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[Hero Balance] Nerf Hayabusa's ultimate

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Edited by koken at 2020-1-7 12:04 AM

Really, WTF are you thinking you Moonton devs by keeping this skill like that? Aren't you playing your own game? There is a absolutely no way to avoid it; even using blink doesn't work. It's about time to nerf this cancer already.

Same applies to Harley's ultimate, but at least the trinket and other minimal things like a stun (if your character has one.....) work with that one. Both of them should be revamped, but Hayabusa's ultimate is CANCER. I get cancerous poisonous TUMOURS everytime I see him.
Post time 2020-1-6 10:49 PM | Show all posts
This is probably my first time seeing a post ranting about his ultimate. That's his edge towards enemies and what makes him an "assassin". You do know you can easily dodge him by simply going near your teammates or minions or jungle. Facing Hayabusa means having the brains because you'll need to think a way to divert his ultimate to another target. I don't think it needs nerfing, what you need is learning.
Post time 2020-1-7 12:49 AM | Show all posts
Being in top local doesn't make you better than anyone else. It's easy to rank up in local servers especially if it's a fresh server + newly created account. Just like what @ChrisSummers have said, there's a lot of options you can always go for when you're facing Hayabusa. Not to mention, you're a mage which building a winter truncheon is a good addition. Plus, Hayabusa is really easy to kill and more vulnerable without the ult, just use winter and everything is good. Also, Kagura gains shield from her umbrella making her more durable + can blink faster to any nearby minion/teammate.
Post time 2020-1-8 10:15 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2020-1-8 06:41 PM
hayabusa is not meta for a reason, hes absolutely trash in teamfights, on the lane he is a good hero ...

Hm? Minions? I think he can clean the whole wave including the player in just mid game. Minions cannot save us.
Post time 2020-1-7 12:10 AM | Show all posts
koken replied at 2020-1-7 12:07 AM
I am top 2 local Kagura and top 3 (or 2 already? Can't remember now) Diggie, Top 12 Rafaella, etc,  ...

winter truncheon, queens wings, wind of nature. honey you think your rank means much when you're on a forum where theres multiple very high ranking players? its not that bad.
Post time 2020-1-6 11:05 PM | Show all posts
look his ways to dodge it .. he is stupid little nab kid , pls delete game i dont want to see you in ranked lololololol
Post time 2020-1-6 11:24 PM | Show all posts
I say if you can't beat them join, join them.
Play as Hayabusa first then tell as your thoughts if it needs a nerf.
 Author| Post time 2020-1-7 12:07 AM | Show all posts
Edited by koken at 2020-1-7 10:08 AM
pastichka1 replied at 2020-1-6 11:05 PM
look his ways to dodge it .. he is stupid little nab kid , pls delete game i dont want to see you in ...

I am top 2 local Kagura and top 3 (or 2 already? Can't remember now) Diggie, Top 6 Rafaella, etc, so you better shut your dirty mouth.

As for going to minions or teammates it's not always an option since sometimes you're just alone. Using blink or similar stuff that moves you away should be able to get rid of the ultimate.


no need to get angry, share your Game ID here so everyone respect you. dont be like the Diwang. total games play ? everyone know how to handle hayabusa, that is why he is not ban in rank  Post time 2020-1-8 10:16 AM
Post time 2020-1-7 07:53 AM | Show all posts
In current meta it is really hard to level up with assassin specially hayabusa without any buff. IF you are mm, buy wind of nature, for mage buy winter truncheon to save yourself if you are solo against hayabusa. If your team is there, try to get as close as possible when he using his ultimate with your team or your minion. To be honest its very easy to counter hayabusa. I do not think his ultimate should be nerfed. Same goes for harley.
Post time 2020-1-7 08:10 AM | Show all posts
I am a hayabusa main. He doesn't need nerf on his ultimate, he barely deals damage with his ultimate so he has to rely on 2nd skill + 1st skill + endless battle to get kills. The ultimate is usually used to clear minion waves and to avoid getting killed when haya is cornered and his 2nd skill is on cooldown. If you want to counter him though, use silvanna. Her ult can easily cancel hayabusa ult. That will make haya vulnerable.


wow does the silvanna ulti really works? we must learn for the main users. they sure knew a lot.  Post time 2020-1-7 08:34 AM
Post time 2020-1-7 08:55 AM | Show all posts
Hayabusa doesnt need nerf. He is only strong after 3 items and with buff. Then he becomes a one hit killer. Same happens with chou, khufra, granger, guinivere, Lesley, gord, chang…EVEN FRANKO. if you let them kill you a lot and they have been jungling, you will die for sure.
Hayabusa is weaker than gusion, no need for nerf. You just need to learn how to play against humans, playing against computer is easy and there is no challenge. Have you tried 4 mid in the first wave and then steal their buff?? If you are always one top 2 mid 2 bot, and the enemy goes 3 top, they will surprise you and start the snowball defeat effect… I guess you are not tank or fighter, tanks dont die with hayabusa, and fighters can fight back. That’s the problem with always been the marksman or the mage and go solo lol. Weak marksmen and mages are supposed to be protected most of the time, why do you solo??
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