My team is shit, all noobs here, I am AFK. Who cares for those noobs playing with me, I have 105 credit score"

5 minutes later

(played couple of Classics, after that destroyed 12 more players on rank)
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Edited by StreetGamer at 2020-2-14 09:14 PM
AZNUR replied at 2020-2-12 07:46 PM
What you're saying doesn't make any sense.
Of course players is the one whose making all the proble ...

Well, how can MLBB handle problems if the players themselves does not change? I think that when players change from their attitude it would be easier for MLBB to help the game to rise again.

Kathey replied at 2020-2-12 08:32 PM
Let’s get this straight. You can not blame Moonton for AFK players, unless you want the game to ban ...

In terms of ping, that's why we have classic mode right where we test ping before going to a ranked game and many people don't do that and they are saying its the MLBB server thats laggy if you use data it could cause traffic in the internet than using WIFI so for me just use WIFI if you want a good internet connection.

BD007 replied at 2020-2-12 03:07 PM
Who goes afk? Players, but we blame mlbb.
Who is toxic? Players, but we blame mlbb.
After observing ...

Yeah, we should not blame MLBB. This mostly happen in Solo Que which I do, before I fought against the Top 1 Japan Estes he was indeed solo que then but now less people choose to play solo they choose to trio or full squad because of the toxicity.

CloudDevelic replied at 2020-2-12 04:01 PM

Wow. Word. And yes matchmaking has improved drastically. Last season was especially hell, an ...

I get the point that sometimes people tend to trust the higher win rate and yes I do to but it really depends on the experience of the player like for me I was solo que I ruined my win rate for fanny but now I play really nice  I am just 500 mmr to Supreme Fanny num 10. What I am saying is that maybe we should not just judge them by their winrate just see them play. I had a Layla teamate and I said go use it I played Estes and we ended up winning and the High winrate Kimmy who was tt was bronze like it does not matter on what hero u you it depends on the user.

lishi500 replied at 2020-2-12 01:46 PM
Does this game have OP heroes?
   If yes:
           Why cannot people talk about it.

Do you know that most of the people ban heroes because they see it on pro players and not depending on themselves. Like for me I don't ban Ling (Before the 2 nerfs) because I know how to counter such wall climing swordsman, as always it depends on the user.
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Edited by Has_been_slain at 2020-2-12 05:47 PM
BD007 replied at 2020-2-12 03:07 PM
Who goes afk? Players, but we blame mlbb.
Who is toxic? Players, but we blame mlbb.
After observing ...

Dude, I am asking you this like a man to man, without any purpose of insult or anything like that.
Why are you pretending that everything is great, when you know it's not?And it's miles away from great.
Who need to punish AFK? MLBB, but they don't care. They increase credit score to 110 and I saw yesterday that AFK was punished with 8 points! So, a player can do whatever he wants if he has 110 CS.
Who need to punish toxic players for trolling, feeding, trashtalking, etc.? MLBB, but they don't care.Deducating 4, 2 and less points is ridiculos and without any point.
I saw in most of you responses how you compare everything with Mytic rank "Here, in Mytic, we don't have things like this or like that". Man, ofcourse you don't have it in most elite rank of game. That's pretty logical, isn't it? Create a new account, go play for a month in lower ranks and you will see why 80% of posts here are complaints.
There will be always AFKs and toxic players and there is appropriate punishment for that. Try to be AFK or troller in every online multiplayer game and you will get such a punishment that you will never think of it again.
For the end, best example is latest patch. Not a single word about punishment system, not a single rework of old heroes and like the cherry on top of the cake - we got a broken hero...


Petition to increase the punishment to deduct players score to double or triple or quadra.  Post time 2020-2-13 09:04 AM
Post time 2020-2-12 01:46 PM | Show all posts
Does this game have OP heroes?
   If yes:
           Why cannot people talk about it.
   If no:
           Why some heroes get so high ban/pick rate (you know what heroes i am talking about)

Toxic people exist every where in every game. Normal play like me cannot stop them, the things i can do is not become one of them and report them after match.

This game got couple unbalanced heroes, i cannot change them. I dont have access to Moonton's database, i cannot modify their code. The things i can do is give feedback and suggestion in the forum (we all know that does not work), and hope it will be fixed in someday.
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Who goes afk? Players, but we blame mlbb.
Who is toxic? Players, but we blame mlbb.
After observing the game for 3 years, i can say matchmaking has been improved. Its not perfect, but its definitely improving.
In past we constantly matched up against global top players. But in last 2 seasons, its not happening at all. We did face some good players but they are not global top. I hope it will be improving more in future.
Post time 2020-2-12 04:01 PM | Show all posts

Wow. Word. And yes matchmaking has improved drastically. Last season was especially hell, and you can meet globals a few times on a daily basis. Globals who are M1/MPL standard players, not your typical globals. The global of the globals. People who take MLBB as a job and not leisure anymore.


