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[Complaint] Why Moonton hate tank users so much?

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Post time 2020-1-18 11:13 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by AZNUR at 2020-1-19 03:24 AM

Seriously? Life as a tank main is already hard enough and now Moonton is nerfing roaming items?
Is this some kind of joke to Moonton?

Oh, for those who dont know, roam items just got a big big nerf. To make it simple, it will get you less gold, its item passive now has a cooldown and the cooldown also applied to teammates as well and the last one is, shadow mask isnt that great anymore.

Just why? Why Moonton hate tanks users so much? In the  recent patch in original server, the spell "Revitalize" also got nerfed...and a pretty balanced tank Baxia got a bad nerf. WHY? While MM keep abusing the red buff, tanks users got the penalty....WTF.

Also found this in reddit
Post time 2020-1-19 08:53 PM | Show all posts
generally lots of tank user do not even make 3rd tier roaming item. It is useful bot not everyone use it. This item eventually favor the dominating team.
Post time 2020-1-19 12:13 AM | Show all posts
its not a total nerf for roaming items ...its okay in my opinion if you have only one tnk in team, even if you have 2 tanks just buy 2 different roaming items + high tier roaming items will have high attributes, and we cannot blame moonton for nerfs and buff as it is done after the majority feedback from the players and the evolving of game. if you are still not satisfied with the changes you can always suggest , to ingame CS
Post time 2020-1-20 07:18 PM | Show all posts
I’ve been complaining about this issue for the longest time, how many ways can you build a tank or a support VS how many ways you can build with DPS.

Tank Builds - HP , HP Regen, Armor and Magic Resist

MM Builds - Attack Speed, Crit, Attack Damage, A.True Damage, HP% Damage, Armor Pen

Mage Builds - Mana Based Damage, Magic Damage, M.True Damage, HP% Damage, MR Pen

Damage Heroes can easily counter tank but tanks have very limited ways to counter damage heroes its insane.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-20 08:23 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-1-19 08:53 PM
generally lots of tank user do not even make 3rd tier roaming item. It is useful bot not everyone us ...

Currently only you and Rohit BK201 that don't mind about this, while the other forumers are strongly agree with me. So please kindly submit this to devs ASAP.


its submitted already.  Post time 2020-1-23 04:54 PM
Post time 2020-1-19 02:23 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2020-1-19 09:17 PM | Show all posts
They should nerf marksmen instead of tank.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-19 09:17 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-1-19 08:53 PM
generally lots of tank user do not even make 3rd tier roaming item. It is useful bot not everyone us ...

It just make lesser tank wanna use this item.
Post time 2020-1-19 12:05 AM | Show all posts
I know right. Tanks have always got the short end of the stick. From defence items having the least number of options to unnecessary nerfs on good balanced tanks, we havent been served so well and now this. It hurts right in the meow meow.
Post time 2020-1-19 07:20 AM | Show all posts
Are roaming items OP or something?
Keep buffing DMG hero and we haven't new item to counter that. GJ
Post time 2020-1-19 09:15 AM | Show all posts
Nerfing tank items montoon specialties...
Post time 2020-1-19 11:30 AM | Show all posts
Totally agree with this post.. By adding redbuff and mm having a 100% pure dmg is outrageous.. they are long range and they suppose not to aim tanks and tanks should be able to sponge mm damage.. Back then if mm is locking tank he would be scolded.. why are u locking on mm.. kill the ADC/Mage first and deal with tank last.. but now with red buff.......................
Post time 2020-1-19 04:13 PM | Show all posts
I also not undrstand why developer wnt nerf tank because in epic rank still no one wanted to use tank and tank is boring role tank need some buff so it mybe attrct othr user to play
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