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[Team Tactics] MLBB Terminology > Did you know?

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Hey guys ! I've recently noticed that there are still many people who don't yet understand certain terms

and abbreviations that most players use on the game.

Some may know that feeling when you read the description of a skill like "AoE skill"

and you have no ideea what it means. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it happend to all of us

at some point, trust me.

So, leaving the chit chat aside, we'll go through all the terms we may encounter on the game

and explain them one by one.

1. AFK . Well we all know this one. It's one of the most common reason to report someone nowadays.  It actually means "Away from keyboard" but we all know it as "report that *** for afk" . Not much to say here. Whether your internet fails, or you intentionally close the game because of your sensitive nerves, this is called being afk. Pls don't do it, no one likes it and it's buzzkill for all of us who want to enjoy the game.

2. Tyt. This mean "Take your time".

3. BRB - "Be right back" . A well known term worldwide.

4. IMO - In my opinion.

5. IMHO - In my honest/humble opinion.

6. Exp - Experience. What you gain after killing monsters/minions.

7. IRL - In real life.

8. JK - just kidding

9. IDK - I don't know

10. IDC - I don't care

11. Lmao - Laughing my ass off (sorry for the bad word xd) but this term is very common, even I use it frequently, even if I'm not necessarily laughing, but maybe I'm surprised about something.

12. Newbie - A new player on the game, a beginner. The nicer version of noob/nub.

13. NP - No problem.

14. QQ - I used to use it but I noticed not many people on mobile legends use it..However, this represents a pair of tearing eyes. Often used as an insult towards a player who complains too much. You might have heard of it in this form " QQ more noob". It's not ok to use it, I don't support it but at least you must know what it means.

15. Rekt - "Wrecked" as in someone who got completely destroyed. Example : "You got rekt haha, 1v1 me".

16. WB - Welcome back.

So basically, these are the general terms which can be used basically on any game. Now, I'll get on to the 2nd part of this short guide, specific Mobile Legends Terms.

Even if you may encounter these terms on other similar games, they still mean the same thing.

1. AE - Area Effect. Used to reffer to the area of effect of a skill.

2. AoE - Same as no.1 (AE) - Area Of Effect.

3.. Aggro. I'm sure many of you heard about this one. Basically it's a term more suitable for tanks/fighters.

For example : "I will take aggro from the turret, you dive and kill him". So what it means is that the stronger teammate will take the damage from monsters/turtle/buffs/turret, in order for other weaker teammates to take the kill/buff. By weak I don't mean "noob", but weaker roles such as mages/marksmen.

Taking the damage means taking aggro. Easy

3. Buff - Temporary boost to some attributes (like mana regeneragion, damage and so on - blue/red buff).

4. Debuff - It's the opposite of a buff basically.

5. CC /Crowd Control. Refers to a spell/ability that temporarily stun/root/knock up or back other players or monsters. Slow is also considered as CC skill even if IMO (In my opinion, remember?) it shouldn't really.

Many Heroes have CC abilities - Lolita with her 1st skill stun, Chou can knock you around, Belerick can root you..and so on.

Petrify can also be considered as a CC spell - Besides the damage it deals, it also petrifies enemies, sort of like a stun.

6. DPS - Damage Per Second. Used mostly when we think of an item's attack speed or damage.

7. Farm - The act of accumulating gold/experience by killing monsters/minions. Sometimes we may say "I will farm the jungle" - which means we're going to kill the jungle monsters in order to get experience/gold or a buff.

You may have heard of "I farm kills", it's the same actually, it's when you're fed and your only objective is to kill players instead of farm monsters/minions (that's mostly arrogance xd).

8. Feed/Fed (for the past). Is when you die wayyyyy too much giving kills to the enemy team - that means you feed.

When we say " Nice, fed Granger, we lose" - it means Granger had a lot of feed, from farm + kills he got during the match.

9. GG . Great Game. Well......even if that's what it means, nowadays we monstly see it in sarcastic sayings such as

"GG noob", "GG we lost" and so on.

10. GANK (not gang. that's a whole different meaning xd). Well, it's a verb . Yeah, not helpful much. Well this term is reffering to a player being overwhelmed by a group of enemies.

For example, if we say "i will gank mid", that means leaving your lane, going mid in order to help your teammate or secure the kill, by taking your enemies by surprise.

11. KS . Who doesn't know this one, really. It means Kill Steal, but everyone calls it Kill Secure You know, to justify yourself when you steal someone's kill.

12. Mob - Monster

13. Nerf - Used mostly when it comes to heroes/items/monsters. What it means - reducing the power of an ability/item. It's used when an ability is reduced because it's perceived as being too powerful.

Example : "These devs Nerf Harith again".

14. OP - OverPowered. When some hero/abilities/attributes are too powerful in comparison to others, we say OP.

Example : "Bruno is so OP now".

15. PvE -> Player Vs Environment. Environment stands for all monsters.

16. PvP -> Player Vs Player . Don't think I need to explain this one..

17. Root -> An ability/skill that can immobilize a target. The target is then said to be rooted. It involves references to plants, hence "root". (example : Belerick 1st skill)

That's about it Guys ! I hope I didn't miss anything. If so, please feel free to write it in a comment !

I hope this short guide will help you understand better some of the abbreviations we see on the game !

Non related after this guide was posted :

Post time 2020-1-28 07:25 AM | Show all posts
Aggro was rarely used in MOBA because you can't force the other player to attack you except for some skills but it can be called as CC. moba rather used the word tank that, tank this, but never the word of get the aggro for that/this. in RPG aggro is one of the task that the tank character needs to be fulfilled. because damage dealer often get the aggro of the monster/boss because of their high damage.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-28 02:39 PM | Show all posts
I know people who use this word, me included...I always say it..this is why I thought it would be good to mention it, just in case.
It is indeed kind of same with tanking but different because tanks tank, it's their job. But a support or fighter can take aggro from monsters and so on without having to be a tank per se.
This is why I separated the terms. For a better understanding.
This term can be indeed used on other games, aswell as other terms can be.
Post time 2020-1-28 06:03 PM | Show all posts
I did not know about QQ. very informative post to be honest. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.
Post time 2020-2-1 06:21 AM | Show all posts
If someone hasn’t understood yet, AoE = multi-target.
Debuff and nerf can be equivalent.
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