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Edited by PoorGamer at 2020-1-14 10:34 PM

So in my last post about a possible way to revamp Rafaela.


Now I have racked my brain for some ways to buff up LAYLA!

I honestly love to play Layla, it actually breaks my heart that people really under mine her! LAYLA NEEDS THIS REVAMP.

Hope this thread reaches the devs. And consider this.

Passive: No change..

1st skill: Ricochet Shot ~ Like the old skill, with longer distance and bigger damage. You guys know Bubble Witch Saga? And games like that, where you can use the wall to re-direct/change the trajectory of a shot. (link for reference:

2nd skill: Explosion Rush ~ Layla will dash to a certain distance and strike her cannon to the ground which will cause an explosion. If enemy is directly hit, Layla will stun the enemy, if not, will instead slow them. (execution would like gus first ulti)

Ultimate: Like the old ultimate, but will have wider range. The closer is the enemy is the bigger the damage, and if layla shoots upfront/face to face with the enemy(sorry don't know which term to use) will push the enemy back.


Post time 2020-1-14 10:17 PM | Show all posts
I like The 2nd skill is mobility now, the ultimate is a knockback this will make her can at least counter assasin that want to chase her, will support this, Thank You.
Post time 2020-1-15 06:53 AM | Show all posts
Nice suggestion. Maybe she could have the mobility on her passive: the closer to the enemy the faster she runs, the more far she is the more damage she deals
Post time 2020-1-15 09:50 AM | Show all posts
I like the whole idea of reworking layla. Completely agree with first skill and ultimate. But i am sorry i cant agree with 2nd skill. Because layla is first hero to obtain it should be simple. Need to think of something else for the second skill. Other than that i agree with this suggestion. thanks for  your valuable feedback.
Post time 2020-1-15 02:58 PM | Show all posts
I agree with ultimate having knockback and higher damage when near.. Like BD007 what i recommend is to make her more tanky if enemy are closer to her for newbie friendly skill sets.. .. it should be a passive aura along with her current passive where enemy that is near Layla will deal lower damage towards layla (Layla only not her teammates).. the closer the lower... that's my idea ..
Post time 2020-1-15 05:31 PM | Show all posts
I'm not ok with the changes on her 2nd skill. She is a marksman..the dash is fine, for mobility and escape but smashing the ground and so..that would mean getting close to enemies which is not ok because she is a MM and she is not melee.
I love the idea of the 1st skill. The possibility to use walls to redirect the trajectory of the skill... nice touch there. Would make her a bit more difficult to use than before but it's really nice... I wouldn't change that ultimate though..lanes are not that wide so I don't think her ultimate should be wider..please leave us the possibility to dodge it :)))
I'm also waiting for a good revamp for her..she has such a bad reputation nowadays..everyone seems to forget that she was one of the heroes we first learned to play with when we first started the game and we were newbies..
Please do submit this to cs ingame, more suggestions, higher chances for a good revamp


her 1st skill wasn't the longest range in MM already ?  Post time 2020-1-21 10:15 AM
Post time 2020-1-15 10:13 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Gunslinger03 at 2020-1-15 10:26 PM

I pushed the against icon just because of the second skill idea.

But its no use giving suggestions for this particular hero. Before your suggestion, there were many other professional Layla user who gave their opinion with a view to bring her back to meta. But the devs didnt care and i gurantee she is never getting a revamp or improved. You need a prove? Here is the prove, Look at Layla's condition and also look at the age of this game. What has the devs done about it?

Post time 2020-1-16 12:26 AM | Show all posts
Layla is a starter hero that is supposed to be played only in the low ranks, shes simple, straightforward and overall a free hero to introduce new players about the game this is why i think moonton will NEVER change layla


totally agree with this, even i hope layla can get a buff or rework  Post time 2020-1-21 10:15 AM
Post time 2020-1-16 09:52 AM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2020-1-16 12:26 AM
Layla is a starter hero that is supposed to be played only in the low ranks, shes simple, straightfo ...

Well they could always leave the current Layla just for the tutorials
Post time 2020-1-21 03:46 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-1-15 09:50 AM
I like the whole idea of reworking layla. Completely agree with first skill and ultimate. But i am s ...

that mobility for 2nd skill will definitely help her, as well the ult's knockback. so far she's strong at a "range" perspective but a quick escape can be a big help for her <3
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