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[Lineup Strategy] Understanding New Meta

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With every Patch Notes, Moonton surprises us with whole different changes every single time.

The Jungle has changed a lot and because of that, Meta has changed again.

Monsters are different, buffs are different, new monsters, fights over blue buff and it goes on and on and on and you're just confused not just because of yourself but also because of others

and you find yourself like :

To be honest, all these changes are not that hard to understand.

In this Guide today, I will try to take everything step by step for a better understanding of the changes and talk a little about the current meta and how to understand it.

First thing we need to understand is THE JUNGLE.

Let's take them 1 by 1.



This is called Crammer . General information :

First Appear: 39s

Refresh: 70s

Loots: Healing Buff: Restores 5% Mana and 350 HP in 2s.

When Crammer is killed, its carcass will turn into a Little Crammer that is weaker than the Crammer that can surive survive up to 15s.



This big guy here is called Rockursa. General Information :

First Appear: 31s

Refresh: 70s

Loots: Healing Buff: Restores 5% Mana and 350 HP in 2s.



This guy's name is Scaled Lizard. General Information :

First Appear: 40s

Refresh: 70s

Loots: Healing Buff: Restores 5% Mana and 350 HP in 2s.



Lithowanderer. Well this little guy is new. It won't attack back and it's that buff that even tank/support can take. It's purpose is to restore HP and Mana so no matter who takes it, every teammate in it's range will regenerate.

General information:

First Appear: 35s

Refresh: 120s

Loots: When killed, Lithowanderer will become a Walkie Grass and follow the killer for 120s.

The Walkie Grass helps the allied target within 6-unit range to restore 2% HP and Mana every second. To minions, restores 3% per second.



CRAB. We all know this one, we fight for it every time. Let's see the General Information :

First Appear: 90s, Little Crab: 45s

Refresh: 120s, Little Crab: 15s

Loots: Gold Buff:The killer gains a Gold Buff that will last ofr 30s and provide 100 extra Gold. To the Little Crab, the killer will gain 30 extra Gold in 9s.



Serpent / Blue Buff. General Information :

First Appear: 30s

Refresh: 120s

Loots: Blue/Purple Buff: In the next 120s, reduces all skill's CD by 10%, Mana Cost by 40%, Energy Cost by 25%.

When killing an enemy unit, restores HP based on the type of this unit. If the unit is a minion, restores 3%. If the unit is a Hero, restores 8%. If the unit is a Creep, restores 12%.



Fiend/ Red Buff. General Information :

First Appear: 30s

Refresh: 120s

Loots: Red Buff: In the next 120s, each time the killer attakcs the enemy Heroes, the Soul of Lava will attack them once, dealing extra damage and slowing them for 1s based on the killer's Role.

TO Assassin / Fighter / Tank, deals 50 (+50% Total Physical ATK) True Damage and slows the targets by 80%.

To Marksman / Mage / Support, deals 50 (+50% Total Physical ATK) True Damage and slows the target by 30%. The attack has a CD of 3s.

The reason why I colored this information so much is because people should understand BUFF PRIORITY. Which means WHO gets to take WHICH buff.

It's wrong to say only mages can take blue buff !!

Blue buff is very good for assassins like Fanny too.

In this meta, BLUE buff goes to Mage/Assassin and RED buff goes to Marksman.

As we all know, it's mostly Marksman Meta now. Marksman can take Red buff now even from lvl 1, with the help of Support or Tank and can hold his lane solo very well, even kill you 1v1.



THE TURTLE. Higly Important. General Information :

First Appear: 3 min

Refresh: 120 s

Stop Respawning: 7 min 5s

Loots: Turtle Buff:The killer gains a shield that can absorb 400(+40*Hero Level) Damage when the killer doesn't take any damage in 5s. The shield can increase the killer's Physical Attack by 20(+2*Hero Level), Magic Power by 25(+4*Hero Level).

The thing you all need to understand about The Turtle is that IT MATTERS WHO TAKES IT ! Why?

Precisely because of the shield it gives to the one who kills it.

So if you see the turtle is low in HP and you play tank/support for example, stop hitting it!

Let the damage dealer take it.

Adding the turtle buff to a red buff for example would make your damage dealer OP !



LORD. General Information :

First Appear: 9 min

Refresh: 4 min

Loots: Greatly enhances the attributes for the Minions of the next 1 wavw. Meanwhile, the Lord will choose a random lane to attack till death.

At 12 minutes, the Lord gains the ability where he can lunge toward an enemy turret nearby and deals (+100% Total Physical ATK) True Damage to it.



CYCLONE EYE. This is the Speedy Gonzales buff. If you go through it, you will get some speed and glide forward for 1 second.

