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[Gameplay] Moonton If you dont want to Separate Rank games, At least Give us options

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Edited by debmarcley at 2020-1-14 04:54 AM

If Moonton doesn't want to separate Rank games of solo/duo from Trio and 5 man teams,
At least give us the option to pick Whether we want to be matched with TRIO TEAMS.
I'm ranting because when I encounter trio Teams I always lose because they keep on feeding enemy teams and then blame me.
I hate trio players because they impose on what I should pick, And I hate meta heroes.
To hell with them, they are not playing me to play, I will pick what i Want with the mindset of winning.
I'm Currently Mythic 3 (352 Points) SOLOQ only no duo or trio.
I'd rather wait for that 5 minutes matching than get Teamed with TRIO players. (this shouldn't be a problem because ML has a very large playerbase)
Post time 2020-1-14 07:02 AM | Show all posts
I can understand your feeling. I play solo rank too. Sometimes they even give their adc mm even though that adc played less match than you and lower win rate. giving the choosing option is better in my opinion. Thanks for your feedback.
Post time 2020-1-14 11:50 AM | Show all posts

Tbh it depends. If the trio has players with the same role as you but their attainment/proficiency (normally judged by MMR + WR + number of matches) is higher than you, I don't see why they cannot request you to pick another role or hero.

However, if their stats are obviously lower than yours, it is not wrong to stand your ground and ask them to adjust instead.

A lot of times I got super frustrated because publics cannot adjust for crap and they rather let someone with 1.9k matches 81% WR to adjust into another role, just so they can play their 50% wr 500 matches heroes.

But yeah, I do agree with you that we need options for players to choose if they want to play with 9 other people who are also solo queuing like them, or if they want to team up with trio/duo players etc.

It's really not fair that 2 duos and 1 solo q player have to face 1 trio and 1 duo etc. The coordination from the 1 trio 1 duo team would obviously be better than the 2 duos 1 solo q team.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-14 05:19 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2020-1-14 11:50 AM

Tbh it depends. If the trio has players with the same role as you but their attainment/ ...

it really happens you know...
well I wouldn't get to mythic 3 if I dont adjust my roles, I can play all roles, fairly.
I show I'm World rank 470 with Lesley, but they still pushed to use BRUNO with their team mates with matches of 30 or less with 70% win rate.
And yeah I lose most matches because of it.
They even Say no, dont pick that, pick this...
I reply to them... F U , is this your CP?, Do you pay me to play?
Post time 2020-1-14 07:14 PM | Show all posts
There are hero preferences to which some people likes to use what they feel like would be best to use in a match. It is more of a psychological process to me, sometimes I might have the feeling that I want to play mage and another time I might have a feeling that I want to play marksman. It’s the feeling like you wouldn’t feel well if you don’t play the hero that you wanted to play. And there are people who only play a certain role, maybe they are good at using marksman heroes so they decided to just use Bruno. Like they wouldn’t adjust to the team, just like me because I don’t care if you are world #1 Lunox or world #1 Granger, I still got to use what I feel like using.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-14 10:43 PM | Show all posts
Kathey replied at 2020-1-14 07:14 PM
There are hero preferences to which some people likes to use what they feel like would be best to us ...

exactly, I hate the part wherein they would impose picks on you,
Post time 2020-1-16 03:40 PM | Show all posts
debmarcley replied at 2020-1-14 05:19 PM
it really happens you know...
well I wouldn't get to mythic 3 if I dont adjust my roles, I can pla ...


Chill man, I understand your position. A lot of times despite pinging my stats, public players still decided to up a 300 matches 50% wr gusion instead of me.

Toxics are still gonna be toxics and there's really nothing we can do about it but cross our fingers because no matter what we do or say, they don't listen. It's same IRL when toxic people don't listen and still deciding to do their own stuff despite the fact that you have a better method than them.
Post time 2020-1-20 02:55 AM | Show all posts
Choice is a good option.
Cause role affects coordination. Suppose the trio was Tank+MM+support. But you have better stats. so you get mm. now the trio optimal combination is broken. Which is why trio players do not want to adjust their roles, cause no matter how good mm you are, you cannot compare to someone sitting right beside the tank and discussing what to do.
However if it is implemented, warning should be given to trios not actually together. These trios queue together but don't actually talk, so they r not as good & would get rekt by a communicating trio...
Post time 2020-1-20 08:22 PM | Show all posts
I agree with you. Hopefully, Moontoon's future updates would include an option for players whether to enter a solo, duo, or trio matches. Lower tiers also experience the same especially if you're truly unlucky, you'll get to be paired with trio teams that would end the game as early as 5-6 minutes.

Also, I've seen some MOBA games having this kind of option and I think it's highly advisable for Moontoon to adapt that kind of idea.

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