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[Hero Balance] Yi Sun Shin Buff Suggestions

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I'll be frank on this matter, the developers aren't very good at making heroes relevant in the game. And that's no doubt a fact, so let's talk about Yi Sun Shin. A Marksman hero that is long forgotten, has interesting mechanics but very very shitty stats I've ever seen in my entire Marksman run.

Let's comment on the horrible mechanics this hero has because no one in the community actually gives this guy a chance to speak out.

First of all, his passive.
YSS has a very interesting way of fighting, using both range and melee depending on the situation. A boat will be given for him periodically and/or instantly when he dies. The boat gives him movement speed bonus and a change of skill where he's able to launch a boat to a designated location, stunning any enemy heroes on it. A score I would give for this design would be a 4/10

While the shift from range to melee varies, and melee deals more damage in comparison. He's not able to play against the multitude of heroes with stupid distance dashes, it's unfair and it's bias. Just like always. The time to construct the boat is ridiculously long, leaving his only quick mobility to be heavily limited and it only appears instantly after he dies. The base has two boats, if he rides one the other disappears, which is very stupid considering how he's already limited to defence as well as mobility.

My suggestion here is pretty simple.
1. Have a bonus defence buff for a short amount of time whenever YSS hits any enemy using Melee. (Durability)
2. Reduce the time to construct the boat, have the boat ready immediately once the match started.
3. Have two boats ready in the base, if one is taken the other will be left on ready. Making the other one under construction.
4. When YSS rides the boat, increase the duration to 3 minutes. He'll end up using it anyway.

This will provide him a bit more interesting mechanics when it comes to him using his passive, and have players less concern regarding his boat usages.

No comments on Skill 1, but let's talk about Skill 2 (Blood Floods)
YSS charges his arrow, shooting pass any enemies in the way, dealing damage and slows. The damage reduces based on how many units are pierced by the arrow. His movement speed is slightly reduced

The damage is too less. You can't expect anything from YSS when he charges his arrow against any enemies that are not Tanks nor Fighters. Even the slow isn't clear and obvious, in addition to how short the slow time is. Need I add that the damage reduced to units pierced is clearly a weak spot for YSS as the amount of units in the game is already increasing. Not to mention how durable many of the heroes are now, even full damage isn't enough to deal massive damage.

So how about this.
1. Have a bleeding effect on any enemies it hits, around 2% of max HP for 5 seconds. Slow is removed
2. Increase damage to 180(+100% Total Physical Attack) with a +25 damage scaling per level. Remove damage reduction per minions pierced
3. Cooldown increased to 12s instead of 8s.

Next would be his Ult. Mountain Shocker.
YSS basically uses the Naval Fleet to launch 3 waves, dealing damage to all the enemies in the map, giving both vision and not obvious slows.

My comment on this is pretty obvious, Not enough damage, too slow and not enough mechanics. There's obviously no expectation of kills nor did it feel like there's any game changing moments in the game.

Here are my ideas
1. Increase damage to 200(+45% Total Physical Attack) with a +50 damage scaling per level. (Add bleeding effect similar to Blood Floods)
2. Increase the speed of the intervals from those 3 waves, any enemy can outrun this because of their ridiculous dashes. Ling can safely survive with no trouble.
3. Immediately prepares a new set of boat once he's done firing, that way he doesn't need to wait long for the boat to arrive.

Does anyone have any better suggestions? Leave your comments, feel free to ask any questions.
I've been playing the game since 2016, to see how the Balancing of the game become so so horrible might as well take the matters myself and do the balancing suggestions on this. Slow balance is a huge bullcrap
Post time 2020-2-11 11:27 PM | Show all posts
I like your Idea big thumbs UP,
since I'm bored of meta,
I play YSS on rank mythic II, My team will cry once I locked him.
I lament his Charging arrow as It's too slow to charge and since the META is HIGH MOBILITY,
Sucks even Mages can evade or Run away easily once I start to charge the arrow.
Same with Ult, A gusion/granger/wanwa/whatever meta hero it may be can easily run away from the ult,
But I still find somehow YSS to be strong, with good execution.
And Since ML players can't play NON OP heroes. YSS is left out of the rank games or even competitive area, Same with other MM's.
Nevertheless  I support this buff


Thanks for the support! He has potential, but if we were to rely on the developers to tweak his kit. It's a complete 50/50 and they wouldn't reverse it.  Post time 2020-2-12 02:15 AM
Post time 2020-2-12 02:45 AM | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2020-2-12 02:51 AM

His passive were nothing more than just for farming and killing lord , it wasn't supposed for fight , his passive is already fine .
YSS problem is that his bow damage is too low  , he doesn't have skill that increase his basic attack damage, second problem of yss is that he doesn't have cc other than slow and boat stun , the fact that the boat take too long time to construct and too little time before it disappear when he ride it , render the boat useless , and also yss can't spam endless battle passive  due to his long cooldown .

Just buff his bow damage and he will back to meta due to how dangerous he is at melting lonewolf enemy with sword when ganking with friend .


Whenever Possible I use YSS as melee, More damage and I'm able to spam the Endless battle. But it has risks, I hope they give defense bonus on YSS when he is on melee mode  Post time 2020-2-12 08:16 AM
Post time 2020-2-12 03:25 PM | Show all posts
Yss was really good before the rework specially the oldest nerf. His ultimate and first skill had bleeding effect, not even nata can't escape from that. And he lacks damage as tou have mentioned. Yss needs rework.
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