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[Hero Techniques] Lesley Guide

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Lesley Guide

I’ve been playing Lesley lately and I wanted to share my build here. Lesley is indeed a fun hero to use, her damage soars to the sky. With a few pokes of her passive and first skill, the enemy would be intimidated by lesley’s damage. I do hope that with this guide, it would lead a path to mythic.

1) Swift Boots
2) Windtalker
3) Endless Battle
4) Blade of the Heptaseas
5) Demon Hunter Sword
6) Blade of Despair

I do hope everyone understands that getting boots first might be more important. Assuming that some people follow what pro/hot builds use. Unless you’re jungler, I strongly recommend swifts boots first.
I was under the misconception that Windtalker would not help Lesley as much it would do to other marksman heroes, I was indeed wrong. Windtalker helps a lot with Lesley, it helps her get a faster attack speed and it would help Lesley deal more damage.
I use Endless Battle because it has an unique passive that basically works pretty well with Lesley. She has to use her first skill to deal an increased about of damage, and along with Endless Battle, it would deal extra 85% of the physical attack as true damage. I believe it would be a pretty good equipment for Lesley.
The Blade of the Heptaseas is a pretty good equipment for Lesley because along with Natalia, they can make sneak attacks since they can be unseen by others (Lesley’s first skill camouflages her, would be pretty good if she was ganking on an another squishy hero. It will deal extra physical attack equal to 100% of physical attack, which would be good to use on Lesley.
Demon Hunter Sword basically gives Lesley the lifesteal she needs when she is low in health. Which is also one reason why I used it with Endless Battle, since Endless Battle has a lot of stats given to the hero. Lifesteal is pretty important for survivability because without it, you would just practically be squishy. Lifesteal helps Lesley recover HP so that she doesn’t have to return to the base in order to recover her HP.
Lastly, I used Blade of Despair, as what most or all Marksmans get during late-game. It would be dumb not using Blade of Despair if you have Endless Battle and Blade of the Heptaseas because the unique passives that the equipments give relies on the physical attack of the hero, so more damage would be dealt.

Emblem for Lesley:

Even though many people use Lesley with Assassin Emblem, I’d prefer her to use Marksman Emblem. Marksman Emblem can give her more damage with Weapon Master Talent. Currently, my Assassin Emblem is level 48 and my Marksman Emblem is level 45. However, while using Assassin Emblem with High and Dry Talent, the damage dealt to the damage bot was less than the damage dealt with Marksman Emblem with Weapon Master. With Weapon Master, Physical Damage gained from equipment was increased by 12%.

I tested it with all of the buffs; Lithowanderer Buff, Turtle Buff, Red Buff, Power Potion Buff, and with my equipments with unique passives that I used. With the Marksman Emblem, you would be able to get slightly higher damage dealt to Damage Bot.

Marksman Emblem:
Bravery Lvl 3
Doom Lvl 3
Weapon Master

So far with Lesley, I am mostly scared of two heroes: Aldous and Natalia. Aldous’s ultimate would always be used on Lesley and with his insane damage, Lesley would probably always die. Natalia serves similar purposes to Lesley, but Lesley can’t see where Natalia is, makes it easier for Natalia to gank Lesley if Lesley tried to go inside of a bush or attacking enemies behind tanks.
With Lesley, I try to make the enemy scared of the damage I dealt to them, so that they could go hide under the turret, so I could clear the minions.
I also constantly use my ultimate at all times to scan for any enemies nearby me because if they are trying to gank me, I could see them and I could probably be able to flee before getting eliminated.
I do notice that you can go through walls with Lesley’s second skill, if you don’t want to go under enemy turret, you could just use second skill and jump through their wall to eliminate an enemy.
Lesley’s second skill is often times not used a lot because I use it as a way to escape if there were any enemies were trying to attack me close-ranged.
Lesley is a pretty easy hero to use, you just need to know how to use Lesley because you would also need a bit of map awareness. Lesley can be used to gank others because Lesley is also an assassin since she can deal insane amount of damage.

Best if used with:
Franco; Franco’s ultimate cannot deal enough damage to eliminate an enemy, when Franco caught an enemy, Lesley would be able to eliminate that enemy with her insane amount of damage.
Best Countered By:
Aldous; Aldous’s ultimate will probably be aimed at Lesley, and it would be very hard for Lesley to escape Aldous unless Lesley is nearby her base.
Best Counter For:
Ling; Ling may be a top meta and he may very easily eliminate Lesley with one set of skill. However, Lesley can use ultimate to scan for Ling and know what needs to be done to avoid Ling and how to attack Ling.
Ling can be a very tough hero to fight against if you kept feeding Ling and didn’t use ultimate to scan for Ling. Lesley’s ultimate can be hit on Ling if he was hiding on the wall and you couldn’t attack him.

Bonus Attribute: Use Lesley with Harley, you can 10 extra HP.

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nice guide for lesley players. I would love to see some of the image of build and item information. Anyway thanks for sharing.
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Another reason for blade of hapestus -  the +15 Physical PEN also gives her 15% crit chance thanks to her passive
Post time 2020-2-23 05:06 PM | Show all posts
why not berserker fury?
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