It's true that like you said, we need more graciousness and wholesomeness in this community. Like you mentioned, people need to stop being toxic to 1 another.

However, personally I would not trust a Fanny with 44.9% win rate in rank. On first impression, that is indeed not a good win rate; plus Fanny itself is a very hit or miss hero in this meta. Because she would need to contest buff with your mid laners since there's only 1 buff now.

Trashtalking you without even seeing you in action first is wrong, but we should ask our team if they allow us to play a certain hero first before hitting the lock button. As a player, I would feel frustrated if somebody picks a hero without our team agreeing to it, and moreover it's a hero that would be very hard to work around with.

Just giving my 2 cents and being neutral about this situation.
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ofc must blame ml they punish players they make the rules if rules and punishment are bad then the fault is in ML ....
Post time 2020-2-12 06:56 PM | Show all posts
Edited by exitoe at 2020-2-12 08:06 PM

It's both.

You know, if you would have had experience being in my shoes and all the unfortunate events that had happened to me while playing this game, you could at some point, blame the system itself.

Getting matched with a lower division than your current rank is okay. BUT REPETITIVELY ON A CONSECUTIVE MATCHES? IT'S A NIGHTMARE!

Anyways, why did I say it's both the players and the system have the problem?

For example, AFK could've been resolved by now if Moontoon would've implemented a stricter and heavier punishment FOR THE AFK ALONE. LIKE BEING BANNED FOR TWO DAYS. At the same time, give a much bigger compensation to the team who have been affected, like giving them immunity to star loss (because some players tend to go afk PASS the 3-minute period to surrender. For example, going missing in the late game).

Whilst, the current system only provides a light punishment like being banned for 4 minutes or so, which on the one hand gives the AFK players the chance to do it again and again...and again.

I personally think that ranting is good because that's the way to prompt the devs to action so the system can improve. They won't see any glitches if not for their players (because, hello, we are the first-hand consumers of their product, and they should listen to us). Well, I just don't know if Moontoon does really have the ears to hear these prevalent matters.

Remember this:
We won't blame the system as long as the people behind it, is paying attention to its players.

                 ....I mean, that's how business works after all (and not just about the money), right?

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Edited by AZNUR at 2020-2-12 07:49 PM
BD007 replied at 2020-2-12 03:07 PM
Who goes afk? Players, but we blame mlbb.
Who is toxic? Players, but we blame mlbb.
After observing ...

What you're saying doesn't make any sense.
Of course players is the one whose making all the problems but it is Moonton's job to handle them.
Just like at school, if a student caught bullying, do the parents want to blame the student or the school? Of course it's school. It's school's job to make sure the students become discipline and behave.

I agree with @Has_been_slain and @exitoe , it is Moonton's job to handle all players problems, this is Moonton's game, not ours...were just it's players.We need stricter rule and harsher punishments.
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Let’s get this straight. You can not blame Moonton for AFK players, unless you want the game to ban all AFK players permanently because a stricter and harsher punishment won’t prevent a player from going AFK. You say that AFK can be solved if Moonton implemented harsher punishments, I don’t think it can be completely solved because sure you can implement a harsher ban and perhaps the amount of AFK can go down, but it won’t completely prevent AFK players. I think perhaps there needs to be a system to replace AFK players, so you don’t have to be mad about AFK players bringing you down in rank matches. Some players go AFK because of internet connection or other reasonable reasons. Some players like me started to play and then we have a sudden event, like I’m asian and if my parents call me to eat, I have to go eat or they’re going to be mad. And perhaps lagging and high pings can be both a player’s fault and the game’s fault, since even if you have the speediest connection in your country, it may not be speedy enough world-wide, considering the game is played by players world-wide. Now I agree that toxic players needs to be punished harsher for trolling, feeding, and trashtalking. Now it can be hard to tell if a player is trolling because you can be in a teamfight and then another teammate is trying to farm so they can get more gold, but as your perspective can be in this situation is that you can view the person as trolling because he’s farming as you’re in a teamfight. I think it should be sort of defined as if they were trolling all of the time, they should be punished. Not if they were sort of trolling for giggles for one time and then they decided to get serious and then punish that person for trolling once. I sort of think that players would call others a troll if they died the most. While using lancelot, I did try my best, but the MVP called me a toxic troll in private message, perhaps it was because they’re mad I was using assassin while they used assassin and I performed badder than them. I think we need to clearly define what trolling is because I noticed others just call you a troll if you’re overall a bad player during the match.
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Kathey replied at 2020-2-12 08:32 PM
Let’s get this straight. You can not blame Moonton for AFK players, unless you want the game to ban ...

BUT AT LEAST, if Moontoon will implement a severe ban to all of the AFKs, the future players will get a 'warning' NOT TO GO FUCKING AFK during a match because they already know the consequences of the action. That's it. Problem solved. Because if you pursue going on a lighter punishment, then these kinds of players will go on and on and on until the game becomes the worst of itself. And expect that a lot more players will come ranting in this forum about AFKs in the future.
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