What you need to understand about this is that this "glide forward" or the direction that you choose can also help you go through walls. You can even use it to escape enemies.

Here is the short version of the Jungle's little tutorial :



This is some general basic information about the changes that happened lately to the jungle.

Now that we have this covered up, we can move on to other aspects of the new meta.

Let's talk now about some of the best picks in ranked this meta.

To be honest I tend to play non-meta heroes sometimes, you know, just to prove it is possible and if

a hero is non-meta doesn't mean it's useless.

Meta heroes are the one considered most OP, because of their damage, durability, sustainability and use in a match.

Based on these characteristics, some heroes are considered as Meta Heroes.

= How to BAN or PICK heroes in Ranked =

Well this is the most stressful part we need to go through before the match.

People need to understand which heroes they need to ban or what to pick.

1st pick is important ! So it's important what you prioritize.

We all been through situations where people just instalock some nonpriority heroes  (1st pick Lesley *cough*).


Most common bans are almost always meta heroes.

From my experience and following logic, some of most common bans are :

Estes, Wanwan, Helcurt, Esmeralda, Bruno, Ling. This list may vary, depending on regions.

I learned that on SEA, Baxia also used to be a banned hero, even if on EU he wasn't.

Well this was before Baxia's nerf of course.

Ling will be targetable even in walls, but even so I still think he will be banned in ranked.

How/Which hero to pick

What people still need to understand is that selfishness is a wrong attitude.

Whenever I play rank, I always ask my teammates to show picks.

Why ? For better communication and to avoid arguments.

If you want to play a certain role, but another teammate has more matches and better winrate than you,

don't be selfish and play a different role.

This gets me to my next advise, it's mandatory to know at least 2 heroes for each role !

Here are some heroes to prioritize in draft pick : (there is no certain order)

1. LING.Even if he is still one of the most banned heroes in ranked, if no one bans him, pick him but only if you know how to play him. Please don't learn heroes in ranked !

Why is he one of the most banned and a prioritized pick? It's because of his high damage and mobility.

In a few seconds he can go from base to enemy jungle. So annoying. In a few seconds he pops out of nowhere, can kill you inside your turret and dissappear again.

It's true he got a big nerf, being targetable while being inside the walls. He might be undervalued but he is still a good pick.

If your team doesn't have a good reliable Ling, just ban him in draft pick.

2. GRANGER. One of the strongest Marksman still. And now with the red buff, he's even more OP.

He has no mana, no energy and low cooldowns so he can farm fast with his first skill and because of his

high damage. His low cooldown basically helps him spam skills. Let's not mention his ultimate, who's damage is very strong and that can damage enemies from far away.

3. KHUFRA. He is one of the best tank picks right now. He can be banned sometimes in draft pick.

Long range and stun on his 1st skill, he can counter blink skills and his ultimate skill is a great AoE, CC skill.

4. KAJA. This one has always been a strong pick, mostly because his ultimate that can help the team gank, secure kill or take the damage dealer out of a teamfight. Mastering HERO LOCK MODE is a must on Kaja.

5. GUSION. His burst potential makes him also a good pick. Always keep his ultimate available when it comes to teamfights and make sure you won't lose your early game because otherwise it will be harder to come back to the game.

6. ESMERALDA. She still is a good pick. I've seen good Esmeralda users carry the game mostly alone. She has high damage and sustainability and she ignores enemy's shield with her passive. She has the ability to absorb enemy's shield with her 1st skill while generating more as she deals more damage.  So it's a bad idea to use buy items that give you shield like Athena's against her or pick heroes like Lolita who's passive gives a shield to self and allies.

However she can still be countered, just like any other hero. All heroes have weaknesses.

You can find ways to counter her here : How to Counter Esmeralda

7. ESTES. It's really hard to get the chance to pick him because he is mostly Banned in ranked because of his annoying slow on his 2nd skill and crazy heal, not just on his 1st skill, but also on his ultimate.

Basically he can restore all team's HP in teamfights with his ultimate.

8. KIMMY. Yep, Kimmy. Still a very good pick. That hero with high potential in carrying the game and that's not getting banned. And now after the introduction of red buff, she's even more annoying because of her long range and ability to constantly poke enemies.

9. WANWAN. If she's not banned in draft pick and you have a good Wanwan user in your team, just pick her. She's one of the most OP Marksman at the moment in my opinion. She has high mobility, stun (on her 1st skill), debuff skill (2nd skill) that can remove CC and insane ultimate that makes her untargetable and gives her the ability to move to another target after killing an enemy. She constantly HOPS, giving her the opportunity to still kill you even when she's running away to escape from you. Just remember she is very farm dependent, she is a bit low in early game. If you want to learn more about how to master Wanwan, check out this guide: WANWAN

10. GROCK. This hero has always been a great pick. He is very durable. Casting his 1st skill while being near a wall or turret makes him immune to any CC.

