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[Gameplay] New Role - Psychic

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New role that uses psychic powers to deal psychic damage and dominate the battle field. Their skills dont have cooldown but require mental energy to use. They excel at team fights because of their Area continuous damage, control skills, high defense and a different type of damage, but they cannot burst like mages. Psychics have 2 phase, Attack Phase and Defense Phase. Attack phase consist of 1st, 2nd, and ultimate skill. Defense phase has 1st and 2nd skill only. 2nd skill are used to switch phases, and mostly are mobility skills. On Attack phase, using 1st and ult skill consumes mental energy. Once mental energy runs out they cannot use their 1st and ult. They also dont have defensive properties when on Attack phase so they are very vulnerable to damages. Using 2nd skill will switch Psychics to defense phase. They will generate a barriers that can withstand damages. Also recovers mental energy.

-skills have no cooldown (but consumes a lot of mental energy)
-deals Psychic Damage
-excellent at team fights
-Area Damage
-Crowd Control
-have defensive properties

-cannot burst like mages
-hard to use
-timing of skills are critical

Example Hero:

Delta - Esper
Role: Psychic
Specialty: Crowd Control
Having raised at an orphanage and bullied at a very young age. Delta awaken her psychic abilities.

Passive: Mind Awakening
-every 12 seconds her basic attack will be enhance by her psychic powers. Dealing Psychic damage and stunning target by .7 seconds.

1st Skill: Attack Phase: Psyconfusion
-Delta charges her psychic powers consuming mental energy and release in a staight line dealing Psychic damage and confusing enemy heroes for 1 seconds. The higher the mental energy consumes the higher the psychic damage.
Defense Phase: Defense to Offense
-Delta generates a psychic field in a specified direction protecting herself and ally behind her for 3 seconds. If enough damage acumulates the field will destroy. After 3 seconds the damage done to the field will be converted to mental energy. Defense to Offense can only be used once after switching to Defense Phase.

2nd Skill: Projection
-Delta travel herself in a direction, leaving a projection of her (doesnt do anything), and switches to Defense Phase generating a barrier and recovering mental energy. Use this skill again to travel herself to a direction, leaving a projection of her, and switches to Attack Phase losing her barrier and stop recovering mental energy.

Ultimate: Mind Meltdown
-Delta will generate psychic shockwaves from herserlf within an area around her, dealing Psychic damage every seconds, slowing them down by 80% and reduce their attack speed by 50%. Everytime she deals damage for a third time will stun enemies for 2 seconds. Mind Meltdown will continuously consumes mental energy and will stop if Delta runs out of mental energy. Use again to stop Mind Meltdown.
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As long as physics damage is nothing against tank , i don't see any problem, because physics damage you meant will break Tank item build.

Tank already suffer enough from true damage,physical damage, magic damage , and enemy team consisting of 2 mage. Rip.
Post time 2020-1-12 04:22 PM | Show all posts
Not a bad idea. I saw your previous post and as i said it is a bit confusing. How to defend against Psychic damage? Is that magical, or physical or hybrid? like you need to have both physical and magical defense to provide hybrid defense against psychic damage? like a new attributes called psychic defense? Thanks for your new idea and suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-12 08:08 PM | Show all posts
All hero will gain PSY Def. Also psychics drawbacks are their weak damage.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-12 10:27 PM | Show all posts
Tank is tank
Post time 2020-1-13 01:18 PM | Show all posts
Psychic? Do you mean this hero can cause brain damage or something like that? Bcs it's Psychic, right? So what's the exact role? I mean like jungler, ganker, carry, support, initiator, pusher. Bcs Psychic that you mentioned here is another type of hero attribute like physical and magic, right?
Post time 2020-1-16 02:39 AM | Show all posts
i want to see a mage hero with psychic powers, that would be cool. also mind meltdown would be a great choice for a ultimate name
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