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[Hero Techniques] Lesley ~ GUIDE

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Hello everyone ! This guide today is about Lesley.

You may wonder, why from all meta Marskmen, I chose her.

Well thing is, I forgot how playing Lesley feels like. And it all happened while playing ranked, one of my teammates wanted to pick her and he had like 40% winrate. I had that "mean" moment so I picked Lesley just to not let him play her.

You may all say "Ughh, Lesley, bleak, 1 button hero" or what not. But have you ever seen a full build Lesley? Or even 3 item Lesley? The damage is insane.



Not much to say, really. I insta-bought Lesley when she was released because she looked so much like a hero I used to play on another game that I won't mention.

Didn't take long and I manage to get to Global 5 with her. It was like 2 seasons ago, I think.

Even if I may not play her much now, my moves did not get rusty

But yeah, Lesley is



Just wanted to highlight that this guide is not meant to be an offense to all Lesley users out there. We all know that many would rather play her because she doesn't require so much skill. She has low CD, insane damage and critical and no mana.



Lesley grew up in the Vance household, where her father presided over the noble family's security. During an attack by a rival family, Lesley's father was killed. As the assailants approached the Vance household, Lesley took up her father's black long rifle and fulfilled her late father's mission. Tears rolled down Lesley's cheeks as she fired shot after shot, each one taking down an assassin. The final tear came as the final shot took down the last of the rival family's men.
Lesley was adopted by the Vance family, with the patriarch of the noble house even putting their sole heir, Harley under her tutelage. Harley, was a natural troublemaker, who used his talents in magic to cause trouble for the Vance household, only Lesley could keep Harley under control. Harley's troublemaker's streak was the last part of warmth within Lesley's conscience.
After hearing about how Harley had travelled to the dangerous Land of Dawn, Lesley follow along with her trusty heirloom rifle. After she found Harley through a long arduous journey, she found the once immature young boy had changed through the numerous life experiences he had gone through. She decided it would be best to have her adopted little brother train here, while she silently protects him from the shadows. From that day on, all the monsters that were inflicted with Harley's magic would also be struck with a black bullet. Stories of the magical youngster that was followed by a mysterious black sniper soon spread.


Lesley is a Marksman/Assassin that costs 32000 BP/ 599 Diamonds-cost.png
Her Speciality - Reap/Burst .


► This is a high damage shot, that has a 5 second cooldown.
► Using any skill will reset the passive. So, basically, if you use 1st or 2nd skill, you will have a lethal shot again.
► You can see if the passive is active in the bottom side of the screen, above the spells :
Screenshot_20200108-134727_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

This skill makes Lesley semi-invisible for 3 seconds and enemies can't lock on attack on her.
► After using this skill, Lesley will get increased movement speed by 30% and physical attack by 50.
► Dealing or taking damage will end this semi-invisible state.
► You can use this skill to sneak from bush to bush.
► After using this skill, passive will be triggered again ( read passive details* ).
► Because it has a very Low cooldown, you can even use it to move faster on the map :

► This is a very useful escape/trap skill. I can hit multiple targets and push them away from you, or your teammates if you're close to them.
► After using this skill, passive will be triggered again ( read passive details* ).
► With practice, you can use this skill in many ways, not just to escape from an enemy. This skill can be hit in a fan shapped area, and you can knock back enemies in various directions, including knocking them into your turret. It's all a matter of positioning .

► This ultimate skill will lock on an enemy (1 single target) and fire 4 fatal bullets. The downside of his skill is that it can be blocked by other enemy heroes. But there is a trick for this, I will explain it bellow at "SPELLS".



Well, I would like to highlight something really important here :
Whoever may have told you that Inspire is good for her, was wrong. You think that if she has higher attack speed, you will trigger her passive more often? Stop thinking like that.
The only spells I recommend for her are : FLICKER / PURIFY and I will explain why.
PURIFY. This is a spell that I personally use on most marksmen. The reason for it is simple actually.
When or If you're facing a high CC enemy team, this spell is very usefull and can even save your life.
So feel free to think out of the box, and try it.
FLICKER.Why Flicker ? We all know that this spell can help us escape..even over the walls.
But there's another trick you can do with this spell that maybe you knew about or not.
You can use Flicker while using Ultimate. Sometimes, you want to kill and enemy using your ultimate but his teammate is blocking the way, standing in front of him. So use flicker to jump in a different direction, this way you will have a clear shot !