11. CHOU. In this current meta, Chou is played mostly as an offlaner but you can make him tanky aswell. He has mobility from his 1st and 2nd skill. 2nd skill makes him immune to CC during the dash. Let's not forget those good Chou users that can use flicker and kick you right in the middle of the enemy team xd Personally, I hate having a Chou in the enemy team and seeing him dash around me trying to catch me .

12. LUNOX. She is a very good mage, she almost never gets banned. She is really OP after lvl 4, her ultimate helping her spam her skills.

13. HARITH. He was a bit underrated in the past, especially because of all the massive nerfs he got. But now he got a bit buffed again. He has high damage potential and mobility. Because of his ultimate, he can spam skills, especially his 2nd skill to deal more damage while generating a shield.

14. HELCURT. He is often banned. His ultimate is very good because it takes out the visibility of enemies while gaining movement speed. This way he can gank, escape a fight, help teammates engage in a teamfight or escape one. So he has insane mobility and sustain. He can just come out of nowhere and kill you. He's like the no1 enemy of squishy heroes, like Marskmen.

15. LOLITA. I will always consider her one of the best tanks in the game. She has stun, a shield that can block damage from enemies, skills (such as Gusion's 1st skill or Franco's hook) and some of their ultimates (such as Harley's ultimate or Chang'e's), an OP ultimate that slows and stuns enemies and her passive that provides a shield to self and allies near her. She may not be very overpowered, some may even say she's not Meta. But she certainly is a great pick that can counter many heroes.

16. DYRROTH. He is a very OP fighter due to his insane burst damage. He's not difficult to use and with good farm and a good build, you can dominate the match.

17. HAYABUSA. Damage, mobility, Low CC skills. What more could I say ? His special ability is split pushing. He can 1 shot squishy enemies, he can roam fast or scape using his 2nd skill. His 1st skill helps him farm fast and trigger his passive fast. It's true you kind of need fast fingers for him, but once you master him, he can be really OP.

18. PHARSA. I have to admit she's not one of my favourites but after her revamp she is really good now..In bird state she can go through walls and her low CD annoying ultimate can make your HP vanish instantly.

19. CHANG'E. Best thing about her is her insane ultimate that can literally melt down enemy's HP.


Here's the Hero Tier List :


This is all about today's guide. The most important part is understanding the new jungle monsters. Because of them, priorities change, rotation changes.

Also, a good thing to remember is that heroes become Meta or not depending on the buffs and nerfs.

Right now, Freya got a big revamp, after a long time of being forgotten. I haven't added her to any list here because I haven't seen her in matches so far and I'm sorry to say I haven't tested her yet.

I hope I didn't miss anything. Remember, knowing the basics is important. The rest comes with time and practice.

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salute and applause to you @shinee baby, you have did a great job.

if every players in game can read it will be great. or maybe moonton need to create a short video on youtube so almost all players can watch it.

not all players are in forum and some dont even bother to read.

how about this, my suggestion to the mods and devs. create a short youtube video. make sure all players get the notice, every players that finish watch the youtube video will get something free (example star protection card x 1) will be attractive enough
Post time 2020-1-21 05:09 PM | Show all posts
My poor Faramis sitting in the tier B. So, sad.


Yeah, he is too infamous and my teammates sometime troll when I pick him thinking they will lose.  Post time 2020-1-22 03:36 PM
Haven't seen Faramis in longtime..I mostly see him in Brawls.. :<  Post time 2020-1-21 07:28 PM
Post time 2020-1-21 09:57 PM | Show all posts
Another full jam packed awesome guide from you. And this time its jungle guide which is very very important for adc role. We jungle but do not know the re spawn time, all the benefits of the buff and so on. Thanks a lot for this superb guide.
Post time 2020-1-24 03:08 AM | Show all posts

for me odette is S+ for Mage and Support hahaha

so vale was on the lower bracket huh? interesting i think i got his skin hmmmmm. let me finish my hype on odette then i will try you hahahaha...
 Author| Post time 2020-1-25 03:32 PM | Show all posts
Yeah, Vale still in the lower bracket. I tested him a lot. His damage is good in early but meh in late game. His skills are interesting, the idea of upgrading in 2 different ways is interesting but his ultimate needs to be casted faster.  At the moment, this is the new meta, the new jungle. I will update if other things will change :3
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