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Fairing The match despite AFK

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Edited by GPriest at 2020-1-1 11:26 AM

Afk was not an intentional work of any player, infact they dont want to recieve punishment of losing star or what, they still loved to play on the other hand despite of their hopeless situation ingame, they even tap refuse to surrender as a proof to continue the battle in the part of a none afk losing side, but things are really complicated no matter what for one of their team mate was an afk...
Can i suggest if possible that if there is an afk in a team, the server then will randomly pick a player to be kicked in the counterpart, so the fight will remain fair...

the Afk person will still recieve punishment while the kicked person shall not...

Post time 2020-7-20 07:03 AM | Show all posts
A way to fix this is have a 3-strikes-and-you're-out rule. You are allowed 3 AFKs per seasons. After that you are banned from Ranked the rest of the season. Trust me, bring the hammer down and players will stop. The problem is there's barely a punishment. If you're desperate to save a star, go AFK, lose 8 credits, but then be good until your credit score is back to 105-110. There really is no consequence unless you AFK way too often
Post time 2020-1-4 12:16 PM | Show all posts
AFK is really poor actions which's very distubs the game environment, and sometimes it's abused by some players to do the match to be invalid for some reasons so as not to lose star especially in epic and legend divisions
and I think it's impossible to kick one person from the opponent team if there are AFK person in our team, coz they also intend to play although it looks unfair coz of the number players
but I would prefer if the punishment needs more improvement for anyone who to do AFK, like banned them to do a match for a few hours or at the hardest for one day and lose more credit scores

 Author| Post time 2020-1-10 12:44 AM | Show all posts
My topic is not concerning about the punishment for the afk  player but to protect the team who had an afk player, since you said it may not be possible to kick some of the player ingame, so can i also suggest if the server decided that there is an afk to one in the team ingame then the defeated team which has an afk teammate will only lose half star and the winning team will only rewarded half star as well.
Post time 2020-2-6 06:02 PM | Show all posts
Edited by HiImHereToTalk2 at 2020-2-6 06:04 PM

AFK player sometimes intentionally leave from the as they did not get to play Marksman,did not get to play their favourite heroes,got their buff stolen etc. Sometimes they were forced to go out,bad internet connection or maybe even if they fell asleep during a ranked game.Knowing which ones which is almost impossible unless you are a complete 5-man queue.But maybe if they are lagging HARD than you know which one.
Post time 2021-1-6 03:02 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Chrisnetika at 2021-1-6 03:06 PM

One issue I feel is glaring in mlbb is when just 1 person does poorly or afk, most times the ENTIRE team will lose(most not all) unless you have oped carry hero on your team.Afk players are an issue, I literally seen one do it intentionally and vote no on all surrenders. I suggest as a solution that when the system detects someone afk they then flag that player afk and give the team a handicap boost like atk/def/hp boost utill that afk player decides to return(if they do).*side note
The reparations the system gives if someone afks during a ranked match is garbage, +150 protection points.. really? If somebody afks the match should cancel out.. end.Other team gets their W, team with afker doesn't lose stars except for afk person who not only loses a star but gets usual punishment.
Post time 2021-2-26 05:43 PM | Show all posts
I agree with it. If can the afk in our team will get point deducted and the none afk will be remain the point.
Post time 2021-3-4 12:51 PM | Show all posts
I think moonton should change the minimum credit score to play ranked to 110 and to play classic need 100,so there only those who serious to play could play ranked,and if they break the rules ONCE,then he cannot play ranked for quite some time
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