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[Hero Techniques] Guide on how to play Faramis as semitank and support

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Hello I am a local 1 Faramis and I started as a GM 2 this season.I stopped playing mobile legends for about one season due to very poor matchmaking and due to my up and downs from GM to Epic and when I came back I found this new hero Faramis who took me to Legend for the first time. So, I will say Faramis is a pretty good hero for solo players up to Epic rank. Here I would like to share my builds and tips and tricks about playing Faramis.


First with the build. I use tough boots for magic resistance and to reduce time controlled effects. Second item I use is clock of destiny to improve attack and hp at the same time. Then I add ice queen wand because I want to add slow effect to skills and to improve my movement further. I roam a lot and this item also helps a little although I know that skill 1 is pretty good for roaming.Next item is necklace of durance to prevent life steal effects of enemy heroes. Another one, I add dominance ice mainly for slow effect and physical defense. The last item depends on whether I see a huge damage dealing one hit/two hits one kill hero like aurora, eudora,lesley etc or not. If  I see them in enenmy hero I use twilight armor. Otherwise I add damage producing items or defense items depending on situation. Of course, you do not necessarily use these builds. The builds depend on your play style of the hero. I play him like semi tank and protector of main carry. So, I build like this. With this build, you need to be a little bit mana conscious through the entire game if you use skill 1 and 2 a lot for roaming and poking like me.

Tips and Tricks

For me, I like going to bottom lane with one other hero. I buy second skill first and hide in the bush and wait till enemy hero and all three minions arrive. If the enemy hero or heroes arrive, I use skill to and it will give considerable damage to them and if they are unskilled you and your teammate might even be able to kill one or both of them. I assist the hero till I get ulti and then start roaming lanes. Faramis is quite mobile and you can easily clear two lanes quickly with your skill 2 which is one of the huge advantage.

I find that Faramis works well with heroes that use basic attacks as major damage or heroes with short cool down skills like esmerelda, hylos because once they have been revived from Faramis ulti, they can do their job of demolishing/annoying enemies immediately again and do not need to wait for cool down of their skills. The revived heroes only have 10 seconds of life and heroes who rely on skills with long cool down time will not be good allies for Faramis and so you should not follow these heroes. So, my advise is stick to those heroes as much as you can especially in mid and late game.

Another important thing is not to use you ulti too early because enemies will not fight but will run away if you just open your ulti too early when your team or carry has still lots of hp. So, just wait till enemies become too passioned with their fight and they forget about your ulti and you think your carry or team is about to die <especilly ur carry or tank like hylos who can annoy enemies immediately when come back to alive as I said above>

Some will advise that you should try to pull back as much enemies as you can but according to my experience, that will only work on rare occasion and if you try too much, you will end up in the enemy area or turret. So, I would say that try to pull but dont try too hard if you cannot. Just use skill 1 and move towards enemy, use ur skill 2 to damage them poke them and slow them. It is difficult to pull them back and damage them with your skill 2.

These are all I can think about for now. Please add your advices and opinions in the comment section. Thank you.


Faramis build.jpg Screenshot_20200111-181929.png Screenshot_20200111-181908.png

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kingzvvd replied at 2020-1-15 11:28 AM
Support emblem and magic build / semi magic build also good !!

but Faramis need a buff in order to  ...

I agree he needs a buff especially his skill 1 which is not good for its purpose. Drawing back enemies is possible only if you follow them right into their teammates or into the turret on most occasions.
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Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-10 03:34 AM
iri replied at 2020-1-15 04:55 PM
Nice guide, thanks for the tips. I just got savage with Faramis tho I don't know how his skills work ...

That is great. Good luck playing Faramis.
Kathey replied at 2020-1-15 07:36 PM
Since you started from Grandmaster and into Epic playing Faramis, just notice it might be harder to  ...

I am sure playing will become harder in advanced rank since those pro players like to give all the golds to the main damage dealers and these damage dealer level up quickly and they will start killing every enemy once they are 2-3 levels above their opponents.

Ncup.Ajh replied at 2020-1-18 10:48 PM
Thanks for sharing this guide, with this I'll goes with him in ranked/classic matches that I've neve ...

Do try him. He is quite good if you have a good marksman <although Claude is not a good marksman to combo with Faramis. He relies too much on his ulti and cannot do much after that even if he is revived.>.
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