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[Hero Balance] Buff Vale he's useless now with the current Meta.

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Post time 2020-1-31 12:03 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by debmarcley at 2020-2-10 11:30 AM

The meta now is Instant damage Not sustained damage, and Vale, with his Kit should be in the Meta but
The Problem is He is supposed to be the wind but His Skills Executions are too slow.
My Suggestion is
1. To Increase all of His Skills Execution Speed, Remove the delay on his First Skill, Similar to Gusion, Just bam and there's your damage.
2. His 2nd skill needs Faster execution too, perhaps a x2 speed buff.
3. His Ult Should be changed to Tick Damage, instead of a super delay 1 time big time damage, WHY?
Because there's too many hero with High Mobility in the meta rendering His Ult Useless. I tired playing Him in Mythic II, and I got demoted to Mythic III lols. Hell I can't even Kill Gusion with Full build and all skill combo.

4. If possible Just Combine ALL his skill Effects, this will make him Meta for sure because ML players only Play OP heroes.

Edit 1:
I just finished 23 games with Vale In MYthic 3, 80+ points.
I can conclude that vale is really useless especially with his ult (useless in mythic), his Ult can easily be escaped, I wish it was Tick damage or you can only escape with Purify/flicker.

Out of the 23 games I won 5 of them and it was the Damage Ult no CC, (makes player ignore it, if they get CC they just flicker or run away)
I tried different items Even tried those in PRO recommendations for items.
(I practiced in Classic and training mode) Won them classics, but in Mythic he is kinda weak and useless.
I tried ambushes works in classic, not in rank mythic,
I tried withelding my skills after the clash , doesn't really help, we ended up losing because I waited to use my skills.
Post time 2020-1-31 02:18 PM | Show all posts
He is not useless, he is a terrifying mage, he is a mid-late game. He could carry a whole team into a victory, I used him on rank, I was legend that time, I had a team with negative standing, I unexpectedly carry my team because of teamfight, just wait on your opponent to use their skills, then cast the combo.

Tips: when engaging the teamfight you must avoid to see on map, and wait the teamfight started. Vale is too good for teamfight having a proper set skill, easy savage is waiting
Post time 2020-1-31 08:31 PM | Show all posts
His kits are good. Only think he is missing is speed. I totally agree his skill set needs 2x speed casting speed. 2nd skill and ultimate is good. if needs rework its his first skill. casting this so hard that you need to get in a position vertically to cast the skill on to minion. Imagine same with the enemy. You wont get that chance. So ya he needs 2x casting speed and rework of 1st skill.


Merging all his skills would be easier and better  Post time 2020-1-31 08:36 PM
Post time 2020-1-31 12:45 PM | Show all posts
You are suggesting to increase all skill execution speed, it will make him one of the most op mage.

He doesn't need any changes, skill delay is fine because he deals very high damage.

I play vale and have 78% wr(SOLO player), with only use of skill 1 and 2 i kill most mm, mage and even some fighters.
With ult+2nd+1st skill combo he can just instantly vanish 3-4 enemy if deploy during team fight.

players with flicker can go out of your ult but why not pay attention to which enemy used flicker, which enemy used dash and then use your combo.
Even if you miss ult then also you have low cooldown.

Skill deployment speed increase will be bad move. You just tap skill 1 and 2 and mm, mage get deleted.

 Author| Post time 2020-1-31 01:07 PM | Show all posts
jt131 replied at 2020-1-31 12:45 PM
You are suggesting to increase all skill execution speed, it will make him one of the most op mage.

You're suggesting pay attention? how? by constantly Swiping and waiting?
As I said meta heroes are High In Mobility When you cast Ult, they just ignore your ult and easily escape  without Flicker.
It's either you get deleted first or you fail Ult with Vale, maybe you are using a Map hack so you can say that thing easily, It's quite difficult waiting at the backline, then get assasinated by gusion or any Assasin.
Btw are you in Mythic rank? if not, it kinda explains as to why you said that.
Post time 2020-1-31 02:53 PM | Show all posts
He is a team dependant mage so teamwork, strategy and synchronisation is needed to fully take advantage of him.
Tanks like Tigreal or Belerick is his best combo I guess.
But I do agree that he need some buff like reducing his skills CD or just buff is 1st skill dmg.
Post time 2020-1-31 03:16 PM | Show all posts
debmarcley replied at 2020-1-31 01:07 PM
You're suggesting pay attention? how? by constantly Swiping and waiting?
As I said meta heroes are ...

I'm at mythic rank. I believe you are using his ult as damage, i agree that enemy can simply walk away from ult when you use it as damage but when you upgrade it as cc then they cannot escape without dash or flicker.

I also agree that his early game damage is pretty low but his damage scaling is really high. As "Sim0nKey" said his mid-lage game damage is massive.
mid to late game, without even using ult he can 1 shot mm and mage with only 2nd and 1st skill. Tell me which mage can kill other full hp hero using only 1st and 2nd skill.
Look at how much aoe damage he is providing to your team, no other mage has all 3 high aoe damage skills.

By paying attention to minimap you can guess where enemy is rotating. By tapping minimap near enemy jungle monster location you can hear sound if they are killing creeps or buff. It gives you idea that their mm or mage is doing jungle. If nothing u find and enemy is missing at lane then probably they are right near to your bush waiting for gank.
Wait for your tank to check bush if that is the case.

This is a team game, good team is required to do good, top meta mage or mm also can't do anything if team is bad.
fanny and gusion are problem but that also apply to most mm and mages. Good fanny and gusion player can kill you inside your tower.
Post time 2020-1-31 04:25 PM | Show all posts
Vale is not entirely useless. You should change the heading t Buff Vale or something like that.
Post time 2020-1-31 08:18 PM | Show all posts
Edited by koken at 2020-1-31 08:35 PM

He just shall have all his options merged and leave the white/transparent/wind color palette. The options are crappy and even merged he wouldn't be OP. And his walking passive should be permanent and have a visual effect.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-1 12:17 AM | Show all posts
Even with CC on Vale's Ult, it can easily be dodge.
maybe I just suck on vale, I can't seem to use him properly, or simply bad matchups. I will try about 50 more games,
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