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[Share] This is How Moontoon robs their players :(

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Edited by exitoe at 2020-2-10 12:49 PM

So, these things have had happened very, very recently. This is how Moontoon robbed me in just ONE DAY!


I didn't play for almost a MONTH, and this is what I got?---Consecutive AFK mate(s). Luckily, the first one had gone afk within the 3-minute grace period, but the second one, our team got the bad chance because the player had left the match past by the three-minute allowance to surrender.
86183459_489126508468054_8262746641975476224_n.jpg 85196773_1837423439727061_18781866215604224_n.jpg


The system gets to pair me and my teammates with a player from GM rank (I know, GM EPIC STILL has the possibility to mix up, but I am already at EPIC IV!). Don't ask me the turn out of events --- (we lost, of course).
85217089_2409669549330174_4300511999994888192_n.jpg 81081476_180118033212234_3345861127962624_n.jpg


Ping, oh, the ping. I am but not to appear as boastful and defensive but we have a Fibr connection that can hold up to 25 mbps of internet speed. Not until, the ping goes awry to (most) of my games. These are the few gif-captured from my previous matches. The first one is during the rank game.

I tried it in brawl mode, but then, I got the same unstable ping.

So, that's the sad story of my month-long break from this game, and if you'll ask me (of course you will not), I felt that moontoon did really robbed me this time. OR MAYBE, IT IS HOW THE CURRENT GAMEPLAY REALLY IS---UNFAIR.
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I think you meant to talk about unfair matches that you've encountered and not about "robbing". I believe the reason why you got grandmaster teammates was because you were in a classic match, where it was possible that someone in your team had invited a grandmaster teammate. I have played with my younger sibling as well under a warrior account. I would say it's still pretty unfair to be matched with a grandmaster if you played in a RANK match. I have encountered lagging and red ping as well, I don't get a lot sometimes, but the closest I am my router, the less lagging and red ping I countered. There can be many possibilities why there was lagging and red pings.
Post time 2020-2-10 02:14 AM | Show all posts
You know what...these kind of things happen a lot recently, especially the unstable network but mods and devs keep pretending they didn't know about that. A lot of players already complained about unstable connections but mods here keep advising us to check our WiFi connection and clear cache like we're newly bought our phone.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-10 10:28 AM | Show all posts
Edited by exitoe at 2020-2-10 10:35 AM
Kathey replied at 2020-2-10 01:19 AM
I think you meant to talk about unfair matches that you've encountered and not about "robbing". I be ...

Dude it happened in RANK. In RANK, men. I know that ranks mix in Classic Mode, but this unfair mm has happened to me in Rank. I could still understand if I was @ Epic V, but I am close to Epic III that time and this happened. :(. Also, I could tell if my teammates were playing solo or duo. I base it on during their modes of interaction during Draft Pick.
P.S. What I meant by "robbed" is just an expression which means I was fucked up by the system itself. Not rob, rob.
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It happens sometime in rank. Don't be frustrated and play with friends. For ping issue, try to ping and see the ping result for minimum 50 pings. Thanks.
Post time 2020-2-10 05:32 PM | Show all posts
Very nice Complaint post.
Post time 2020-2-10 11:49 PM | Show all posts
I joined with someone to a match, the game got invalid coz that person went AFK and I still lost a star coz he invited me to the ranked match. It was almost as absurd as the hero (un)balance in this game.
Post time 2020-2-11 01:15 AM | Show all posts
About first complaint, there are 2 kinds of AFKs. First is when someone gone afk because of a important phone call or something like this.The 2nd one is when someone pick a hero he doesn't know to play(he was warned before the start to pick hero he knows how to play), died 3 times because he went into fight 1 vs 2/3(crying for help,trash talk) and then gone afk. There should be two different penalties, but the system cannot know who is troll/idiot and who isn't, so this remains in the realm of science fiction. I'm not bothering with AFKs, that was the case in all online multiplayer games and will always be.

About 2nd complaint, someone from yours team(who is Epic) called GM to play with him and this is something which can be sometimes good and sometimes bad, but in most cases it's bad. Players from Epic should only call Epic players( this needs to be restricted).

3rd thing is something Moonton will never ever fix. I am playing near my modem and minimum in 1 of 3 games I am facing suddenly 213ms without any reason. It only lasts 2-3 seconds but if that happens in a decisive teamfight, then the whole game is pointless.This is happing since I installed game for the first time.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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FCK_AFK replied at 2020-2-11 06:44 PM
what is the purpose of pinging Google ?

does that fix the problem?

because it shows if there is any ping issue. you can download 10 gb movie in 1 min but that does not mean your ping is good.
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