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Edited by exitoe at 2020-2-12 06:14 PM

In the past few days, I've been ranting about Moontoon's system, and even I, don't know when to stop. Maybe, until this issue is given IMMEDIATE ATTENTION and FURTHER ACTION from the devs themselves. I also hope that this post might shed light on the dimmed side of how this game robs the players a truly competitive gameplay environment.
I've been playing ML on my two accounts--my main and my smurf (for trying new heroes or for practice mode). And these are the things that I have observed which is actually & SHOCKINGLY the same on both of my accounts.

The following observations are tackling how Moontoon's system is designed to decide the fate of their random players, which in my own words, pre-fixed system. By the way, this only applies to SOLO PLAYERS.

The PRE-FIXED SYSTEM -- which is based on my observation is like this: If Moontoon wants you to lose, you'll lose no matter what (EPIC COMEBACK could fall in this category), and If Moontoon wants you to win, even if you didn't deserve it, you'll truly win. However, most of the time the system has already set the player's future (esp. if the said player is a low-key noob or an average player) by fucking up his team through the following instances:

The photos below are from my smurf account. It was taken 2 weeks after Season 15 started.

I always encountered AFK in my past few games, but this one is the most severe. Imagine having a four-consecutive AFK mate on four consecutive matches? That is no coincidence, it is truly fixed.

I also noticed that after having a three, four, five, six-win streak in rank mode, the next game, you'll probably have an AFK member which will go missing MID/LATE GAME. This AFK instances, of course, could largely affect the possible turn out of the game so that you'll lose.
84297158_1360869550767346_6904838284044664832_n.jpg 84353463_858638371231454_7350550022720585728_n.jpg 86256126_599905957264931_4433037300426866688_n.jpg 86202289_489901991672421_7047182339276800_n.jpg

I know that sometimes there are mixing of ranks in rank mode, but quite recently, I have four consecutive GM mate in my game (I didn't make this all up, I promise), which again, is not a coincidence but pre-fixed. I noticed that this happened only this day and yesterday because I am on a losing streak after winning a pretty number of games since when I came back playing last Monday. All of these matches (as seen in the photos below) resulted to defeat. These matches happened in EPIC rank (i am at epic IV).

P.S. BTW, I failed to capture the text chat convo on my very last game of which the opponent had a GM member in their team. They had no choice but to end the game earlier by surrendering. T
86185819_190500312325358_594687781758828544_n.jpg 84511143_480742249479503_3823263506170380288_n.jpg 86185360_514974189222821_8890622666822647808_n.jpg 86266077_2740507896176707_5793590039657054208_n.jpg

I know I might sound "really ridiculous" on this last observation, but I still wanna share it. So, the images below are from one of my matches on my main account. I have a stable ping (Fibr-line connection [speedest connection in the Philippines], 25 mbps, speed-checked) and then suddenly the ping goes awry at some point in the early, mid, and late game.

P.S. I only experience an unstable ping during crossover server match-up like getting paired with Malaysian/Indonesian players. But this particular match below, we are all from the same server. Yet, as quite as fishy as it is, the odds are not in our favor and all the possible ways to impair our game strategies are being given to us by the system.

Also, whenever my ping goes surprisingly yellow-red, I try to sit closest to our router, but the output is still the same. I also tried to contact our provider and had our line checked, I still got the same irregularly unstable ping.

I also noticed that sometimes, AFK members tend to happen in the late game (if it's just a call, they could get back and finish the game right?) but no, and just like what is mentioned on exhibit A, some of the players really had experienced connection issues in the late game (ONLY IF THE SYSTEM WANTS YOU TO LOSE).

I'm still on the run to gather more evidence regarding my observations and will update this in the future.

DISCLAIMER: All of these are solely based on my qualitative observation (because I do not know any of the in-game scripts etc. etc.). If Moontoon devs happen to disprove all the things laid out here, then much better. I want them to give us  A CLEAR STATEMENT on why are such things happen to their players.

In the end, I was thinking if Moontoon really adheres to their slogan "FAIR COMPETITIVE MATCHES", but you can't call it a fair one as long as the system purposely set the players to their fixed defeat.

AGAIN, don't come in bashing me that I made this thread up 'coz I was on a losing streak. I just really want to get the developers to action.

P.S. I saw one of the moderators posted a screenshot from discord on how are our suggestions are being sent to the devs. I joined the discord itself to check whether the devs really get to receive our sentiments, and sadly not all of them.

Even my problem laid out here: regarding why I was paired with four consecutive afk mates, has not been resolved at all. And one month has passed I still didn't get any response from the team.

