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[Gameplay] "Marksman era" will end this game

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This season is by far worst then any other season. It's impossible to play 3-4 normal games during 1 day.
Every fking game looks the same:

MINIMUM 2 and in most cases 3 marksman in team because of red buff(no mather its nerfed)
Granger and Lesley in every team, it's 0.01% to see 2 teams without any of these 2 adc.
So, basically you are doomed(with 1 normal player) to protect and clean 3 lanes and...farming...well you will never see jungle because you have 2 mm in team.They don't care about winning or losing, just farm farm farm, avoid team fights, make a couple of kills to be silver or if they are lucky gold/MVP.

After MM, most picks are mages and some players who have skill/exp will pick assassin.

Players will pick Granger/Lesley no mather if there are already 1-2 mm in team. not chosen under any circumstances, it is a "shame" to play tank when you can take Granger and after red buff you can destroy tank in couple of simple moves.

Conclusion and well-intentioned proposal for the survival of this game
Dear developers:

*Nerf red buff to 50%

*Stop making events that nobody is interested, stop making new skins, stop promoting new heroes and do something about game itself. For the millionth time: Do something about punishment system, about matchmaking, about things players are complaining every fking day!

Post time 2020-2-9 01:06 AM | Show all posts
I frickin agree everything here especially the last part
You should make a new thread and just post only the last part dude.
Post time 2020-2-9 03:06 AM | Show all posts
1st of all even before red buff  we had  mm 2-3x  , second there will be always skins heroes they  want money


First of all, no we didn't.It started after jungle rework  Post time 2020-2-10 07:59 PM
Post time 2020-2-9 12:54 PM | Show all posts
From your experience with current gameplay, which team has better chance to win:
- With one marksman,
- With two marksmen, or
- With three marksmen.


Is this a real question? Because I saw how you defend Moonton whenever you can.  Post time 2020-2-10 08:01 PM
Post time 2020-2-9 08:37 PM | Show all posts
Hi, You can submit your last part in suggestion so we can submit to developers.

Thank you for your point of view. Have a nice day/evening
Post time 2020-2-9 09:30 PM | Show all posts
To be honest this game is for group players. If you want to play rank, it is better to play with a friend who can tank or you should play as tank and support your mm

I see many solo marksman players spoiling my game and rank. Like you said, these solo players start trolling if they don't get mm. They will not fight and play safe to get MVP so reporting them is a waste. I even created a post to report this type of troll players I think it is not understandable to anyone

If you are solo, play classic, take mm and have fun.

If you don't want to spoil your stats, play other modes like survival, magic chess, AI mode. If there are too many trolls in a day, I play AI mode with Johnson and keep driving so I can have fun without any worries about star and other stats

Sometimes I do get matched up with good duo or trio players in solo rank. They already have one good tank player and mm. I will just pick a fighter or support and enjoy the game.

Today our enemies picked 3 mm + 2 mages and we had a balanced team. I picked Masha and even pushed one of their base turrets. But my team mm is nob and he kept dying. They even accused me of not participating in team fight. They just don't understand Masha push turrets during team fights. After dying they accuse me for not saving them from death. But they fail to understand that our team coordination is very poor. Instead of targeting the main damage dealer, they kill one or 2 enemies and all of them died resulting in a loss.

Even if your team has balanced heroes there is no guarantee there will not be any trolling. Mainly because of S1/S2 players choosing MM without showing their win rate. Other players pick their best and gets irritated to know that their MM is a nob when the game is loading

As long as you play solo rank, you will always see troll marksman in your team whether it is marksman era or not.
Post time 2020-2-10 01:35 AM | Show all posts
Edited by koken at 2020-2-10 07:54 AM

This game has become a toxic unbalanced dark shrine of overpowered cancer heroes. I'm gonna end this season and then that's it coz the gaming experience went from enjoyable to ridiculous, frustrating and meaningless.
Post time 2020-2-10 12:48 PM | Show all posts
Red buff already Nerfed in Advance server and most probably coming 12th of February, 2020. If not enough, it will be Nerfed more in future. Not only that but wan wan and bruno nerf is also coming. Before this mm was almost dead for 3-4 seasons. So bear with it to get proper balance between each and every role.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-10 08:08 PM | Show all posts
"Even if your team has balanced heroes there is no guarantee there will not be any trolling. Mainly because of S1/S2 players choosing MM without showing their win rate. Other players pick their best and gets irritated to know that their MM is a nob when the game is loading"

This is 1 of 5 most irritating things in a game. Is there some hierarchy by which S1 must be MM and S5 tank?
Post time 2020-2-11 08:41 AM | Show all posts
hahahhahaha i remember the assassin era. almost nobody use MM back then because it is automatically foods for assasin, also for mage meta. then there are people want to bring back the MM to meta. but when the mm back, i guess they will be out again? lol
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