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[Hero Balance] Make Ruby as real Fighter and She Needs Also Revamp Model, Skills, etc.

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Edited by mhoz000 at 2020-1-27 04:32 PM

I use Ruby since 2017-2018 I am always getting most MVPs but the time Aldous,  Leomord,  Xborg , Masha and other newest powerful fighters released. Ruby can't do anything about these new meta fighters if you are going to compare her vs them Ruby is like weaker than any fighters in Mobile Legends game.

These are my main problems here:
1. Can't compete in farming or slow when it comes vs fighters even using jungle items with Wooden Mask. Even the enemy fighter has many deaths like 3-5 that enemy fighter can gain farm with same gold and exp earned as Ruby has no deaths with her continual farming.

2. She has no mobility like Bane,  Minsthar except Aldous who is much powerful in late game,  she can't chase mobility heroes like Chou, Leomord and can't escape from her enemies that would avoid Ambush,  Gank, etc.

3. She is fighter even she is crowd control meaning she must be like Leomord can fight both early, mid and late game because I notice Martis also crow control and Chou. Because when Ruby confronts any enemy hero she can't match up probably she would be getting fed.

4. Her Crowd control is not enough, because the stun duration is only 0.5 secs while others have at least 1 sec and the worst of all is the 3rd skill if Ruby tries to catch enemies, enemies would probably avoid it and it is short range. If the hook missed you will wait for another 24 secs when level 4 I don't feel this is an ultimate it is like normal skill. And it is useless against mobility heroes. The cool down is bit high since she is skills based.

5. 32,000 BP it is same price as Masha,  Aldous,  and new meta heroes. Many people will go for Aldous, Leomord or Masha than picking her. If it is worth 32,000 make Ruby more powerful as other fighters.

6. If we can make Ruby as powerful Crowd Controller and fighter, she can compete against Chou,  Masha, Sun and other fighters during clash that would call her Ruby as Real Fighter not Tank that deals only low damage.

7. She is only relying on her skills for getting lifesteal not from basic attack.  I mean her cool down should make a less little bit that she can retaliate against other fighters who relies only quick basic attacks for life steal.

8. Her model looks old graphic like 2011 and it is 2020 now and she is not same hot and cute in her actual picture. Some says Ruby looks pixelated in model.

9. She is only powerful in late game but what if the enemies don't like late game match then Ruby is useless.  Invading tactics are sure win stategy against late game heroes because Ruby is only relying on items for life steal.

And the last

10. She can't carry the game so she is relying on her team mates and can't also defend herself when in early game and needs another team mate to protect her since she is low damage skill based so life steal still not enough to compete against actual fighters.

Post time 2020-1-19 07:34 PM | Show all posts
I support this that she needs some buff because she lack something as a fighter.Also please add her in support class as she good supporting in teamfight but lack damage


100% fighter damage crowd control like Martis would be great than being in Support clash, Support heroes not that great like low damage skills. Fighter only would fit for her.  Post time 2020-1-22 11:06 AM
Post time 2020-1-17 07:45 PM | Show all posts
Judging from your builds, I can see why you wanted her to be revamped. The way how fast her skills are and her spell vamp makes her really durable and hard to kill and chase. Have you ever tried getting an assassin emblem (Bounty Talent, Physical + Spellvamp Attribute ) and go get Demon Shoes -> Hunter's Knife (optional, but I'd prefer this for really op lifesteal) -> Haas' Claws -> Endless Battle -> Blade of Despair/Oracle -> up to you. With these 2-3 items you're already unstoppable.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-17 08:02 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2020-1-17 07:45 PM
Judging from your builds, I can see why you wanted her to be revamped. The way how fast her skills a ...

I have been trying the fastest way to defend and kill since Ruby is only relying on items I think I am tired of everything and keep losing.
Post time 2020-1-18 01:55 AM | Show all posts
Ruby main here. She's fine, you're going with an extremely aggressive build (and on top of it, wasting precious money on the assumption you can't farm well). Don't buy mask unless you plan to tank and babysit another player. But doing that is a slippery slope in which you'll only fall further behind in the farming game. You should be focusing on minion waves for your farm. Most of the time, folks will let you solo top, which keeps you in the game (if not let's you get ahead). Only try farming jungle if you have a LOT of time to spare before the next minion wave (like you took minion wave out before your minions even clashed).

1st, Ruby's main assets are her low CDR skills, which, when played with full CDR items, she can basically spam all 3 indefinitely with the right timing. Her ult becomes a 16 second CD, which I often use to clear minions in a lane, then run to the mid for a team fight and already have my ult again.

While i don't get MVP nearly as often as i used to, I'm a solo queuer and I still get into mythic rank every season. It's about utility, even if it means you'll get the short end of the stick. Just keep focusing on being that annoying poker that won't ever die until your team comes to gank.

As for item building, I usually do Endless battle first (as it helps with the farming tremendously with that true dmg). Then magic shoes. Now with that said, i usually build vampire mallet first, then the 2 magic necklace, then i switch over to prioritize the boots. After that, i finish getting endless battle. Pending how things look in the match, i then get either Haas Claw (if we're doing well and I want to get more power) or Thunder Belt (if i need more defenses cause mm is fucking us up). Also, don't underestimate thunder belt. With both endless and thunder, you are a frickin true dmg beast since you can spam your skills out so fast. Haas claws basically makes you invincible aside from being CC'd for a long time then bursted (aka Franco). If i got Haas Claws already, i may grab WoAQ next as it's basically the same as the tenacity passive for tank emblem.
Post time 2020-1-18 02:48 AM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2020-1-17 07:45 PM
Judging from your builds, I can see why you wanted her to be revamped. The way how fast her skills a ...

oracle actually doesn't effect ruby's spell vamp. i suggest replacing oracle with queens wings. also i think a nice ruby buff would be much appreciated. i think the author of the page has a point
 Author| Post time 2020-1-18 07:55 AM | Show all posts
Malicewolf replied at 2020-1-18 01:55 AM
Ruby main here. She's fine, you're going with an extremely aggressive build (and on top of it, wasti ...

She still losing to any enemy fighter like Alucard,  Thamuz,  Masha during clash no matter how full build you are and how strong you are if are really fighter she should able to fight back and there is CC and anti lifesteal.
Post time 2020-1-18 12:31 PM | Show all posts
I see some really good advises here for Ruby which are all good and accurate. However I feel like supporting the author, her range for ultimate is too short.., that's true..a good ideea would be making this skill chargeable..charge it in order to get longer range. As for the other suggestions, she should have some lifesteal on her basic attacks..
Post time 2020-1-18 02:38 PM | Show all posts
I personally believe ruby needs revamp. I also play ruby and somehow i cant feel in her in current meta. Last nerf if you remember, was hit ruby pretty hard. At least i want MLBB to remove the last nerf on ruby or rework her if possible. To get early sustainability and more cc. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Post time 2020-1-19 02:00 AM | Show all posts
Ruby spell vamp passive , if you use it efficiently, literally give her 1-4 extra HP bar depends on how many enemy you hit with the skill.
Ruby is masha but with more crowd control , i don't see why she need regamp
 Author| Post time 2020-1-19 05:59 AM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2020-1-19 02:00 AM
Ruby spell vamp passive , if you use it efficiently, literally give her 1-4 extra HP bar depends on  ...

Please read again what I had witten.. And you will understand why..
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