It is so sad the player's sides are not being considered by those responsible people regarding this matter.

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yeah, if this is true i hope there was a sign when we are entering in this situation.

"If Moontoon wants you to lose, you'll lose no matter"
"If Moontoon wants you to win, even if you didn't deserve it, you'll truly win."

so i can experiment and try to defy moontoon's fate hahahah

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I agree that matchmaking is not random but prefixed. I also find that it occurs on particular days and specific times of a particular days. In my case, if I play on saturday all day, friday night, monday night I will lose 90% of game. In other times, about 50-50.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Obviously its not true. How the hell moonton know someone will go afk? So moonton hire 100k-200k people to go afk? Its as much as ridiculous as it sounds. I am in mythic rank and i barely see any afk at all. Plus i am playing this game for like 3 years. Remember this is not a solo game, its a team game. Its a bit hard to match pace of all 5 random players at the same time. That's why we always encourage to play with friends and team. I also do not believe the ping issue. I mean i had ping issue sometimes in last 3 years. But thats because of my net or cross server match or someone using vpn. Its not mlbb's fault. For server issue, mlbb always announce if under maintenance. And matchmaking is not that easy to fix. You don't know who woll go afk, who will play bad in one game. But i do agree there wre some exception.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-12 06:12 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-2-12 03:01 PM
Obviously its not true. How the hell moonton know someone will go afk? So moonton hire 100k-200k peo ...

Really? Good for you, You are in the Mythic Rank. But the status in the lower rank is much worst that you could've imagined.

How the hell moontoon know someone will go afk?

I don't know.

You have handled this issue of mine before in my previous thread, right? How come that the devs didn't get to contact me regarding the matter? Why is it my concern hasn't been addressed? It's been a month already and IT IS STILL A FUCKING QUESTION INSIDE MY HEAD ON WHY I HAD TO EXPERIENCE THAT WORST KIND OF SCENARIO?

What is the use of this forum anyway? This continuous ranting in hope to get the devs' attention and such?   
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I would say I'm more apt to believe this honestly. I avoid playing at certain times of the day cause I tend to lose MUCH more often. I also notice if I play late into the night on week nights, for some reason, i almost always seem to get a win streak of about 5 games at least. However, I usually can't afford to do this as then I get to bed around 2-3am and have to go to work the next morning

One thing I noticed though which may be part of that "afk" conspiracy. There's been a few times when I get disconnected from the game. And not just like, kicked out. The game just SHUTS OFF. Then when I force close and relog in, it acts like I wasn't in a match. I always feel horrible when this happens b/c I know it's a 99% chance my team will lose (and I'm about to lose a crap ton of credit score). But I always wondered if maybe that was why there's always so many afk'ers. Not because they are purposefully afk, but b/c the game kicked them and didn't acknowledge they were in the match when they log back in.

As for the GM in Epic. I actually did one even worse one time. I was legend and I invited friend to game. But I thought I was in classic... I was not. He was a GM and I pulled him into an Epic match. Luckily, he was only GM b/c he hadn't played in a while. So it was a lucky case.

And just curious, has anyone else run into the issue lately where they queue up for brawl or classic and find themselves somehow in a ranked match? Just wondering, cause that's happened to me like, 4 times now.
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You are really lucky because your enemies are not mythic players. Seriously, when I was in epic, I was matched up with mythic players. The mods here told me maybe there was no others to match up with so the server matched you against mythic

I frequently experience app crash too. The app just crashes just after selecting the team and by the time I log in again, it will be 2+ minutes.

While playing solo rank, getting 6 or 7 win streak is very rare and yet you got it. I am encountering troll teammates in almost every game. It is not the fault in game, it only matches the players available at that time with you.

AFK players depends on their situation. It may be due to app crash or they got some other work. You have the option to report idling/offline players. But I am not sure it will stop the AFK behavior completely

Sometimes the matching system matches solo players against 5 members team or 3 members team. Your enemies will have good team work whereas your team players will be farming and trash talking. This happens a lot to me. Nothing can be done in this type of situation. The mods told me to avoid playing solo rank if possible

No one is robbing you, its just a game. No one has 100% win rate. It all depends upon luck, strategy and understanding of the game.

You may ask where luck comes from? It is to get good team mates
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exitoe replied at 2020-2-12 06:12 PM
Really? Good for you, You are in the Mythic Rank. But the status in the lower rank is much worst t ...

official does not contact you in person. instead they will post in feedback from developers thread. Please do check often to find the feedback. thanks.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-14 12:00 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-2-14 02:08 AM
official does not contact you in person. instead they will post in feedback from developers thread ...

I always do, but one month has passed and it's still "..."
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