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[UI] Too much Toxic, Enable Show Winrate, after Picking your hero

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Edited by debmarcley at 2020-2-5 10:21 AM

Please Enable to show your rank or winrate after picking your hero in rank games, Because Most players are very toxic, and they would throw the game, because I picked a Non META HERO, but I have very High Winrate and even WOrld rank with it, if they dont know they 99% of the time they will throw the game and troll.
I'm really getting frustrated withit I picked my world rank hero 100 greater and yet I get trolled

Edit 1: this is also useful for swapping heroes, you cant lie about your winrate
Post time 2020-2-5 11:51 AM | Show all posts
You can show your winrate before picking the hero. Also, in my experience, whatever you show, even if your winrate is 80-90% and you are global 1, trollers will troll if you pick a non-meta hero or if you pick a hero they want to pick. Some just troll intentionally to lower you mmr.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-5 01:35 PM | Show all posts
drscoobynub replied at 2020-2-5 11:51 AM
You can show your winrate before picking the hero. Also, in my experience, whatever you show, even i ...

i CAN'T show because
#1, I'm First pick and havent decided which one to use
#2, I want to swap with my team
#3 It's my turn to pick and Cannot show my winrate
This happens because I dont pick meta heroes, only those heroes who can win via a specific line up.
Post time 2020-2-5 02:44 PM | Show all posts
ya your win rates or ranking doesn't matter to trolls believe me rather they will intentionally pick a hero which with they are bad at to drop your, so i highly recommend to play with your friend don't solo , and if you are doing solo try to pick last swipe other payers or just pick the hero if you think that you can carry the match.
hope it helps you
 Author| Post time 2020-2-5 03:48 PM | Show all posts
RohitBK201 replied at 2020-2-5 02:44 PM
ya your win rates or ranking doesn't matter to trolls believe me rather they will intentionally pick ...

You dont get the point here...
Instead of them trolling because they are idiots and they dont know Non Meta heroes works too.
Being able to show winrate after picking your hero will help a lot for them not to troll and just play properly (making them think oh he has high win rate maybe it works, Gonna play properly now).
I play Solo only 99% of the time, Because I can't find anyone in the community with the brains to comprehend what  I say or understand new Strategies, I reached Mythical glory last season and previous seasons with 100+ stars.


ohh..its ok then can show you wr n ranks during banning hero phase too, if they are not total trolls they will undestand you  Post time 2020-2-5 04:28 PM
Post time 2020-2-5 04:46 PM | Show all posts
Edited by drscoobynub at 2020-2-5 04:56 PM
debmarcley replied at 2020-2-5 01:35 PM
i CAN'T show because
#1, I'm First pick and havent decided which one to use
#2, I want to swap wi ...

1# You can show win rate even if you are first pick. You can show I want to pick blah blah blah during banning phase. Show multiple heroes and show multiple winrates if you are so obsessed with showing your winrates.
2#After switching you can also show win rates of multiple heroes.
3# When it is your turn to pick, if you have switched so much you must pick a role what your teammates do not pick and you have no choice. If you do not pick that role, your teammates may think you are trolling and may troll back.

4# In solo rank, do not expect your teammates will play as a team and do not expect your teammates to baby sit you. If you want that, play with your friends and not solo. If you solo play, whatever hero you pick, whether meta or non-meta, be mentally prepared to meet trolls, selfish players, MVP seekers, tank acting like assasins, etc.

Post time 2020-2-5 06:54 PM | Show all posts
I don’t think others would be trolling on purpose, at least for most people. I believe they also want to rank and rank up. It wouldn’t make sense if they just decided to lose this match over someone who just picked a non-meta hero. I do think it would be good  when others select a hero, it would immediately trigger a winrate release to show others what their winrate is after confirming it, I think it’d be fair. But also like what drscoobynub said, do not expect your teammates to play as a team in solo-rank. You have to somehow carry the whole game by yourself or with someone else. I was able to carry my games for quite several times with an another teammate helping me doing so while others might not be able to do so. In solo rank, for whatever hero you use, you might never see a player use tank, it’s quite true. It’s almost very rare to see a player use rank because mages and marksman heroes are more viable to use and easy to use and fun to use, unlike using tank if your teammates don’t follow you, then you can’t even play.
Post time 2020-2-5 08:19 PM | Show all posts
How come you become first pick every time. That seems a bug in my opinion. The current show pick system is very good and i dont want any change in that.
Post time 2020-2-5 08:50 PM | Show all posts
Agree. I also sad when no one trust me when I got first pick just because I failed to show my winrate.
Post time 2020-2-6 03:37 AM | Show all posts
the key for this is showing that stuff while in a banning phase.
i always do this, then pick what i been show even there is no tank hahahahha
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