My choice for her is - Custom Assassin Emblem :
Screenshot_20200108-145726_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg
But of course, Marksman emblem would be my 2nd choice :
Screenshot_20200108-145749_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg


Every player has his own style and preferences when it comes to items. Also, keep in mind that you must build items according to the enemy team composition aswell.
Screenshot_20200108-145646_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg
This here, is the build I use for Lesley. First 2 items are core items for her. As you can see, this build is a mix of attack speed, damage and critical. Items that work really well with her passive.
There is another item I sometimes add to my build, it's a situational item. I build Rose Gold Meteor when facing a well fed enemy mage for higher sustainability :
Screenshot_20200108-145646_Mobile Legends Bang Banghh.jpg
So you see, besides the physical attack, magical defense and lifesteal, you also get a shield that can help you survive long enough to kill the enemy or even escape.

Very long range - Lesley has a very long range, making it difficult to escape her poke and harassment.
Moderately high mobility - Her 1st skill is very effective to move faster on the lane, including chasing/escaping enemies.
Easy to be played - Low cooldowns, skill not difficult and long range - suitable for those who like to play hit and run
Insane damage - Her passive skill provides a substantial damage with the possibility to hit criticals. Also, passive is triggered also after using skills.
No CC skills. Even if she has insane burst damage, Lesley has NO CC.
Vulnerability - Well, every marksman is vulnerable, especially against assassins, who are worst counters for them.
Also, skill1 can't protect her against area and CC attack so you must be really careful in teamfights.
Item dependent - All marksmen depend on build item. So you must farm a lot with her to build your items as fast as possible.

Usually, most players go for the 3-3-1 tactic. That means mage+tank+support on midlane, marksman on top/bot and a fighter/assassin on the other remaining side lane.
I usually go botlane with her. Clear the first wave of minions, take the jungle, clear the minions again and roam midlane after that. Roaming is very important. You don't need to freeze on your lane, altough there are situations when you have to freeze the lane.
For 1-2-1 tactic, there will be mage+tank/support on midlane, fighter/assassin on top and marksman+tank/support on botlane. This is good also, because you'll have protection and you can safe farm. Remember it's important that tank buys roaming items. You can find more information about roaming items here : ROAMING  


The most important advice I can give, not just for Lesley but for other heroes aswell is that farming is very important. More important than chassing a kill or wondering around the map. So farm as much and as fast as you can, everywhere, not just on lanes but jungle aswell.
Please don't get greedy and leave the blue buff for your mage/assassin.
You must have RED BUFF. It works so good with assassins or marksman and Lesley is both.
● A very good tip I can give you guys is that you can cast your 1st skill while using ultimate for even more damage to your bullets :

You can use 1st skill to move quickly and silently from bush to bush and ambush enemies. Don't forget that this skill makes her semi-invisible.
Use skill2 to escape or help your teammates to escape and even cancel enemy skills (like Pharsa's ultimate, or when Lolita is charging her ultimate skill).

That's about all guys. Feel free to share your ideeas about Lesley, or your and so on!
I hope you learned something new or maybe just improved your knowledge.
See you next time !

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Not only the guide even the item  build path is 100% accurate in my opinion. Great guide i must admit. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers.


Thankies :3  Post time 2020-1-10 03:42 PM
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Super helpful! Lesley is my main for 5v5


Thank you, I`m glad it helped  Post time 2020-1-10 03:42 PM
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Thanks for sharing this guide. Lesley is actually my most used marksman hero, with a winrate almost at 80%. For me, for Lesley, in early game I usually depend my spell and boots on enemy's lineup, if it's a lineup where I don't need too much movement, I go Retribution for fast farm + att speed boots or ms boots. Else, I go Flicker. I usually go for burst dmg build with Lesley and go add att speed in the latter. But overall, thanks for such an awesome guide.


Well you know, play styles are different but overall, that's the way a Lesley should be played from the point of view of a former global Lesley.People are different so..Builds can be different aswell  Post time 2020-1-10 03:44 PM
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Ty nice guide
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